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Index / Gene Bridges / Counter Selection BAC Modification Kit / Product Detail : K002 Counter Selection BAC Modification Kit
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#K002 Counter Selection BAC Modification Kit

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Product name : Counter Selection BAC Modification Kit

Catalog number : K002

Quantity: Kit

Availability: Yes

Supplier name : Gene Bridges

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More Details about

Aqueous Permanent Mounting Medium

Catalog No. K 002

Size:  30 ml

Intended Use: This product is designed for permanent mounting of tissue  specimens stained with peroxidase and alkaline phosphatase  based systems as well as with various fluorescent dyes.

Introduction: AEC and Fast Red are the most commonly used chromogens for peroxidase and alkaline phosphatase based immunostaining systems respectively. However, slides stained with these chromogens cannot be stored permanently because of the lack of availability of an aqueous permanent mounting medium with high refractive index. CC/Mount has been designed to fill in these limitations. CC/Mount is an aqueous mounting medium with very high refractive index, which when applied to the stained tissue sections can store the tissue specimens permanently without the fading of the chromogens. Because of the superior refractive index of CC/Mount, tissues mounted in this medium look like dehydrated specimens. No coverslipping is required with CC/Mount. However, if coverslipping is required, dried CC/Mount can be post mounted by using an organic based mounting medium. Advantages of CC/Mount are numerous:  no coverslip, no exposure to the organic fumes, permanent storage of slides and high resolution of tissue specimens. CC/Mount is compatible with chromogens like AEC, DAB, Fast Red, BCIP/NBT, BCIP/INT and fluorescent dyes like FITC and phycobiliproteins. High pH of CC/Mount ensures increased stability of fluorescence. 

Storage: Store at room temperature. Do not refrigerate.

Mounting Procedure:
1.  Remove the red tip from the bottle and cut the tip off with a sharp razor or a scissors.  This will help smooth flow of CC/Mount and will prevent formation of tiny bubbles because of squeezing.
2.  Place the bottle upside down in a container before using CC/Mount. This will help clear CC/Mount of tiny bubbles.
3.  Blot excess water from the glass without letting tissue specimens to become dry. Make sure that tissue should be wet prior to mounting.
4.  Apply 2-3 drops of CC/Mount on the tissue sections. Gently rotate the glass slide with the movement of your wrist to make a thin layer of CC/Mount. Make sure that the tissue is completely covered.
5.  Do not apply coverslip. Place the slides in an oven preheated  at 70 0c. Make sure that the oven is completely horizontal. Drying time will range from 10-20 min depending on the amount of CC/Mount applied.
6.  Take the slides out and let them cool down and look them under the microscope.
7.  For specimens mounted with fluorescent dyes, if heating is not desired, place a cover slip on the liquid CC/Mount and let the slide sit at room temperature for 45 min to 1 hr to allow CC/Mount to dry.  Seal the edges of the coverslip with nail polish for long term storage.

Post Mounting: Use of oil lens will require post mounting.  Once CC/Mount is  thoroughly dry and hard, apply organic based mounting media  like; E-Z mount, Protexx, Permount or Shandon-Mount and then  apply a coverslip on the top. CC/Mount has refrective index very  close to organic based mounting media.

Removal of CC/Mount: CC/Mount is an aqueous based mounting medium and can  easily be removed by soaking the slides in de ionized water.   Place the slide in a beaker full of de ionized water on a  magnetic stirrer. Leave the slide for few hours to overnight with  gentle stirring for complete removal of dry CC/Mount.

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