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DNA repair and recombination protein RDH54 (RAD homolog 54) (Recombination factor TID1) (Two hybrid interaction with DMC1 protein 1) [Includes: DNA topoisomerase (EC 5.99.1.-); Putative helicase (EC]

 RDH54_YEAST             Reviewed;         958 AA.
P38086; D6VQ73;
01-OCT-1994, integrated into UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot.
27-JUL-2011, sequence version 4.
23-FEB-2022, entry version 189.
RecName: Full=DNA repair and recombination protein RDH54;
AltName: Full=RAD homolog 54;
AltName: Full=Recombination factor TID1;
AltName: Full=Two hybrid interaction with DMC1 protein 1;
RecName: Full=DNA topoisomerase;
RecName: Full=Putative helicase;
Name=RDH54; Synonyms=TID1; OrderedLocusNames=YBR073W; ORFNames=YBR0715;
Saccharomyces cerevisiae (strain ATCC 204508 / S288c) (Baker's yeast).
Eukaryota; Fungi; Dikarya; Ascomycota; Saccharomycotina; Saccharomycetes;
Saccharomycetales; Saccharomycetaceae; Saccharomyces.
STRAIN=ATCC 204508 / S288c;
PubMed=7985423; DOI=10.1002/yea.320100711;
van der Aart Q.J.M., Barthe C., Doignon F., Aigle M., Crouzet M.,
Steensma H.Y.;
"Sequence analysis of a 31 kb DNA fragment from the right arm of
Saccharomyces cerevisiae chromosome II.";
Yeast 10:959-964(1994).
STRAIN=ATCC 204508 / S288c;
PubMed=7813418; DOI=10.1002/j.1460-2075.1994.tb06923.x;
Feldmann H., Aigle M., Aljinovic G., Andre B., Baclet M.C., Barthe C.,
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STRAIN=ATCC 204508 / S288c;
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G3 (Bethesda) 4:389-398(2014).
PubMed=9335591; DOI=10.1093/genetics/147.2.533;
Dresser M.E., Ewing D.J., Conrad M.N., Dominguez A.M., Barstead R.,
Jiang H., Kodadek T.;
"DMC1 functions in a Saccharomyces cerevisiae meiotic pathway that is
largely independent of the RAD51 pathway.";
Genetics 147:533-544(1997).
PubMed=9409819; DOI=10.1093/genetics/147.4.1533;
Klein H.L.;
"RDH54, a RAD54 homologue in Saccharomyces cerevisiae, is required for
mitotic diploid-specific recombination and repair and for meiosis.";
Genetics 147:1533-1543(1997).
PubMed=9409820; DOI=10.1093/genetics/147.4.1545;
Shinohara M., Shita-Yamaguchi E., Buerstedde J.-M., Shinagawa H., Ogawa H.,
Shinohara A.;
"Characterization of the roles of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae RAD54 gene
and a homologue of RAD54, RDH54/TID1, in mitosis and meiosis.";
Genetics 147:1545-1556(1997).
PubMed=10970884; DOI=10.1101/gad.826100;
Petukhova G., Sung P., Klein H.;
"Promotion of Rad51-dependent D-loop formation by yeast recombination
factor Rdh54/Tid1.";
Genes Dev. 14:2206-2215(2000).
PubMed=11005857; DOI=10.1073/pnas.97.20.10814;
Shinohara M., Gasior S.L., Bishop D.K., Shinohara A.;
"Tid1/Rdh54 promotes colocalization of Rad51 and Dmc1 during meiotic
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 97:10814-10819(2000).
PubMed=11470411; DOI=10.1016/s0960-9822(01)00296-2;
Lee S.E., Pellicioli A., Malkova A., Foiani M., Haber J.E.;
"The Saccharomyces recombination protein Tid1p is required for adaptation
from G2/M arrest induced by a double-strand break.";
Curr. Biol. 11:1053-1057(2001).
PubMed=12702674; DOI=10.1093/genetics/163.4.1273;
Shinohara M., Sakai K., Shinohara A., Bishop D.K.;
"Crossover interference in Saccharomyces cerevisiae requires a
TID1/RDH54- and DMC1-dependent pathway.";
Genetics 163:1273-1286(2003).
PubMed=12748633; DOI=10.1038/nature01644;
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regulatory elements.";
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into evolution.";
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PubMed=22106047; DOI=10.1002/pmic.201100166;
Starita L.M., Lo R.S., Eng J.K., von Haller P.D., Fields S.;
"Sites of ubiquitin attachment in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.";
Proteomics 12:236-240(2012).
-!- FUNCTION: Involved in the recombinational repair of double-strand
breaks (DSB) in DNA during mitosis and meiosis. Has DNA dependent
ATPase activity. Promotes D-loop (displacement loop) formation with
RAD51 recombinase. Modifies the topology of double-stranded DNA during
the D-loop reaction to facilitate the invasion of the homologous duplex
molecule by the initiating single-stranded DNA substrate. Required for
adaptation from G2/M checkpoint arrest induced by a double strand
break, by participating in monitoring the extent of single-stranded DNA
produced by resection of DNA ends. This role is distinct from its roles
in recombination. Promotes colocalization of RAD51 and DMC1 during
meiotic recombination. Involved in crossover interference.
{ECO:0000269|PubMed:10970884, ECO:0000269|PubMed:11005857,
ECO:0000269|PubMed:11470411, ECO:0000269|PubMed:12702674,
ECO:0000269|PubMed:9409819, ECO:0000269|PubMed:9409820}.
Reaction=ATP + H2O = ADP + H(+) + phosphate; Xref=Rhea:RHEA:13065,
ChEBI:CHEBI:15377, ChEBI:CHEBI:15378, ChEBI:CHEBI:30616,
ChEBI:CHEBI:43474, ChEBI:CHEBI:456216; EC=;
-!- SUBUNIT: Interacts with RAD51 and DMC1. {ECO:0000269|PubMed:10970884,
-!- SUBCELLULAR LOCATION: Nucleus {ECO:0000269|PubMed:14562095}.
-!- MISCELLANEOUS: Present with 1270 molecules/cell in log phase SD medium.
-!- SIMILARITY: Belongs to the SNF2/RAD54 helicase family. {ECO:0000305}.
-!- CAUTION: It is uncertain whether Met-1 or Met-35 is the initiator. In
many S.cerevisiae strains, it is not possible to extend the sequence at
the N-terminus beyond Met-35 because of a frameshift in the upstream
sequence when compared to strain S288c. However, experimental evidence
indicates that the longer protein is made in S288c. {ECO:0000305}.
