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#K1005-1 Leptin ELISA Kit, Human

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Product name : Leptin ELISA Kit, Human

Catalog number : K1005-1

Quantity: 1 kit

Availability: Yes

Supplier name : BBridge

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About this Product :

Leptin ELISA Kit, Human
opis kitu
## product_name ## test ELISA, który jest wytwarzany przy uzyciu najwyższej jakości przeciwciał oraz najlepszych płytek, aby zapewnić Państwu doskonałe i powtarzalne wyniki w swojej pracy. Specyficznie zaprojektowane bufory zapewniają optymalne warunki na każdym etapie pracy.

Leptin ELISA Kit, Human Human samples 80 % of the research is conducted on human samples. GENTAUR suppliers human normal cells, cell lines, RNA extracts and lots of antibodies and ELISA kits to Human proteins as well as Leptin ELISA Kit, Human.

More Details about

Leptin, the product of the ob (obese) gene, is a single-chain 16 kDa protein consisting of 146 amino
acid residues. Leptin is produced mainly in adipose tissue, and is considered to play an important role
in appetite control, fat metabolism, and body weight regulation. The primary effect of leptin appears
to be mediated by leptin receptors expressed mainly in the hypothalamus. In humans, leptin levels
correlate with body mass index (BMI) and percentage body fat, and are elevated in obese individuals.
Leptin has a dual action; it decreases the appetite and increases energy consumption, causing more
fat to be burned. Leptin is secreted in a circadian fashion with a nocturnal rise in both lean and obese
Mutations of the ob gene resulting in leptin deficiency are the cause of obesity in the ob/ob mice.
Endogenous leptin can normalize their body weight. In contrast, high levels of leptin in obese human
subjects point to insensitivity to endogenous leptin. In addition to the amount of body fat, other
factors that appear to regulate leptin action are insulin, glucocorticoids, catecholamines, and sex
hormones. Studies have also shown that leptin may be linked to reproductive function.
The Human Leptin ELISA Kit is designed to measure the concentration of human leptin in
human serum, plasma (EDTA, citrate, and heparin), or tissue culture medium.

The principle of the assay is shown in Figure 1. Standards, Quality Controls, and samples are
incubated in microtiter wells coated with rabbit polyclonal anti-human leptin antibody. After a thorough
wash, rabbit polyclonal anti-human leptin antibody conjugated to horseradish peroxidase (HRP) is
added to the wells and incubated with the immobilized antibody-leptin complex. Following another
washing step, the remaining HRP-conjugated antibody is allowed to react with the substrate
tetramethylbenzidine (TMB). The reaction is quenched by the addition of acidic solution, and the
absorbance of the resulting product is measured spectrophotometrically at 450 nm. The absorbance is
proportional to the concentration of leptin. A standard curve is constructed by plotting absorbance
values versus leptin concentrations of standards, and concentrations of unknown samples are
determined using this standard curve.

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