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Pubmed ID :9642260
Publication Date : //

RIP2 is a novel NF-kappaB-activating and cell death-inducing kinase.

Through specific interactions with members of the tumor necrosis receptor (TNFR) family, adapter molecules such as the serine/threonine (Ser/Thr) kinase RIP mediate divergent signaling pathways including NF-kappaB activation and cell death. In this study, we have identified and characterized a novel 61-kDa protein kinase related to RIP that is a component of both the TNFR-1 and the CD40 signaling complexes. Receptor interacting protein-2 (RIP2) contains an N-terminal domain with homology to Ser/Thr kinases and a C-terminal caspase activation and recruitment domain (CARD), a homophilic interaction motif that mediates the recruitment of caspase death proteases. Overexpression of RIP2 signaled both NF-kappaB activation and cell death. Mutational analysis revealed the pro-apoptotic function of RIP2 to be restricted to its C-terminal CARD domain, whereas the intact molecule was necessary for NF-kappaB activation. RIP2 interacted with other members of the TNFR-1 signaling complex, including inhibitor of apoptosis protein cIAP1 and with members of the TNFR-associated factor (TRAF) family, specifically TRAF1, TRAF5, and TRAF6, but not with TRAF2, TRAF3, or TRAF4. These TRAF interactions mediate the recruitment of RIP2 to receptor signaling complexes.

Authors : McCarthy J V , Ni J , Dixit V M ,

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Catalog number Product name Quantity
LF-MA10061 anti-Cell Death-Inducing DFFA-Like Effector B (2A10), Mouse monoclonal to Cell Death-Inducing DFFA-Like, Isotype IgG1, Host Mouse 100 ug
EIAAB07400 Bos taurus,Bovine,Cell death activator CIDE-B,Cell death-inducing DFFA-like effector B,CIDEB
EIAAB07399 Cell death activator CIDE-A,Cell death-inducing DFFA-like effector A,Cidea,Mouse,Mus musculus
EIAAB07402 Cell death activator CIDE-B,Cell death-inducing DFFA-like effector B,Cideb,Mouse,Mus musculus
EIAAB07401 Cell death activator CIDE-B,Cell death-inducing DFFA-like effector B,CIDEB,Homo sapiens,Human
EIAAB07398 Cell death activator CIDE-A,Cell death-inducing DFFA-like effector A,CIDEA,Homo sapiens,Human
18-661-15049 Cell death activator CIDE-A - Cell death-inducing DFFA-like effector A Polyclonal 0.1 mg
18-661-15050 Cell death activator CIDE-B - Cell death-inducing DFFA-like effector B Polyclonal 0.1 mg
18-661-15048 Cell death activator CIDE-A - Cell death-inducing DFFA-like effector A Polyclonal 0.1 mg
LF-PA40271 anti-Cell Death-Inducing DFFA-like Effector B, Rabbit polyclonal to Cell Death-Inducing DFFA-like Effector B, Isotype IgG, Host Rabbit 50 ug
1129 (CT) NF-kappaB inducing kinase 0.1 mg
1129 (CT) NF-kappaB inducing kinase 0.5 mg
18-001-30077 Cell death activator CIDE-3 - Cell death-inducing DFFA-like effector protein C; Fat-specific protein FSP27 homolog Polyclonal 0.1 mg
EIAAB07403 Cell death activator CIDE-3,Cell death-inducing DFFA-like effector protein C,CIDEC,Fat-specific protein FSP27 homolog,FSP27,Homo sapiens,Human
EIAAB07404 Cell death activator CIDE-3,Cell death-inducing DFFA-like effector protein C,Cidec,Fat-specific protein FSP27,Fsp27,Mouse,Mus musculus
bs-0074P Peptides: NIK,NF-kappaB-Inducing Kinase Protein Length:12-25 amino acids. 200ug lyophilized
EIAAB06524 CAK-kinase p42,CCRK,CDCH,CDK20,CDK-activating kinase p42,Cell cycle-related kinase,Cell division protein kinase 20,Cyclin-dependent kinase 20,Cyclin-dependent protein kinase H,Cyclin-kinase-activating
EIAAB25825 Bos taurus,Bovine,C14orf108,MHD domain-containing death-inducing protein,Mu-2-related death-inducing protein,MuD,MUDENG
EIAAB25822 MHD domain-containing death-inducing protein,Mu-2-related death-inducing protein,MuD,Mudeng,Rat,Rattus norvegicus
EIAAB25824 MHD domain-containing death-inducing protein,Mouse,Mu-2-related death-inducing protein,MuD,Mudeng,Mus musculus
20-272-191467 RIP2 - Rat monoclonal [Nick-1] to RIP2; EC; RIP-like-interacting CLARP kinase; Receptor-interacting protein 2; RIP-2; CARD-containing interleukin-1 beta-converting enzyme-associated kinase; C 0.05 mg
2319 (C2) Cell death-inducing DFF-like effector B 0.5 mg
2319 (C2) Cell death-inducing DFF-like effector B 0.1 mg
2091 (CT) Cell death-Inducing DFF-like Effector 0.1 mg
2089 (CT) Cell death-Inducing DFF-like Effector 0.1 mg


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