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Pubmed ID :29213065
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Modulation Of Microtubule Acetylation By The Interplay Of TPPP/p25, SIRT2 And New Anticancer Agents With Anti-SIRT2 Potency.

The microtubule network exerts multifarious functions controlled by its decoration with various proteins and post-translational modifications. The disordered microtubule associated Tubulin Polymerization Promoting Protein (TPPP/p25) and the NAD-dependent tubulin deacetylase sirtuin-2 (SIRT2) play key roles in oligodendrocyte differentiation by acting as dominant factors in the organization of myelin proteome. Herein, we show that SIRT2 impedes the TPPP/p25-promoted microtubule assembly independently of NAD; however, the TPPP/p25-assembled tubulin ultrastructures were resistant against SIRT2 activity. TPPP/p25 counteracts the SIRT2-derived tubulin deacetylation producing enhanced microtubule acetylation. The inhibition of the SIRT2 deacetylase activity by TPPP/p25 is evolved by the assembly of these tubulin binding proteins into a ternary complex, the concentration-dependent formation of which was quantified by experimental-based mathematical modelling. Co-localization of the SIRT2-TPPP/p25 complex on the microtubule network was visualized in HeLa cells by immunofluorescence microscopy using Bimolecular Fluorescence Complementation. We also revealed that a new potent SIRT2 inhibitor (MZ242) and its proteolysis targeting chimera (SH1) acting together with TPPP/p25 provoke microtubule hyperacetylation, which is coupled with process elongation only in the case of the degrader SH1. Both the structural and the functional effects manifesting themselves by this deacetylase proteome could lead to the fine-tuning of the regulation of microtubule dynamics and stability.

Authors : Szabó Adél , Oláh Judit , Szunyogh Sándor , Lehotzky Attila , Szénási Tibor , Csaplár Marianna , Schiedel Matthias , Lőw Péter , Jung Manfred , Ovádi Judit ,

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