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Pubmed ID :20628038
Publication Date : //

Targeted genome modification in mice using zinc-finger nucleases.

Homologous recombination-based gene targeting using Mus musculus embryonic stem cells has greatly impacted biomedical research. This study presents a powerful new technology for more efficient and less time-consuming gene targeting in mice using embryonic injection of zinc-finger nucleases (ZFNs), which generate site-specific double strand breaks, leading to insertions or deletions via DNA repair by the nonhomologous end joining pathway. Three individual genes, multidrug resistant 1a (Mdr1a), jagged 1 (Jag1), and notch homolog 3 (Notch3), were targeted in FVB/N and C57BL/6 mice. Injection of ZFNs resulted in a range of specific gene deletions, from several nucleotides to >1000 bp in length, among 20-75% of live births. Modified alleles were efficiently transmitted through the germline, and animals homozygous for targeted modifications were obtained in as little as 4 months. In addition, the technology can be adapted to any genetic background, eliminating the need for generations of backcrossing to achieve congenic animals. We also validated the functional disruption of Mdr1a and demonstrated that the ZFN-mediated modifications lead to true knockouts. We conclude that ZFN technology is an efficient and convenient alternative to conventional gene targeting and will greatly facilitate the rapid creation of mouse models and functional genomics research.

Authors : Carbery Iara D , Ji Diana , Harrington Anne , Brown Victoria , Weinstein Edward J , Liaw Lucy , Cui Xiaoxia ,

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EIAAB47190 Homo sapiens,Human,KOX18,Zinc finger protein 139,Zinc finger protein 36,Zinc finger protein KOX18,Zinc finger protein with KRAB and SCAN domains 1,ZKSCAN1,ZNF139,ZNF36
EIAAB47892 Homo sapiens,Human,KOX17,Retinoic acid suppression protein A,RSG-A,Zinc finger and SCAN domain-containing protein 3,Zinc finger protein 191,Zinc finger protein 24,Zinc finger protein KOX17,ZNF191,ZNF2
29-179 ZSCAN2 contains several copies of zinc finger motif, which is commonly found in transcriptional regulatory proteins. Studies in mice show that ZSCAN2 is expressed during embryonic development, and spe 0.05 mg
27-735 ZSCAN2 contains several copies of zinc finger motif, which is commonly found in transcriptional regulatory proteins. Studies in mice show that ZSCAN2 is expressed during embryonic development, and spe 0.05 mg

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