Copyrighted by the UniProt Consortium, see
Distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY 4.0) License
EMBL; X76294; CAA53930.1; -; Genomic_DNA.
EMBL; Z35942; CAA85017.1; -; Genomic_DNA.
EMBL; BK006936; DAA07193.2; -; Genomic_DNA.
PIR; S45466; S45466.
RefSeq; NP_009629.6; NM_001178421.4.
SMR; P38086; -.
BioGRID; 32776; 138.
DIP; DIP-792N; -.
IntAct; P38086; 4.
MINT; P38086; -.
STRING; 4932.YBR073W; -.
CarbonylDB; P38086; -.
iPTMnet; P38086; -.
MaxQB; P38086; -.
PaxDb; P38086; -.
PRIDE; P38086; -.
EnsemblFungi; YBR073W_mRNA; YBR073W; YBR073W.
GeneID; 852365; -.
KEGG; sce:YBR073W; -.
SGD; S000000277; RDH54.
VEuPathDB; FungiDB:YBR073W; -.
eggNOG; KOG0390; Eukaryota.
GeneTree; ENSGT00940000156966; -.
HOGENOM; CLU_000315_10_1_1; -.
InParanoid; P38086; -.
PRO; PR:P38086; -.
Proteomes; UP000002311; Chromosome II.
RNAct; P38086; protein.
GO; GO:0005634; C:nucleus; IBA:GO_Central.
GO; GO:0005524; F:ATP binding; IEA:UniProtKB-KW.
GO; GO:0016887; F:ATP hydrolysis activity; IEA:RHEA.
GO; GO:0008094; F:ATP-dependent activity, acting on DNA; IDA:SGD.
GO; GO:0003678; F:DNA helicase activity; IEA:UniProtKB-EC.
GO; GO:0003916; F:DNA topoisomerase activity; IEA:UniProtKB-KW.
GO; GO:0015616; F:DNA translocase activity; IDA:SGD.
GO; GO:0003690; F:double-stranded DNA binding; IDA:SGD.
GO; GO:0032508; P:DNA duplex unwinding; IDA:SGD.
GO; GO:0032392; P:DNA geometric change; IDA:SGD.
GO; GO:0006310; P:DNA recombination; IMP:SGD.
GO; GO:0006281; P:DNA repair; IMP:SGD.
GO; GO:0000724; P:double-strand break repair via homologous recombination; IBA:GO_Central.
GO; GO:0030491; P:heteroduplex formation; IDA:SGD.
GO; GO:0045144; P:meiotic sister chromatid segregation; IMP:SGD.
GO; GO:0007131; P:reciprocal meiotic recombination; IMP:SGD.
Gene3D;; -; 1.
Gene3D;; -; 1.
InterPro; IPR018838; DUF2439.
InterPro; IPR014001; Helicase_ATP-bd.
InterPro; IPR001650; Helicase_C.
InterPro; IPR027417; P-loop_NTPase.
InterPro; IPR038718; SNF2-like_sf.
InterPro; IPR000330; SNF2_N.
Pfam; PF10382; DUF2439; 1.
Pfam; PF00271; Helicase_C; 1.
Pfam; PF00176; SNF2-rel_dom; 1.
SMART; SM00487; DEXDc; 1.
SMART; SM00490; HELICc; 1.
SUPFAM; SSF52540; SSF52540; 2.
1: Evidence at protein level;
ATP-binding; DNA damage; DNA recombination; DNA repair; DNA-binding;
Helicase; Hydrolase; Isomerase; Isopeptide bond; Meiosis;
Nucleotide-binding; Nucleus; Reference proteome; Topoisomerase;
Ubl conjugation.
CHAIN 1..958
/note="DNA repair and recombination protein RDH54"
DOMAIN 333..521
/note="Helicase ATP-binding"
DOMAIN 665..824
/note="Helicase C-terminal"
NP_BIND 380..387
REGION 189..217
MOTIF 506..509
/note="DEGH box"
/note="Glycyl lysine isopeptide (Lys-Gly) (interchain with
G-Cter in ubiquitin)"
/note="K->R: 1%-2% of the ATPase activity."
/note="A -> R (in Ref. 1; CAA53930 and 2; CAA85017)"
SEQUENCE 958 AA; 107946 MW; B797375C08FA14FA CRC64;

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WP1700: Selenoamino acid metabolism
WP1714: Tyrosine metabolism
WP1673: Naphthalene and anthracene degradation
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WP1234: Homologous recombination
WP1676: Non-homologous end-joining
WP2218: sGC
WP186: Homologous recombination
WP377: Genes of Meiotic Recombination
WP1258: Homologous recombination
WP232: G Protein Signaling Pathways
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WP1650: Fluorobenzoate degradation
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WP2032: TSH signaling pathway
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WP1165: G Protein Signaling Pathways

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[RDH54 TID1 YBR073W YBR0715] DNA repair and recombination protein RDH54 (RAD homolog 54) (Recombination factor TID1) (Two hybrid interaction with DMC1 protein 1) [Includes: DNA topoisomerase (EC 5.99.1.-); Putative helicase (EC]
[RAD54B] DNA repair and recombination protein RAD54B (EC 3.6.4.-) (RAD54 homolog B)
[rhp54 rad54 SPAC15A10.03c] DNA repair protein rhp54 (EC (RAD54 homolog 1)
[Rad54l Rad54] DNA repair and recombination protein RAD54-like (EC (RAD54 homolog) (mHR54) (mRAD54)
