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Pubmed ID :25724759
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The analysis of a large Danish family supports the presence of a susceptibility locus for adenoma and colorectal cancer on chromosome 11q24.

Hereditary colorectal cancer accounts for approximately 30% of all colorectal cancers, but currently only 5% of these families can be explained by highly penetrant, inherited mutations. In the remaining 25% it is not possible to perform a gene test to identify the family members who would benefit from prophylactic screening. Consequently, all family members are asked to follow a screening program. The purpose of this study was to localize a new gene which causes colorectal cancer. We performed a linkage analysis using data from a SNP6.0 chip in one large family with 12 affected family members. We extended the linkage analysis with microsatellites (STS) and single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP's) and looked for the loss of heterozygosity in tumour tissue. Furthermore, we performed the exome sequencing of one family member and we sequenced candidate genes by use of direct sequencing. Major rearrangements were excluded after karyotyping. The linkage analysis with SNP6 data revealed three candidate areas, on chromosome 2, 6 and 11 respectively, with a LOD score close to two and no negative LOD scores. After extended linkage analysis, the area on chromosome 6 was excluded, leaving areas on chromosome 2 and chromosome 11 with the highest possible LOD scores of 2.6. Two other studies have identified 11q24 as a candidate area for colorectal cancer susceptibility and this area is supported by our results.

Authors : Rudkjøbing Laura Aviaja , Eiberg Hans , Mikkelsen Hanne Birte , Binderup Marie Louise Mølgaard , Bisgaard Marie Luise ,

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28-742 Two members of the human zinc finger Kruppel family, ZNF 12 (KOX 3) and ZNF 26 (KOX 20), have been localized by somatic cell hybrid analysis and in situ chromosomal hybridization. The presence of indi 0.1 mg
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26-080 RRP1B belongs to the RRP1 family. It may be a novel susceptibility gene for breast cancer progression and metastasis. 0.05 mg
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25-663 The SR (serine_arginine-rich) family contains a number of phosphoproteins that function as essential and alternative splicing factors. The SR family of proteins is characterized by the presence of a r 0.05 mg
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DCRCI-123-V Human Sample (Colorectal Cancer) Individual 1unit
DCRCI-123-E Human Sample (Colorectal Cancer) Individual 5 ml
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DCRCI-123-V Human Sample (Colorectal Cancer) Individual unit
P4863Rb Rabbit anti_Deleted in colorectal cancer polyclon 40ug/0.2ml
30-540 SLC22A23 belongs to a large family of transmembrane proteins that function as uniporters, symporters, and antiporters to transport organic ions across cell membranes.SLC22A23 belongs to a large family 0.1 mg
BC000110 Colorectal cancer tissue array, 85 cases_170 cores
CSB-EL013571HU Human Colorectal mutant cancer protein(MCC) ELISA kit 96T
TH802 Thyroid cancer and adenoma tissue array, 80 cases_80 cores, no overlaps with TH801
CSB-EL013571HU Human Colorectal mutant cancer protein(MCC) ELISA kit SpeciesHuman 96T
28-193 The T-cell-specific transcription factor TCF7 activates genes involved in immune regulation and is a candidate locus for genetic susceptibility to type 1 diabetes. 0.05 mg
28-192 The T-cell-specific transcription factor TCF7 activates genes involved in immune regulation and is a candidate locus for genetic susceptibility to type 1 diabetes. 0.05 mg


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