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#MK 014 Chlamydia trachomatis

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Product name : Chlamydia trachomatis

Catalog number : MK 014

Quantity: 50 reactions

Availability: Yes

Supplier name : GeneRiver

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More Details about

            -Only for in vitro use-
                                                                                                -Only for research use-

-To be used by technical person-

Principle and use:

This amplification kit has been manufactured by Genekam Biotechnology AG, Germany to detect Chlamydia trachomatis DNA (in one step).

This kit needs DNA which can be isolated from blood, eye swabs, genital swabs, respiratory swabs, ocular swabs, ocular tissue, formalin fixed tissue, tissue and any body fluid. Kindly use good methods to isolate the DNA.

IMPORTANT: we added cotton or sponge in the lid of container of the kit to avoid damage during transportation. Please remove this cotton or sponge from the lid of each container before storage.



It contains the following:


• Tube A (1 tubes)

• Tube B (1 tubes)

• Positive (+Ve) control (tube D1) (1 tube)

• Negative (-Ve) control (tube D2) (1 tube)

• Marker (Tube E): 100bp (1000 bp max) (1 tube)

• Dye (tube F) (1 tube)


Please check them before you start.




Equipment needed:

• PCR thermocycler

• Laboratory centrifuge

• UV plateform

• UV safety goggles

• microtubes (0.2ml)

• Pipette-tips with and without filter (20µl, 5µl & 1µl)

• Pipettes (quality pipettes)

• Gel Agarose chamber

• Power supply

• Paper

• Pen

• Agarose (good quality)

• Staining (Ethium Bromide)

• TAE buffer 1x

• Ice

• Vortexer



After your DNA isolation is completed. (Kindly use good quality isolation method).



1. Kindly thaw one tube each A, B, D1, D2, E and F. Keep them at 4°C, if you are going to use them again in the next 2 weeks. Otherwise freeze them at -20°C.

2. Mark your microtubes with a sample number and with +Ve Control and –Ve Control.

3. Thaw tube A. Add 8µl of tube A to each tube.

4. Add 10µl of B to each microtube. Avoid to touch the wall of the microtubes.

TIP: you can calculate the total requirement of chemicals needed . You need 8µl A + 10µl B = 18µl per reaction. You want to run 10 reactions i.e. you need total 180µl, therefore you should mix 80µl  of A + 100µl  of B = 180µl from which you can take 18µl and add to each tube. This way you can save time and hardware.

5. Add 2µl of your DNA template (DNA isolated from samples) with pipette tip with filter to each microtube according to your label except +Ve and –Ve (Avoid touching the wall).

Use everytime a new pipette tip (for each sample)! Mix it.

6. Use new pipette tip with filter. Add 2µl of +Ve (tube D1) to +Ve Control (avoid to touch the wall). Use a new pipette tip. Mix it.

8. Centrifuge all tubes for 20 sec. for 8000 rpm (this is not necessary but it is better).


9. Run the programm of your thermocycler as followings:

Kindly check whether you have added everything correctly as the level of the volume of each microtube must be almost the same.

Now program your PCR machine as follows:

In  thermocycler program you must go down in annealing step  from 62 to 52°C.i.e. going down 1 °C in each step and each step must be 4 cycles that is 40 cycles till you reach the temperature of 52°C in the last step. In the last step you must perform 20 cycles i.e. 60 cycles in total thermocycler program i.e. three hours and twelve minutes.


Before you start the PCR program, kindly check whether tubes are closed properly. Microtubes must be in contact with metal block (very important!). There should be no air or lose contact with metal block of thermocycler.

Run PCR now.


10. After step 9 is finished take out the microtubes.


To see Chlamydia trachomatis DNA, you can go directly to step gel electrophoresis




1. Prepare the gel Agarose 2.0% in TAE (1x) buffer.


2. Let the gel dry and add this TAE (1x) buffer in gel chamber.


3. Take the tube E (Marker). Make ready to use for gel electrophoresis.

4. After the PCR step is finished, now you can prepare for gel Agarose electrophoresis.

Take 2µl of dye (tube F) and add to each microtube (with the same number as your PCR microtubes including +Ve & -Ve Controls) containing PCR product.

5. Add 10µl of marker (tube E: 100bp) to first and last lane of electrophoresis. (Kindly make lane plan on paper according to your probes in order to identify later and see the results)

6. Add 10µl of mix of step 4 to each lane of gel Agarose (between first and last lane). Change the pipette tip for each lane. 


7. Run the gel for 60 min. at 120 Volt.


8. Make staining solution ready.


9. Put the gel for 5-15 minutes staining solution (0.5µg/ml).


10. View the gel under UV light. UV light is dangerous for your eyes. Use UV goggles.


11. You must find the bands in +Ve Controls, positive samples and no bands in –Ve controls.
(315bp in +Ve Control Chlamydia trachomatis DNA and in samples positive for Chlamydia trachomatis).


Recommendation: Gene sequencing is highly recommended.



If you should find any mistakes, please let us know. Thank you.


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