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Pubmed ID :14576067
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Signaling by ephrinB1 and Eph kinases in platelets promotes Rap1 activation, platelet adhesion, and aggregation via effector pathways that do not require phosphorylation of ephrinB1.

We have previously shown that platelets express 2 receptor tyrosine kinases, EphA4 and EphB1, and the Eph kinase ligand, ephrinB1, and proposed that transcellular Eph/ephrin interactions made possible by the onset of platelet aggregation promote the further growth and stability of the hemostatic plug. The present study examines how this might occur. The results show that clustering of either ephrinB1 or EphA4 causes platelets to adhere to immobilized fibrinogen via alpha(IIb)beta(3). Adhesion occurs more slowly than with adenosine diphosphate (ADP) and requires phosphatidylinositol 3 (PI3)-kinase and protein kinase C activity but not ephrinB1 phosphorylation. By itself, Eph and ephrin signaling is insufficient to cause aggregation or the binding of soluble fibrinogen, but it can potentiate aggregation initiated by a Ca(++) ionophore or by agonists for thrombin and thromboxane receptors. It also enhances Rap1 activation without requiring ADP secretion, ephrinB1 phosphorylation, or the activation of PI3-kinase and Src. From this we conclude that (1) Eph/ephrin signaling enhances the ability of platelet agonists to cause aggregation provided that those agonists can increase cytosolic Ca(++); (2) this is accomplished in part by activating Rap1; and (3) these effects require oligomerization of ephrinB1 but not phosphotyrosine-based interactions with the ephrinB1 cytoplasmic domain.

Authors : Prévost Nicolas , Woulfe Donna S , Tognolini Massimiliano , Tanaka Takako , Jian Wenying , Fortna Ryan R , Jiang Hong , Brass Lawrence F ,

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Catalog number Product name Quantity
orb83382 Human EphrinB1 His tag protein Recombinant Human EphrinB1 His tag protein. For research use only. 200
orb83515 Human EphrinB1 Fc His tag protein Recombinant Human EphrinB1 Fc His tag protein. For research use only. 200
orb84019 Mouse EphrinB1 His tag protein Recombinant Mouse EphrinB1 His tag protein. For research use only. 200
orb84018 Mouse EphrinB1 Fc tag protein Recombinant Mouse EphrinB1 Fc tag protein. For research use only. 200
26-198 Glycoprotein VI (GP6) is a 58-kD platelet membrane glycoprotein that plays a crucial role in the collagen-induced activation and aggregation of platelets. Collagen receptor involved in collagen-induce 0.05 mg
orb93294 Mouse EphrinB1 gene Mouse EphrinB1 gene is a cDNA gene. For research use only. 10
orb91352 Human EphrinB1 gene Human EphrinB1 gene is a cDNA gene. For research use only. 10
orb60006 Eptifibatide Eptifibatide(Integrilin) is a 6 amino acid peptide. It binds to the platelet receptor glycoprotein(GP) IIb_IIIa of human platelets and inhibits platelet aggregation. For research use only 100 mg
PRO-496 EphrinB1 2µg
orb42471 EphrinB1 antibody 50 ug
orb42470 EphrinB1 antibody 200 ug
orb42471 EphrinB1 antibody 100 ug
orb42470 EphrinB1 antibody 100 ug
46157 Protein,EphrinB1 Human 0.002 mg
46157 Protein,EphrinB1 Human 0.005 mg
46157 Protein,EphrinB1 Human 0.01 mg
228-10403-1 Recombinant Human EphrinB1 Proteins 2
10894-H08H EphrinB1 _ EFNB1 Protein (His Tag) 200
10894-RP01 EphrinB1 _ EFNB1 Antibody 200
orb84018 Mouse EphrinB1 Fc tag protein Proteins 200
228-10403-2 Recombinant Human EphrinB1 Proteins 5
orb84019 Mouse EphrinB1 His tag protein Proteins 200
10894-H03H EphrinB1 _ EFNB1 Protein 200
orb83382 Human EphrinB1 His tag protein Proteins 200
orb83515 Human EphrinB1 Fc His tag protein Proteins 200


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