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#Glut-1201AP Glucose Transporter Type 12 antibody, Host species: Rabbit, Polyclonal antibody

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Product name : Glucose Transporter Type 12 antibody, Host species: Rabbit, Polyclonal antibody

Catalog number : Glut-1201AP

Quantity: 200ul

Availability: Yes

Supplier name : FabGennix

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About this Product :

Glucose Transporter Type 12 antibody, Host species: Rabbit, Polyclonal antibody antibody storage GENTAUR recommends for long therm storage to freeze at -24 C. For short time storage up to 30 days we suggest fridge storage at 1 to 10 C. Prevent multiple freeze taw cycles of Glucose Transporter Type 12 antibody, Host species: Rabbit, Polyclonal antibody .

Glucose Transporter Type 12 antibody, Host species: Rabbit, Polyclonal antibody rabbit polyclonal These antibodies are very stable and can be stored up to 2 months at fridge temperature under 10C. Do not freeze taw, rather use Glucose Transporter Type 12 antibody, Host species: Rabbit, Polyclonal antibody from the fridge if your use is less than 1 or 2 weeks.

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Thirteen different types of glucose/fructose transport carrier proteins designated as Glut 1-13 facilitate glucose/fructose transport across the cell membrane.  Molecular cloning of glucose transporters have identified a family of closely related genes that encodes at least 7 proteins exhibiting high degree of amino acid homology (45%-65%) all in the molecular weight range of 40-84kDa.  Individual members of the Glut family have predicted secondary structure characteristic of 12 membrane spanning domains of other transport carriers.  Majority of the differences in sequence homology in Glut proteins occur at 4 hydrophilic domains that may play a role in distinct tissue-specific pattern of expression and targeting.  All Glut proteins are glycosylated at or near the C-terminus and are present on either cell surface or in intracellular sites.  Some transporters exhibit dynamic trafficking between intracellular storage sites and plasma membranes in response to various stimuli.  In some tissues Glut proteins are asymmetrically distributed between apical and basolateral membranes as in blood brain barrier and blood testis barriers. 

The Glut family-selective antibodies were generated against unique C-terminal peptides characteristics of a particular Glut family.  FabGennix Inc. has generated highly specific rabbit anti-Glut 12 polyclonal antibodies utilizing C-terminal sequences.  These antibodies have been fully characterized for cross reactivity within the Glut family and with other cellular proteins.  FabGennix Inc. has produced antibodies to multiple epitopes on the same protein that will facilitate studies utilizing interspecies cross reactivity.

FabGennix Inc. provides Glut 10 Western blot positive control in “ready to use” SDS-PAGE sample buffer.  The Glut 12 positive control appears as a diffuse band of 80-82 kDa on a 10% SDS-PAGE.  The Glut 12-selective antibodies were generated against synthetic peptides form unique regions on the C-terminal end of Glut 12 protein.  The Glut 10 peptide was post-synthetically modified to achieve the desired antigenicity before injecting in to rabbits to obtained antibodies. The antibodies were isolated on an immobilized antigen based affinity matrix before stabilizing them in antibody stabilization buffer.  The Glut 12 antibodies label Glut 12 protein at 80-82kDa band in PC-Glut12 samples.  FabGennix Inc. provides Western blot positive controls for Glut 12 in ready-to-use buffer for SDS-PAGE and western blotting applications.  FabGennix International Inc., has also produced antibodies to other members of solute carrier proteins for a complete listing please visit Limited quantities of antigenic blocking peptide for Glut 12  antibody is also available (Inquire before placing orders).  FabGennix International Inc., will conjugate and couple these antibodies to fluorescent probes and secondary enzymes at a nominal price.

Applications:           ELISA     Antibody dilution 1:4,500 for ELISA or DOT blot with solublized hippocampal plasma membranes.

W.B         Antibody dilution 1:500 for WB using PC-Glut 12 samples as antigen.

IMM        2.5ul of Glut-1001AP will immunoprecipitate 65-70% Glut12 from solObuffer solubilized cell extracts; IHC n.d

Reactivity                The antibodies (Glut-1201AP) label glucose transporter (Glut12) in rat, mouse and human cell extracts. 

Protocols:                Standard protocol for various applications (Western blot; immunoprecipitation and immunohistochemistry) of this antibody is provided with the product specification sheet, however, FabGennix Inc.  strongly recommends investigators to optimize conditions for use of this antibody in their laboratories.  

WB, Western Blot analyses; IMM, Immunoprecipitation; IHC, Immunohistochemistry, n.d, not determine.

Form/Storage:         The antiserum is supplied in antibody stabilization buffer with preservatives.  The affinity purified antibodies are isolated on antigen-speharose affinity column.  Antibodies are supplied as 1 mg/ml IgG in antibody stabilization buffer with preservatives.  For long-term storage of antibody, store at -20oC.  FabGennix Inc. does not recommend storage of very dilute antibody solutions unless they are prepared in specially formulated multi use antibody dilution buffer (Cat # DiluOBuffer).  Working solutions of antibodies in DiluOBuffer should be filtered through 0.45ƒÝ filter after every use for long-term storage.



1.        Meuckler M. M., NIPS, 10, 22-29, 1995.

2.        Farooqui S. M., Bagdadi A. F., Rhett S., and O’Donnell J. M., Biochem. Biophys. Res. Comm. 236, 407-412, 1997.

*Note:    Do not heat or boil Glut 12-PC samples.  This product is “ready to use” for electrophoresis. After thawing at room temperature.  Repeated freezing and thawing may result in appearance of higher molecular weight immunoreactive bands.   

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