[yaiE ppnP yaiE_1 yaiE_2 A5U30_004171 A6592_08565 A8499_002689 A9819_01890 A9X72_19070 AAG43_001684 AAS29_000851 ABE90_005680 ACN68_10320 ACN81_25005 ACU57_12035 AM464_18935 APX88_10995 AT845_004245 AW118_21925 AW119_10870 AWP93_11760 B6R12_004630 B6R15_004744 B6R31_001962 B6R48_001853 B6R87_002119 BANRA_00925 BANRA_01371 BANRA_03594 BEA19_24120 BER14_23410 BFL24_02350 BG944_000956 BGZ_00885 BGZ_00919 BHS81_02405 BIZ41_26355 BJI68_13875 BJJ90_20310 BK292_14635 BK383_14985 BMC79_001982 BMT50_02930 BMT91_05310 BN17_01951 BO068_001728 BOB65_000444 BOH76_16090 BON63_11530 BON64_14410 BON65_18745 BON66_09075 BON67_24210 BON68_23505 BON69_11595 BON70_06170 BON71_09670 BON72_15085 BON73_05975 BON74_21685 BON75_11450 BON76_23825 BON77_14130 BON78_10125 BON79_13380 BON80_10900 BON81_13115 BON82_13085 BON83_20655 BON84_16485 BON86_03800 BON87_15370 BON88_22820 BON89_00190 BON90_16345 BON91_23895 BON92_15465 BON93_19270 BON94_14845 BON95_06500 BON96_22295 BON97_17555 BON98_18895 BR158_003623 BR331_05500 BRV34_002179 BRV41_001603 BTQ06_17790 BvCmsF30A_04718 BvCmsHHP019_02594 BvCmsHHP019_02735 BvCmsHHP056_01410 BvCmsKKP036_04281 BvCmsKKP061_04019 BvCmsKSNP073_05624 BvCmsNSP072_00997 BVL39_00880 BXT93_00165 BZL69_16805 C2M16_02670 C2U48_08110 C3F40_10585 C5N07_12740 C5Y87_03235 C9114_16640 C9160_00550 C9E67_23765 C9Z68_20485 CA593_01185 CCS08_21635 CDC27_00860 CDL36_14165 CDL37_09465 CG692_05055 CG831_000443 CIG67_05475 CO706_24355 COD53_04445 CQP61_20925 CR538_19495 CR539_06140 CT143_00140 CV83915_01183 CWS33_22875 CXJ73_003963 CY655_02075 D0X26_07420 D1912_23295 D3822_22465 D3C88_28950 D3G36_08025 D3Y67_14350 D4U49_03050 D9D43_14830 D9D77_05600 D9E34_09525 D9E49_06955 D9H94_24405 D9J03_17400 D9J61_02635 DAH18_14975 DAH19_15000 DAH20_16610 DAH21_08165 DAH22_13870 DAH23_10455 DAH24_10460 DAH25_11070 DAH26_10405 DAH27_14160 DAH28_13335 DAH29_17045 DAH30_15925 DAH31_19150 DAH32_11190 DAH33_11330 DAH34_21345 DAH35_16790 DAH36_12775 DAH37_05240 DAH38_03050 DAH40_06810 DAH41_17310 DAH42_11390 DAH43_09880 DAH45_10305 DAH46_11945 DAH47_09160 DAH48_11635 DAH49_09890 DAH50_14800 DD762_07680 DEN86_05080 DEN87_01895 DEN88_05530 DEN89_14495 DEN90_11705 DEN91_05595 DEN92_06605 DEN93_13160 DEN94_11850 DEN95_09255 DEN96_07805 DEN97_15340 DEN98_11210 DEN99_05370 DEO00_05905 DEO01_11320 DEO02_08475 DEO03_14045 DEO04_04545 DEO05_04540 DEO06_05185 DEO07_08010 DEO08_13690 DEO09_07095 DEO10_06445 DEO11_06460 DEO12_12645 DEO13_16025 DEO14_08240 DEO15_17360 DEO17_12810 DEO18_12120 DEO19_20575 DEO20_14385 DIV22_26285 DKP82_22400 DM870_16555 DN627_04525 DNQ45_00335 DRW19_06400 DS732_06920 DTL43_07415 DTL90_10740 DTM16_08110 DTM45_10960 DU321_19460 DXT69_08115 DXT70_02910 DXT71_02970 DXT73_01860 E0I42_07410 E2113_03255 E2114_20640 E2115_06350 E2116_09805 E2117_07700 E2118_06725 E2119_01725 E2120_11120 E2121_07545 E2122_06175 E2123_04610 E2124_09375 E2125_09480 E2127_09375 E2128_04435 E2129_13975 E2130_11240 E2131_02470 E2132_00415 E2133_20420 E2134_12225 E2135_01410 E2136_05910 E2646_12335 E3N34_04125 E3O05_19530 E4K51_12070 E4T14_06285 E4T84_01105 E5M02_10020 E5P22_04675 E5P23_08765 E5P24_15620 E5P25_17640 E5P26_04525 E5P27_05835 E5P28_11315 E5P29_09580 E5P30_10170 E5P31_06170 E5P32_04305 E5P33_10200 E5P34_17740 E5P35_04515 E5P36_01750 E5P37_17680 E5P39_06005 E5P40_13740 E5P41_01335 E5P42_04485 E5P43_05450 E5P44_02065 E5P45_03910 E5P46_02310 E5P47_06990 E5P48_01380 E5P49_02350 E5P50_09075 E5P51_09940 E5P52_05895 E5S34_07545 E5S35_14895 E5S36_15140 E5S37_02355 E5S38_06765 E5S39_10925 E5S42_13060 E5S43_12135 E5S44_09845 E5S45_13175 E5S47_09895 E5S48_09860 E5S51_13535 E5S52_06115 E5S53_04160 E5S54_01050 E5S55_03120 E5S56_05125 E5S57_11350 E5S58_11035 E5S59_10435 E5S61_09810 E5S62_19990 EA239_15730 EA435_05820 EAI46_25725 EAI46_25840 EAN77_07940 EAX79_06830 EBP16_12520 EC1094V2_3464 EC3234A_4c00610 EC95NR1_04612 ECs0441 ED648_16775 EHD79_03470 EHH55_15815 EI021_16245 EIZ93_00830 EKI52_09170 EL79_3454 EL80_3408 ELT16_09225 ELT17_22260 ELT20_08340 ELT22_04045 ELT23_00125 ELT24_03290 ELT25_05960 ELT26_23225 ELT27_21290 ELT28_09190 ELT29_22585 ELT30_06725 ELT31_00280 ELT32_10020 ELT33_03015 ELT34_07270 ELT35_08275 ELT36_04475 ELT38_00125 ELT39_01450 ELT40_25125 ELT41_07365 ELT44_03945 ELT45_03425 ELT46_04360 ELT48_00735 ELT49_21480 ELT50_02330 ELT51_16695 ELT52_03690 ELT54_10860 ELT55_05135 ELT56_20800 ELT58_21305 ELT59_12100 ELT60_00640 