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Pubmed ID :8760210
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Blood pressure and fluid-electrolyte balance in mice with reduced or absent ANP.

Atrial natriuretic peptide (ANP)-gene knockout mice of three genotypes (+/+, +/-, and -/-) were maintained on a low-salt diet (0.008% NaCl). They were then fed either the same low-salt diet or a high-salt diet (8% NaCl) for 1 wk. No differences were found among genotypes in daily food and water intakes or in urinary volume and electrolyte excretions. Arterial blood pressures measured in anesthetized animals at the end of the dietary regimen were significantly and similarly increased in -/- compared with +/+ mice on each diet. Renal excretion of fluid and electrolytes was measured in anesthetized mice before and after acute blood volume expansion. No genotype differences were observed before volume expansion. After volume expansion the wild-type (+/+) mice had much greater saluretic responses than either the heterozygous (+/-) or the homozygous mutant (-/-) animals on the low-salt diet but not on the high-salt diet. We conclude that ANP lowers blood pressure in the absence of detected changes in renal function; ANP is not essential for normal salt balance, even on high-salt intake; and ANP is essential for the natriuretic response to acute blood volume expansion on a low-salt but not high-salt intake.

Authors : John S W , Veress A T , Honrath U , Chong C K , Peng L , Smithies O , Sonnenberg H ,

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ASCITE-1 Custom Production of Ascites in Balb_c mice (min 20 mice @$30_mice plus; $300 per cell line for cell culture) 1
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