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Pubmed ID :16913867
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The role of NADPH oxidase and MAP kinase phosphatase in UV-B-dependent gene expression in Arabidopsis.

Plant responses to supplementary UV-B irradiation have been reported to include formation of reactive oxygen species (ROS), hydrogen peroxide, in particular, and regulation by mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) cascades which in turn are fine-tuned by MAPK phosphatases (MKPs). Here we present direct genetic evidence for the involvement of plasma membrane NADPH oxidase, a source of superoxide and hydrogen peroxide in the apoplasts, in UV-B signalling in Arabidopsis thaliana, by analysis of gene expression of the UV-B molecular markers in NADPH oxidase (atrbohD, F and DF) and MAP kinase phosphatase 1 (MKP1) knockout mutants (mkp1). Whereas the NADPH oxidase mutants were affected in UV-B-dependent CHS, PYROA and MEB5.2 gene expression, the mkp1 mutant was affected in the general expression pattern of the pathogenesis-related (PR) and PDF1.2 genes. The results indicate involvement of MKP1 in repressive action on gene expression of more general stress response pathways, similar to those activated by pathogen attack, while NADPH oxidase is involved in quantitative (rather than absolute) regulation of more UV-B-specific genes. The expressions of the molecular markers in the knockout mutant mkp1 and in its complemented lines (lines 6 and 10) were similar, as opposed to the responses of the corresponding wild-type Wassilewskija-4 (Ws-4). Lines 6 and 10 showed much higher MKP1 mRNA than Ws-4 but did not complement the mutant. This suggests a complex dependency of the MAPK phosporylation level of the PR and PDF1.2 genes. Both NADPH oxidase mutants and the mkp1 mutant phenotypically responded to UV-B by growth retardation.

Authors : Kalbina Irina , Strid Ake ,

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