ELT61_02575 ELT63_02620 ELT72_05540 ELU07_05385 ELU82_03335 ELU83_10395 ELU85_08960 ELU88_10700 ELU89_08675 ELU90_21735 ELU91_00300 ELU94_04615 ELU95_12465 ELU96_05805 ELU97_00035 ELU98_06160 ELU99_22320 ELV00_13055 ELV01_00640 ELV02_05465 ELV03_00640 ELV04_00460 ELV05_14615 ELV07_00640 ELV08_00785 ELV09_05330 ELV11_02540 ELV12_06015 ELV13_00555 ELV15_22680 ELV20_14710 ELV21_14165 ELV22_01630 ELV23_01450 ELV24_16525 ELV26_21885 ELV28_08410 ELV29_01550 ELV40_10610 ELX48_13080 ELX56_03900 ELX61_20790 ELX66_07890 ELX68_02065 ELX69_19550 ELX70_07125 ELX76_05850 ELX79_24270 ELX83_01445 ELX85_08400 ELX96_14305 ELY02_06110 ELY05_09885 ELY23_04665 ELY24_07180 ELY31_04360 ELY32_22740 ELY36_06760 ELY39_06095 ELY41_15435 ELY48_07355 ELY50_04295 EPS76_10515 EQO00_19840 ERS085406_02227 ERS139208_01812 EVY14_00050 EWK56_10245 ExPECSC038_04895 EXX13_09665 EYV17_03100 EYV18_10135 EYX47_16280 EYY21_28950 F0L67_19465 F2N31_18495 F3N40_11580 F7F11_06850 F9B07_11235 F9S76_00660 F9S83_01525 F9V24_00540 F9X20_10705 FA849_16230 FA868_02660 FDM60_01545 FEL34_02665 FFF58_18140 FGG80_03620 FGY90_08925 FHD44_10100 FJQ51_13145 FKO60_24460 FOI11_011505 FOI11_08540 FPI65_02250 FQ007_13115 FQF29_11270 FTV90_10360 FTV92_11870 FTV93_12360 FV293_06120 FWK02_29295 FZC17_02065 FZN31_18905 G3565_02860 G3813_001670 G4A38_05410 G9448_08700 GAJ26_09340 GF147_12390 GF699_04160 GFY34_04590 GIB53_01735 GJ11_02375 GKE84_19495 GKF86_04910 GKF89_04055 GKG12_02940 GNO40_22710 GNZ05_01665 GP650_16700 GP662_13045 GP711_02810 GP946_18990 GP954_12950 GP979_17585 GQE64_07505 GQF59_00790 GQM04_16295 GQM09_10135 GQM13_16755 GQW07_10130 GQW68_15010 GQW80_20255 GRC73_12510 GRO95_09290 GRW05_15575 GRW57_16360 GRW81_04110 GSY44_11760 GTP88_03425 GUB08_22335 GUB92_14995 GUC01_07480 GUI33_03675 H0O53_01395 H0O72_08355 H6Y26_001325 HHH44_001374 HI055_001796 HIN64_001318 HJ942_001977 HJQ60_002362 HJS37_002167 HJU54_001570 HKA49_002910 HL563_20960 HLV18_07370 HLZ50_17655 HmCms169_03669 HMU06_13895 HMU48_14510 HMV41_12865 HMV95_11570 HNC36_06780 HNC59_10160 HNC66_06600 HNC99_09055 HV109_18115 HV209_02875 HV209_28635 HVV39_18775 HVW19_16065 HVW43_10265 HVX16_19490 HVY77_19945 HVZ71_18990 HX136_19525 I6H02_19720 IA00_002609 IAI11_04290 IFB95_004044 IH768_07535 IH772_12750 IT029_003225 J0541_001749 J4S20_001870 J5U05_002183 JE86ST02C_04160 JE86ST05C_04220 JFD_01983 JNP96_06385 NCTC10082_01078 NCTC10089_03910 NCTC10418_05682 NCTC10429_03762 NCTC10764_05371 NCTC10767_04209 NCTC10865_04787 NCTC10958_04085 NCTC11126_00022 NCTC11181_01145 NCTC11341_03896 NCTC12950_04180 NCTC13127_05156 NCTC13216_02895 NCTC7922_06246 NCTC7927_04270 NCTC8008_03382 NCTC8009_07014 NCTC8179_01642 NCTC8333_04532 NCTC8450_01367 NCTC8500_04283 NCTC8621_03984 NCTC8622_02997 NCTC8959_05017 NCTC8960_01314 NCTC8985_02798 NCTC9001_00537 NCTC9036_03840 NCTC9037_03956 NCTC9044_03501 NCTC9045_04434 NCTC9075_05103 NCTC9077_04792 NCTC9081_02496 NCTC9111_03977 NCTC9117_04804 NCTC9702_04480 NCTC9706_01114 NCTC9775_02088 NCTC9777_00174 ND22_001447 PGD_02920 RG28_02910 SAMEA3472044_00466 SAMEA3472056_03633 SAMEA3472067_03190 SAMEA3472080_01810 SAMEA3472147_04902 SAMEA3751407_02141 SAMEA3752557_00215 SAMEA3753106_00531 TUM18780_32860 WP2S18E08_35360 WP4S18E07_34480 WR15_04360] Pyrimidine/purine nucleoside phosphorylase (EC (EC (Adenosine phosphorylase) (Cytidine phosphorylase) (Guanosine phosphorylase) (EC (Inosine phosphorylase) (Thymidine phosphorylase) (EC (Uridine phosphorylase) (EC (Xanthosine phosphorylase)
[nnr nnrD nnrE A3S59_13690 A3T49_17335 A3T75_18530 A3U47_10225 A3U54_09275 A3U78_16085 A3V15_17065 A3V28_15960 A3W22_12930 A4M41_16600 A5970_12510 A6267_12745 A6T07_15280 A7C55_07720 A7H28_15850 A9591_13875 A9C99_18275 A9D71_20055 A9S47_10990 A9S88_14770 A9X19_06535 AAA56_09530 AAB90_13650 ABA14_13890 ABP10_07270 ABQ42_14075 ACG84_16195 ACM10_17980 ACT92_14320 ACT96_14390 ADR00_04465 ADS36_15285 AGN17_13430 AGP91_11565 AH461_16240 AHV90_18155 AIE92_07590 AKX49_10100 AL461_13480 ALZ46_15575 AM316_12625 AM321_08345 AM525_15220 AN727_01255 AO198_17430 AO799_11345 AOL87_17660 AOL88_17815 AOU74_07580 APN68_15490 APO02_17555 AQ518_14155 AR267_17095 AS882_13920 ASN84_12635 ASV75_18200 AU760_14795 AU775_10415 AVB14_10850 AVI06_14750 B0A21_09265 B0F61_13105 