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Pubmed ID :29928940
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Physico-chemical properties of co-formulated fast-acting insulin with pramlintide.

Since the discovery of amylin its use has been discouraged by the inadequacy of the protocol involving multiple injections in addition to insulin. We aimed here to develop a combined fixed-dose formulation of pramlintide with fast-acting insulin. We have investigated the compatibility of regular and fast-acting insulin analogues (Aspart, Asp, and LisPro, LysPro) with the amylin analogue pramlintide by using electrospray ionization - ion mobility spectrometry-mass spectrometry (ESI-IMS-MS), kinetic aggregation assays monitored by thioflavin T, and transmission electron microscopy (TEM) in the evaluation of the aggregation product. Insulin interacts with pramlintide, forming heterodimers as probed by ESI-IMS-MS. While their interaction is likely to delay the amyloid aggregation of pramlintide in phosphate-buffered solution pH 7.0, they do not prevent aggregation at this condition. At acidic sodium acetate solution pH 5.0, combination of pramlintide and the fast-acting insulin analogues become stable against amyloid aggregation. The co-formulated product at high concentration of both pramlintide (600 μg/mL,150 μM) and LisPro insulin (50 IU/mL, 300 μM) showed also stability against amyloid aggregation. These data indicate the physico-chemical short-term stability of the co-formulated preparation of LisPro insulin with pramlintide, which could bring benefits for the combined therapy.

Authors : da Silva Dayana Cabral , Lima Luís Maurício T R ,

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