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Index / Ato / AE_6210 Slab Gel Cast, 1_mm 12_well / Product Detail : 2392016 AE_6210 Slab Gel Cast, 1_mm 12_well
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#2392016 AE_6210 Slab Gel Cast, 1_mm 12_well

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  Price : 464   EUR
527   USD
360   GBP
1950   Zloty
62122   JPY
3580   NOK
3836   SEK
525   CHF

Product name : AE_6210 Slab Gel Cast, 1_mm 12_well

Catalog number : 2392016


Availability: Yes

Supplier name : Ato

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More Details about

Slab size gel caster 
Easy hand gels casting kit for the polyacrylamide gel plate

Hand gel casting kit for polyacrylamide vertical slab gel plate of 138(W)x130(H)x1(D)mm size.

AE-6210 Slab Gel Cast

AE-6210 Slab Gel Cast

Purpose and Application
  • Casting gel for AE-6200 Slab EP Chamber
  • Casting gel for AE-6220 Dual Slab Chamber
  • Easy setting with specially designed parts and seal gasket
  • Easy assembly by putting a pair of glass plates and a seal gasket together in the set position
  • Even a beginner can hand cast a gel without leak or drain
  • Ready to cast a gel of 1 to 2.0 mm thickness

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