B1868_15980 B4P96_15895 B4W84_18200 B4Z10_18285 B5C64_17865 B6339_13635 B6379_12905 B6396_17560 B6M83_15130 B6N80_13955 B7136_14330 B7900_15880 B7919_12405 B7C82_16710 B7J34_05280 B7M41_18735 B7Q10_20390 B8V98_15175 B8Y89_12815 B8Y98_13185 B8Z45_12040 B9176_15685 B9672_11375 B9673_18235 B9727_12095 B9756_14295 B9H85_18105 B9I48_18045 B9P12_16640 BB088_18985 BBL75_13960 BCA48_20120 BCB01_020120 BCB09_0020120 BCP76_14830 BCP85_15340 BCP91_17540 BH227_14585 BIB62_15765 BJO06_15955 BJO39_11850 BK099_19165 BK864_11970 BKF55_14350 BKO29_15730 BSD53_18530 BSD63_15630 BTC31_13980 BXJ37_18690 BZ670_13760 BZ697_16830 BZ722_12720 BZ742_17225 BZ751_18150 BZ759_12840 BZ809_15460 BZ833_13870 BZ881_13655 BZ894_14830 BZ908_18660 BZ939_15625 BZ955_18375 BZ980_09135 BZT14_03720 CA122_13445 CA124_14440 CAD25_13880 CAD70_18135 CAI12_16660 CB062_10255 CB096_14700 CB217_12805 CB220_14435 CB308_15940 CB345_18040 CB472_13065 CB501_11525 CB588_08220 CB596_12655 CB604_10145 CB666_16595 CB721_20345 CBB04_19195 CBB05_13840 CBK53_19215 CBN66_14655 CBN70_12475 CBP97_18655 CBQ45_13910 CBR92_19970 CBR95_11870 CBS03_20305 CBS08_20655 CBS18_16760 CBS39_20735 CBS55_14975 CBS77_09830 CBS78_13115 CBU16_17980 CC149_15825 CC297_18255 CC421_17090 CC678_12725 CC680_11650 CC754_11940 CC805_16855 CC853_16680 CCG98_12880 CCP20_16675 CD530_14030 CDG21_09565 CEA09_11005 CEI41_16725 CEM11_08675 CER90_13970 CEW05_18215 CFB87_11490 CFC01_18200 CFD56_12055 CRE05_02200 D0175_08570 D0A07_14920 D0W94_21365 D3E03_19475 D4415_18015 D4E56_15415 D4F08_19940 D4X57_18540 D4Z56_20190 D5A37_07260 D5O28_18970 D5O87_18615 D5X06_18105 D6J64_14370 D6K13_17205 D6P81_17650 D6R78_16230 D6S88_17785 D6T13_10065 D8Q93_17795 D8S08_07470 D9O81_17800 DLM07_05510 DLQ89_09585 DM648_22170 DMI96_14640 DN254_16985 DO678_17965 DOB11_13010 DOJ41_18470 DOR31_16660 DP790_14935 DP797_19060 DPF44_17095 DPR73_10030 DQ906_16405 DQY42_21185 DQZ81_15615 DRD18_11105 DRK03_17440 DRM04_20170 DRV81_18170 DRX23_19640 DRX96_13475 DS187_17705 DSH04_16815 DSH32_11170 DSN07_15575 DTD96_08125 DTF75_15870 DTI59_10095 DU772_16825 DU867_16745 DUA99_06710 DUB03_17090 DUG35_21095 DUG37_09455 DW487_05640 DY875_08435 DYT79_05520 E2D06_09125 E3C38_19875 E3C57_04960 E5382_12770 E5B97_15680 EAH10_10215 EBB65_17355 EBB99_17160 EBC54_19500 EBC72_13645 EES12_17090 EGL58_19555 EGM21_17370 EHF05_18050 EI456_17675 EI507_18340 EIL24_18235 EIL34_19605 EJG81_18690 EKH43_18120 EKP78_17715 EL812_18020 ELS48_18010 ELY67_16875 ENE83_16990 ERF73_18615 ETB65_18865 EU248_15750 EUZ49_23140 EVI13_02840 EVU69_19825 EZV86_08115 EZX35_16585 F9O36_14895 F9O65_17665 F9P74_18100 F9Q56_17905 FEE84_12285 FEO32_14500 FI281_14470 FI295_17155 FI296_17695 FII38_15555 FII69_17055 FPF90_15410 FTS15_19435 G0A20_15610 G0D20_21205 G0F92_04370 G0F99_20490 G0G00_15020 G0G01_14620 G0G02_01265 G0G04_14275 G0G05_11320 G0G06_08950 G0G07_03945 G0G14_13450 G0G15_05635 G0G16_18195 G0G17_18550 G0G20_12380 G0G22_03800 G0G23_02895 G0G27_20255 G0G31_04885 G0G32_18695 G0G35_22650 G0G37_21300 G0G38_05325 G0G39_05210 G0G40_00495 G0G41_05320 G0G43_20245 G0G45_03755 G0G49_12345 G0G50_02375 G0G51_12780 G0G52_02055 G0G53_14405 G0G54_12570 G0G55_02745 G0G60_04900 G0G61_21540 G0G62_03530 G0G64_11380 G2169_20120 G2170_17950 G2196_15620 G2210_18475 G2222_16940 G2233_16805 G2235_12530 G2237_14760 G2242_16685 G2243_18305 G2249_18265 G2264_16425 G2266_19975 G2271_14330 G2282_17940 G2286_15060 G2298_18170 G2300_17895 G2301_16625 G2322_17655 G2326_05510 G2331_17485 G2345_14690 G2351_11360 G2395_18425 G2410_17370 G2484_18475 G2668_16905 G2672_18505 G2673_12285 G2674_18195 G2681_14230 G2684_17165 G2685_16660 G2686_18420 G2687_17170 G2689_19715 G2693_13850 G2696_16030 G2699_17735 G2700_17140 G2703_18695 G2705_18350 G2706_16440 G2710_15110 G2716_19115 G2717_19090 G2719_18745 G2723_19745 G2726_18435 G2729_18855 G2730_16180 G2732_14990 G2737_11175 G2740_14430 G2745_14690 G2747_17475 G2749_19595 G2751_17145 G2757_17470 G2767_17765 G2784_16450 G2846_16730 G2849_14480 G2856_16940 G2858_16510 G2859_16270 G2860_18520 G2861_14560 G2862_16635 G2863_16285 G2866_13475 G2872_17555 G2874_18875 G2879_17610 G2880_17495 G2882_11825 G2888_18110 G2889_15285 G2890_17755 G2894_09340 G2896_13570 G2902_20700 G2905_11225 G2914_18010 G2939_05565 