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Pubmed ID :1977386
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Inhibitors of IMP dehydrogenase stimulate the phosphorylation of the antiviral nucleoside 2' ,3'-dideoxyguanosine.

The inosinate dehydrogenase (IMPD) inhibitors ribavirin, tiazofurin and mycophenolic acid were found to stimulate by as much as 20-fold the anabolism of the anti-HIV agent 2' ,3'dideoxyguanosine to its 5'-diphosphate (ddGDP) in a human T-cell culture system (Molt-4 cells). Stimulation of the further conversion to ddGTP (the active form of the drug) was lesser in magnitude but still highly significant (up to 4-fold at appropriate concentrations of ribavirin or tiazofurin). In parallel with these increases, the inhibitors also produced increases of up to 35-fold in IMP levels. These results support the proposal that the initial phosphorylation of ddGuo is catalyzed by a phosphotransferase (5'-nucleotidase) which utilizes IMP as its phosphate donor (Johnson and Fridland, [1989] Molec. Pharmacol. 36, 291-295). Concomitant with this increase in 5'-phosphorylation of ddGuo, an increase in its anti-HIV activity of up to 6.5-fold was observed when this agent was combined with ribavirin (5 microM) in the H9 [corrected] cell assay system.

Authors : Ahluwalia G , Cooney D A , Bondoc L L , Currens M J , Ford H , Johns D G , Mitsuya H , Fridland A ,

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