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Pubmed ID :16691553
Publication Date : //

Proteomic analysis of the eukaryotic parasite Encephalitozoon cuniculi (microsporidia): a reference map for proteins expressed in late sporogonial stages.

The microsporidian Encephalitozoon cuniculi is a unicellular obligate intracellular parasite considered as an emerging opportunistic human pathogen. The differentiation phase of its life cycle leads to the formation of stress-resistant spores. The E. cuniculi genome (2.9 Mbp) having been sequenced, we undertook a descriptive proteomic study of a spore-rich cell population isolated from culture supernatants. A combination of 2-DE and 2-DE-free techniques was applied to whole-cell protein extracts. Protein identification was performed using an automated MALDI-TOF-MS platform and a nanoLC-MS/MS instrument. A reference 2-DE map of about 350 major spots with multiple isoforms was obtained, and for the first time in microsporidia, a large set of unique proteins (177) including proteins with unknown function in a proportion of 25.6% was identified. The data are mainly discussed with reference to secretion and spore structural features, energy and carbohydrate metabolism, cell cycle control and parasite survival in the environment.

Authors : Brosson Damien , Kuhn Lauriane , Delbac Frédéric , Garin Jérôme , P Vivarès Christian , Texier Catherine ,

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30-120 RRP1 is the putative homolog of the yeast ribosomal RNA processing protein RRP1. The protein is involved in the late stages of nucleologenesis at the end of mitosis, and may be required for the genera 0.05 mg
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XGC-BiRDS-NextSeq-WGS-Reseq Bioinformatics of NextSeq 500 data for comprehensive reference based genome analysis Sample
28-200 ZNF22 encodes a protein that is expressed in the epithelial component of the developing tooth organ during early bud and cap stages as well as in osteoblasts of craniofacial bone and the developing to 0.1 mg
28-186 RNF36 is specifically expressed in germ cells at round spermatid stages during spermatogenesis. The protein encoded by this gene contains an N-terminal RING finger motif, a B-box, and a C-terminal B-3 0.05 mg


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