G2944_09900 G2954_06260 G2964_16835 G2968_15020 G2971_07585 G2973_04400 G2981_03795 G2984_05660 G2989_12910 G2991_03275 G3259_002224 G3346_003537 G3347_001862 G3348_002116 G3414_001902 G3453_002421 G3972_003350 G3984_004132 G3A07_07855 G3A13_18970 G3A29_16685 G3V00_002516 G3V03_003780 G3W49_001000 G4179_002628 G4B49_002728 G4B62_003839 G4D14_001210 G4G55_002523 G4G70_002745 G4J13_004244 G4J27_003406 G4K89_000861 G4L00_003905 G4L11_003511 G4O33_003194 G4O34_001052 G4O38_002777 G4O43_002653 G4P59_003264 G4P65_002509 G4P71_002341 G4Q33_002605 G4Q34_002222 G4Y16_001057 G4Y74_001950 G4Y75_002585 G9273_003139 G9374_002432 G9375_003558 G9C39_002301 G9G26_004226 G9G29_003563 G9G49_002046 G9W24_002411 G9W26_002811 G9W60_001328 GB008_18185 GB023_19730 GB033_06215 GB073_21190 GB084_15780 GB104_17820 GB108_20855 GB117_12760 GB119_19790 GB125_16930 GB136_14545 GB146_16180 GB163_19015 GB165_16740 GB167_14000 GB172_16190 GB174_14415 GB183_21130 GB184_15005 GB191_20690 GB220_18210 GB222_15290 GB260_14850 GB264_18960 GB267_21450 GB268_17125 GB322_04260 GB328_03375 GB340_20380 GB350_18005 GB366_20965 GB382_13880 GB384_17705 GB389_17130 GB395_14155 GB398_19660 GB400_17165 GB410_19810 GB411_20290 GB424_18050 GB444_15320 GB453_02390 GB458_14190 GB471_14430 GB474_15350 GB512_06355 GB517_16250 GB521_21110 GB522_13565 GB528_15755 GB536_16845 GB545_21125 GB552_05380 GB596_11600 GB605_13600 GB608_14220 GB611_21255 GB617_20665 GB638_12945 GBR90_15875 GBR92_06005 GBR96_18020 GBS02_10665 GBS31_18015 GBS51_18015 GBV48_20440 GBV49_21290 GBV51_16940 GBV59_05205 GBW10_15355 GBW37_21300 GBW40_14450 GBW61_14955 GBW81_14525 GBW91_19925 GBW93_16210 GBW94_20475 GBX02_18175 GBX28_03500 GBX30_16305 GBX44_07655 GBX50_18975 GBX65_09510 GBX79_02640 GBY10_21110 GBY16_20595 GBY22_15800 GBY30_14000 GBY40_12305 GBY43_19015 GBY51_02640 GBY55_13045 GBY69_02100 GBY71_13275 GBY80_15315 GBY98_15310 GBZ02_20775 GBZ07_05340 GBZ09_19665 GBZ19_06355 GBZ20_16245 GBZ21_20920 GBZ57_15255 GBZ88_16205 GBZ96_10620 GCS50_17180 GCY20_17660 GDA07_18585 GDH40_18035 GDI37_18915 GDI50_10605 GDN42_04680 GI500_18260 GI569_18355 GI571_19455 GI574_15255 GI576_17370 GI587_15930 GI598_19450 GI602_19455 GI603_18270 GI605_16665 GI606_17755 GI607_18225 GI610_19850 GI613_18970 GI616_19915 GI617_18250 GI618_19650 GI619_18185 GI623_19925 GI627_19930 GI628_20335 GI635_19450 GI641_19620 GI643_19215 GI648_16180 GI652_19115 GI653_18965 GI656_10830 GI657_16195 GI658_10970 GI661_14545 GI664_14465 GI666_14865 GI667_19440 GI672_16195 GI673_19155 GI678_16820 GI679_18005 GI681_20130 GI682_19670 GI684_16950 GJE23_19345 GJE52_20320 GJE53_18800 GJE57_19140 GJE58_18480 GJE61_19460 GJE63_19120 GJE66_17975 GJE68_19380 GJE69_16935 GJE75_19455 GJE76_19455 GJE78_19465 GJE80_18250 GJE81_19525 GJE83_18265 GJE85_18895 GJE87_17205 GJE88_18245 GJE91_18740 GJE97_17405 GJE99_16230 GJF01_19455 GJF04_19450 GJF05_19445 GJF06_19145 GJF07_16855 GJF11_14795 GJF12_19000 GJF15_18775 GJF17_18765 GJF18_19035 GJF25_18900 GJF26_19420 GJF28_19175 GJF31_18790 GJF33_18960 GJF41_19610 GJF44_19235 GJF47_19445 GJF49_19145 GJF51_20105 GJF54_19450 GJF59_18550 GJF61_19930 GJF63_18475 GJF64_19455 GJF68_18410 GJF69_18870 GJF75_19785 GJF76_19450 GJF77_19140 GJF78_19925 GJF81_16490 GJF83_18960 GJF85_19920 GJF86_18955 GJF88_19445 GJF90_20340 GJF91_20505 GJF93_19465 GJF95_18650 GJF99_17980 GJG01_19920 GJG02_19360 GJG03_14565 GJG05_14715 GJG07_11790 GJG10_16200 GJG11_15865 GJG13_13795 GJG14_16105 GJG15_14705 GJG16_17040 GJG17_14795 GJG18_23365 GJG24_15060 GJG25_15325 GJG26_16315 GJG28_16415 GJG29_14235 GJG30_16180 GJG35_16225 GJG37_15715 GJG38_18655 GJG39_18260 GJG40_14820 GJG45_19440 GJG48_17440 GJG49_18945 GJG51_19455 GJG54_21345 GJG57_19125 GJG58_19175 GJG60_18005 GJG63_17960 GJG66_18105 GJG70_17990 GJG71_16195 GJG76_18470 GJG77_18995 GJG81_16360 GJG84_18715 GNA67_003852 GNA68_003740 GNA89_003109 GNA90_003610 GNA94_003248 GNA95_003605 GNB01_003578 GNB24_003575 GNB30_003635 GNB32_003570 GNB39_003909 GNB51_003077 GNB52_003552 GNB53_003749 GNB87_003935 GNB90_003879 GYI57_002966 GYK12_04750 GYK13_17425 OB33_18235 R841_07660 ZQ07_09565 ZR89_19430 ZW25_11665] Bifunctional NAD(P)H-hydrate repair enzyme (Nicotinamide nucleotide repair protein) [Includes: ADP-dependent (S)-NAD(P)H-hydrate dehydratase (EC (ADP-dependent NAD(P)HX dehydratase); NAD(P)H-hydrate epimerase (EC]
