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#4823-30-K NeuroTACS II Kit

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  Price : 431   EUR
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Product name : NeuroTACS II Kit

Catalog number : 4823-30-K

Quantity: 30 Samples

Availability: Yes

Supplier name : Trevigen

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NeuroTACS II In Situ Apoptosis Detection Kit

NeuroTACS II is a complete reagent kit optimized to provide rapid and convenient identification of apoptosis in brain tissue or neuronal cells. The kit has been developed to overcome the common difficulties unique to neuronal samples including the fragile nature of brain tissue sections, high background problems, poor counterstaining with common dyes, and the need to perform dual labeling experiments to detect cell specific antigens in conjunction with apoptotic cells. A key feature is NeuroPore, a proprietary permeabilization reagent that gently permeabilizes samples while retaining cell morphology. NeuroPore also contains blocking reagents to allow its use as an antibody diluent in immunohistochemistry and to reduce
background staining. DNA fragments generated by apoptosis are end-labeled with modified nucleotides using a highly purified terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase enzyme (TdT). The incorporated nucleotides are detected using a horseradish peroxidase system that catalyzes the conversion of diaminobenzidine (DAB) into a visible dark brown precipitate. NeuroTACS II contains the Blue Counterstain to allow visualization of all cells within the sample with good contrast to the brown DAB precipitate. A DAB enhancer is also provided with the kit for the option to intensify or darken DAB staining. In addition, the Blue Counterstain is compatible with the red-colored substrates used for phosphatase detection in double labeling experiments. The protocol includes details for labeling in situ for apoptosis and antigen detection on the same sample. To ensure that your own samples have been processed and permeabilized correctly, we provide TACS-Nuclease, a unique reagent used to generate a positive control with your own samples. This provides a high degree of confidence for data interpretation and can help pinpoint problem steps in the labeling procedure.


  • Fast. Requires less than 3 hours to complete.
  • Exclusive, non-toxic TACS Safe TdT buffer - sodium cacodylate free.
  • Unique buffer system produces more consistent labeling.
  • Performance tested on brain sections.
  • Includes exclusive NeuroPore permeabilization reagent.
  • Includes TACS-Nuclease solution for preparing sample-dependent positive controls.


  • In situ detection of apoptosis (by TUNEL) in fixed frozen, paraffin embedded, or plastic embedded cells and tissues.
  • Assists in the identification of apoptotic morphologies.
  • Helps resolve unique problems encountered when detecting apoptotic neuronal cells.


Reagents for dehydration and rehydration of paraffin embedded sections, H2O2, methanol, PBS buffer, mounting medium, and disposables.


Components are stored at -20°C, 4°C, and room temperature.


1. Gavrieli, Y., Y. Sherman, and S.A. Ben-Sasson. 1992. Identification of programmed cell death in situ via specific labeling of nuclear DNA fragmentation. J. Cell. Biol. 119:493-501.
2. Lovelace, C.I.P., J. Zhang, P.G. Vanek, and G.B. Collier. 1996. Detecting apoptotic cells in situ. Biomedical Products 21:76-77.
3. Thiry, M. 1992. Highly sensitive immunodetection of DNA on sections with exogenous terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase and non-isotopic nucleotide analogues. J. Histochem. Cytochem. 40:411-419.


1. Samuel, M.A., J.D. Morrey, and M.S. Diamond. 2007. Caspase 3-Dependent Cell Death of Neurons Contributes to the Pathogenesis of West Nile Virus Encephalitis J. Virol. 81: 2614 - 2623.

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