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Index / Biotix / 200 µl Extended Length Gel Tip, Non_Filtered, Non_Sterile, Standard, Racked 204 / Product Detail : 2016 200 µl Extended Length Gel Tip, Non_Filtered, Non_Sterile, Standard, Racked 204
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#2016 200 µl Extended Length Gel Tip, Non_Filtered, Non_Sterile, Standard, Racked 204

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  Price : 552   EUR
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Product name : 200 µl Extended Length Gel Tip, Non_Filtered, Non_Sterile, Standard, Racked 204

Catalog number : 2016

Quantity: 5100

Availability: Yes

Supplier name : Biotix

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DESCRIPTION: Highly purified type II collagen (treated with 3M guanidine, DEAE-cellulose and Na2HPO4)
APPLICATION: Ideal as an ELISA antigen for detecting antibodies specific to mouse type II collagen in sera from experimental animals and humans, such as collagen-induced arthritis (CIA) models and patients with arthritis or other diseases, as well as normal controls.
FORM: 0.5 mg/mL solution in 0.05M acetic acid
SOURCE: Mouse sternal cartilage
PURITY: >99% by SDS-PAGE, free of pepsin and proteoglycans
USAGE: It is recommended to dilute this product with chilled Collagen Dilution Buffer, (catalog # 9003) provided with the ELISA grade collagen, to prevent the aggregation of collagen molecules. For coating, takealiquots and dilute it with the Collagen Dilution Buffer just before use. Do not keep diluted solutions.
The optimum concentration of collagen to coat ELISA plates is 5 mg/mL generally, but may vary based
on the type of plate used for different purposes such as coating cell culture plates.
STORAGE TEMPERATURE: -20°C in the dark. This product is stable in acidic conditions at 4°C for several weeks and at -20°C for oneyear as supplied, but will gradually form polymeric collagen and degrade under neutral conditions.


Chondrex provides highly purified, polymeric-free ELISA grade collagen. Various species and types of collagen can be used as an antigen in ELISA for studying antibody specificity and cross-reactivity (Table 1). Since collagen is a rigid fibrilar protein with unique physical and chemical properties and differs from other globular proteins, special attention for handling this protein is required. For example, immunoglobulins in human and animal sera bind to polymeric and fibrilar collagen non-specifically, and create significantly high false-positive reaction in ELISA.

Similarly, a secondary antibody in ELISA also binds to fibrilar collagen non-specifically and creates high background values. Furthermore, these forms of collagen affect the assay sensitivity significantly due to the formation of excess collagen layer on the surfaces of ELISA plate.

ELISA grade collagen is supplied as a 100X concentrated solution (0.5 mg/mL). Each vial contains enough collagen to coat ten, 96-well plates.
A 10X Collagen Dilution Buffer (catalog # 9003) is also included per order of ELISA grade collagen to prevent fibril formation.


1. Dilute 1 mL of 10X Collagen Dilution Buffer with 9 mL of cold (refrigerated) glass distilled water.
2. Add 100 mL of ELISA grade type I or type II collagen solution to 10 mL of 1X collagen dilution buffer prepared in step 1.
3. Add 100 mL of the diluted collagen solution to each well and incubate at 4°C overnight. Cover the ELISA plate to prevent evaporation.
Note: The binding efficiency of collagen on ELISA plates depends upon the type of plastic and pre-treatment of the surface. Therefore, we
recommend using a high binding plate such as Immulon 2 HB. Mouse monoclonal anti-type II collagen antibody (catalog # 7005), which cross-reacts to all species of type II collagen listed in Table 1, can be used as a positive control or to study the binding efficiency of individual species of type II collagen on ELISA plates.

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