[RAD54L RAD54A] DNA repair and recombination protein RAD54-like (EC (RAD54 homolog) (hHR54) (hRAD54)
[DMC1 LIM15 At3g22880 F5N5.6] Meiotic recombination protein DMC1 homolog (AtDMC1)
[cysG cobA cysG_1 A9X72_01910 AAG43_001988 ACU57_16475 AM464_09505 APX88_19990 AT335_001457 AT845_000838 AW119_18405 B6R12_000433 B6R15_000438 B6R31_002265 B6R48_002892 B6R87_002674 BANRA_02000 BEA19_06265 BFL24_22825 BG944_001170 BGZ_02522 BGZ_04176 BHS81_20170 BJI68_14980 BJJ90_01855 BK292_07805 BK383_21245 BMT50_12020 BMT91_03480 BN17_33031 BO068_001511 BON68_10270 BON69_10260 BON71_12915 BON72_01440 BON73_10630 BON74_15490 BON76_01755 BON77_11870 BON80_05005 BON86_09425 BON87_12715 BON89_19425 BON92_08155 BON93_16715 BON94_27630 BON95_18940 BON96_09170 BON97_13605 BON98_09595 BTQ06_10895 BvCmsHHP019_00453 BvCmsHHP056_00471 BvCmsKKP036_03618 BvCmsKKP061_02746 BvCmsKSNP073_02778 BVL39_09270 BXT93_04970 C2U48_16615 C3F40_19450 C5N07_12010 C5Y87_16100 C9160_13305 C9E67_02520 CA593_09385 CCS08_20190 CDL36_09890 CDL37_28050 CG692_18475 CG831_001319 CO706_15490 COD53_10805 CQP61_02825 CR538_02140 CV83915_02742 D0X26_11130 D3Y67_21055 D9D77_07850 D9J03_02940 DAH17_09810 DAH19_16670 DAH23_09650 DAH24_08490 DAH25_10025 DAH26_09660 DAH33_06185 DAH36_11125 DAH37_15045 DAH38_04465 DAH40_11100 DAH42_05980 DAH43_07425 DAH45_06820 DAH46_07415 DAH47_06665 DAH48_07045 DAH49_06445 DAH50_22180 DEN87_09175 DEN88_06390 DEN91_13010 DEN92_11290 DEO01_08465 DEO04_11505 DEO05_10515 DEO06_10750 DEO07_11165 DEO08_07685 DEO09_11180 DEO10_12145 DEO11_11175 DEO12_09880 DEO18_07345 DEO19_07030 DKP82_18010 DM870_05140 DN627_01935 DRW19_01875 DS732_24620 DTL43_13910 DXT70_11025 DXT71_09335 DXT73_15385 E0I42_11615 E2113_03950 E2114_05545 E2115_14845 E2116_09525 E2118_13345 E2119_04420 E2120_03115 E2121_12250 E2122_12580 E2123_13315 E2124_03100 E2125_08230 E2127_11625 E2128_02995 E2129_07715 E2130_05310 E2131_12705 E2132_12455 E2134_14675 E2135_05845 E2136_12190 E4K51_10410 E4T14_04150 E5M02_05395 E5P23_12605 E5P26_08715 E5P27_11605 E5P28_09015 E5P29_17035 E5P30_17020 E5P31_08360 E5P32_02635 E5P34_04165 E5P35_02075 E5P36_22230 E5P39_05360 E5P40_03010 E5P41_03090 E5P42_18750 E5P43_17135 E5P44_02270 E5P45_13505 E5P46_16215 E5P47_07830 E5P48_15275 E5P49_19715 E5P50_07715 E5P51_03395 E5S34_10830 E5S36_14445 E5S37_08710 E5S38_11725 E5S39_08725 E5S42_07810 E5S44_10765 E5S45_09695 E5S46_17870 E5S51_12835 E5S54_06345 E5S56_12875 E5S57_11110 E5S58_13600 E5S61_12510 EAN77_07220 EAX79_11000 EC1094V2_285 EC3234A_57c00300 ECs4219 EHD79_06180 EHH55_25160 EIZ93_01520 EL79_0346 EL80_0339 ELT20_09645 ELT21_04095 ELT28_07415 ELT41_06680 ELT49_16745 ELT51_00160 ELT58_15470 ELV08_06310 ELV09_18525 ELV40_20320 ELX76_05275 ELX85_01910 ELY02_07910 ELY05_18405 ELY39_08945 ERS139208_04133 ExPECSC038_01180 EXX13_13990 EYV17_09700 EYV18_11775 EYX47_06865 F0L67_12565 F3N40_09040 F9S76_07985 F9V24_01660 F9X20_02300 FDM60_01830 FGG80_13590 FKO60_13910 FOI11_018920 FOI11_04260 FQF29_05650 FV293_08795 FY127_06225 G4A38_16850 G5632_11415 G9448_16805 GAJ26_06530 GF699_08140 GIB53_18980 GKF86_11410 GKF89_12400 GKG12_07200 GP650_08540 GP662_20205 GP946_11295 GQF59_06890 GQM09_05375 GQM13_20710 GQW80_09495 GRW81_14155 GSY44_04895 GTP88_00155 GUC01_14450 H0O72_13320 HHH44_000575 HJS37_002539 HLZ50_06645 HMU48_07765 HMV95_07770 HNC59_07440 HNC99_05445 HND12_12975 HV109_01850 HV209_14445 HVW04_17265 HVW43_18400 HVY77_01835 HVZ71_02090 HX136_01855 I6H00_19725 I6H01_10990 IA00_000722 IAI11_06870 IH772_08875 IT029_003044 J0541_002119 J4S20_001182 JFD_03780 JNP96_25645 NCTC10090_03474 NCTC10418_00625 NCTC10764_03803 NCTC10865_00602 NCTC10958_00745 NCTC13148_03528 NCTC13216_01418 NCTC4450_02421 NCTC8008_05413 NCTC8179_05884 NCTC8333_00435 NCTC8500_00246 NCTC9037_00596 NCTC9045_00486 NCTC9111_00814 NCTC9117_00666 PGD_00517 RG28_21890 SAMEA3472044_01095 SAMEA3472080_02892 SAMEA3751407_00091 SAMEA3753106_01911 TUM18780_03830 WP2S18E08_03400 WR15_02785] Siroheme synthase [Includes: Uroporphyrinogen-III C-methyltransferase (Urogen III methylase) (EC (SUMT) (Uroporphyrinogen III methylase) (UROM); Precorrin-2 dehydrogenase (EC; Sirohydrochlorin ferrochelatase (EC]
