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Pubmed ID :27353086
Publication Date : //

MLP and CARP are linked to chronic PKCα signalling in dilated cardiomyopathy.

MLP (muscle LIM protein)-deficient mice count among the first mouse models for dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM), yet the exact role of MLP in cardiac signalling processes is still enigmatic. Elevated PKCα signalling activity is known to be an important contributor to heart failure. Here we show that MLP directly inhibits the activity of PKCα. In end-stage DCM, PKCα is concentrated at the intercalated disc of cardiomyocytes, where it is sequestered by the adaptor protein CARP in a multiprotein complex together with PLCβ1. In mice deficient for both MLP and CARP the chronic PKCα signalling chain at the intercalated disc is broken and they remain healthy. Our results suggest that the main role of MLP in heart lies in the direct inhibition of PKCα and that chronic uninhibited PKCα activity at the intercalated disc in the absence of functional MLP leads to heart failure.

Authors : Lange Stephan , Gehmlich Katja , Lun Alexander S , Blondelle Jordan , Hooper Charlotte , Dalton Nancy D , Alvarez Erika A , Zhang Xiaoyu , Bang Marie-Louise , Abassi Yama A , Dos Remedios Cristobal G , Peterson Kirk L , Chen Ju , Ehler Elisabeth ,

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CSB-EL005634HU Human Cardiomyopathy-associated protein 5(CMYA5) ELISA kit 96T
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