[DMC1 DMC1H LIM15] Meiotic recombination protein DMC1/LIM15 homolog
[Dnaja3 Tid1] DnaJ homolog subfamily A member 3, mitochondrial (DnaJ protein Tid-1) (mTid-1) (Tumorous imaginal discs protein Tid56 homolog)
[okr RAD54 CG3736] DNA repair and recombination protein RAD54-like (DmRAD54) (EC 3.6.4.-) (Protein okra) (RAD54 DNA repair protein)
[glmU glmU_2 glmU_3 A5U30_003287 A6592_18320 A9819_21425 A9X72_25295 AAG43_003029 ABE90_000210 ACN68_12820 ACN81_06555 ACU57_03260 AM464_11925 AT845_000765 AW119_07655 B6R31_004847 B6R48_003392 B6R87_004913 BANRA_02393 BANRA_04796 BFL24_25615 BG944_002339 BGZ_02080 BGZ_04627 BHS81_22260 BJI68_21480 BK292_20095 BK383_23375 BMT50_09780 BMT91_10610 BN17_36841 BO068_002397 BOH76_10130 BON63_19095 BON64_06035 BON65_14635 BON66_26875 BON67_01960 BON68_19995 BON69_17430 BON70_16775 BON71_24460 BON72_01080 BON73_15410 BON74_23530 BON75_22025 BON76_09155 BON77_19860 BON80_03565 BON86_07715 BON89_05720 BON93_25710 BON94_01565 BON95_10825 BON97_15945 BON98_14770 BR158_003954 BTQ06_19350 BvCmsF30A_02544 BvCmsHHP019_05382 BvCmsHHP056_00162 BvCmsKSNP073_00085 BvCmsNSP072_01195 BVL39_06835 BZL69_24160 C2U48_14295 C3F40_17030 C5N07_23115 C5Y87_17850 C9114_08815 C9160_23555 C9E67_00060 CA593_07340 CDC27_20200 CDL37_07540 CG692_21420 CG831_001089 COD53_19010 CQP61_27670 CR538_25580 CSE52_003585 CV83915_02333 CWS33_22530 D0X26_21550 D3Y67_00150 D9D77_23725 D9J03_09380 DAH17_15970 DAH18_20310 DAH19_18275 DAH21_17710 DAH22_24490 DAH23_18115 DAH24_17680 DAH25_17935 DAH26_16950 DAH27_18200 DAH28_17760 DAH32_19170 DAH33_22035 DAH34_09145 DAH35_20660 DAH36_07425 DAH37_15330 DAH38_15050 DAH40_17050 DAH41_14180 DAH42_13495 DAH43_16415 DAH45_16795 DAH46_15635 DAH47_17290 DAH48_15625 DAH49_16705 DAH50_22655 DEN87_10815 DEN88_13805 DEN91_23265 DEN92_12250 DEN93_08975 DEN95_14190 DEN96_09795 DEN97_10700 DEN98_07810 DEN99_11515 DEO00_06625 DEO01_09410 DEO03_19700 DEO06_16265 DEO07_15725 DEO08_21695 DEO12_10840 DEO13_12575 DEO14_23390 DEO15_11210 DEO17_21875 DEO18_15235 DEO19_13560 DEO20_16655 DIV22_14650 DKP82_02925 DN627_09955 DRW19_13710 DS732_00190 DTL43_15410 DTM45_17565 DU321_22570 DXT69_23215 DXT70_14060 DXT73_04785 E0I42_12515 E2113_20910 E2117_22090 E2119_14490 E2122_12860 E2127_21255 E2128_05705 E2129_08000 E2132_10955 E2134_19675 E2646_07460 E4K51_16150 E4T14_07470 E4T84_16600 E5M02_07175 E5P22_11975 E5P23_15695 E5P24_15945 E5P25_18155 E5P30_22350 E5P31_17920 E5P32_06320 E5P33_18055 E5P35_14110 E5P36_12935 E5P39_19825 E5P40_10375 E5P41_13045 E5P42_12215 E5P43_16860 E5P44_11695 E5P45_17650 E5P46_15630 E5P47_17125 E5P48_14655 E5P49_19285 E5P50_10530 E5P51_17710 E5P52_17765 E5S34_11730 E5S35_09890 E5S36_12325 E5S37_13690 E5S43_09850 E5S45_08720 E5S46_07160 E5S47_13545 E5S51_11545 E5S52_15405 E5S54_07245 E5S56_16310 E5S57_15800 E5S58_07665 E5S59_08730 EAN77_19450 EAX79_08850 EBP16_13375 EC1094V2_4567 EC3234A_68c00720 EC95NR1_03169 ECs4672 ED648_17265 EHH55_27400 EI021_09265 EIZ93_14035 EKI52_15300 EL79_4691 EL80_4599 ELT17_19030 ELT20_19880 ELT21_07750 ELT26_19980 ELT31_15890 ELT33_18295 ELT41_12285 ELT50_16565 ELT51_22235 ELT52_17170 ELT56_20245 ELU95_14255 ELV08_24380 ELX48_16565 ELX85_19200 ELY02_10875 ELY05_18395 ELY39_11070 EQO00_26355 EWK56_18720 ExPECSC038_00225 EYV17_12580 EYV18_08960 F0L67_11240 F2N31_18940 F2N31_28835 F3N40_21700 F9S76_24025 F9S83_19900 F9V24_15540 F9X20_04465 FFF58_16465 FGG80_19735 FOI11_016975 FOI11_06205 FQ007_11805 FQF29_14335 FV293_15990 G3813_004091 G4A38_07030 G5632_18830 G9448_14800 GAJ26_16115 GF699_13325 GIB53_15040 GKF86_20510 GKF89_22110 GKG12_12810 GNZ05_16000 GP650_13870 GP662_07520 GP946_02095 GQE64_10965 GQF59_16680 GQM04_04790 GQM09_08985 GQM13_19765 GRW05_11280 GRW81_18060 GSY44_20690 GUC01_19650 H0O72_18945 H6Y26_002489 HHH44_002059 HJQ60_003306 HJS37_002341 HJU54_003636 HKA49_003853 HMV95_19365 HMW38_12850 HNC36_11680 HNC59_18745 HNC59_28610 HNC66_20010 HNC99_14760 HNC99_28905 HV109_23905 HV209_21710 HVW43_16340 HVY77_25805 HVZ71_25230 HX136_24900 I6H02_14185 IA00_003423 IAI11_13350 IFB95_001497 IH768_12455 IH772_07080 J0541_001617 J4S20_002454 J5U05_004332 JE86ST02C_42850 JE86ST05C_42930 JFD_02824 JNP96_27815 NCTC10429_00468 NCTC10865_06239 NCTC10958_05300 NCTC10974_05712 NCTC11126_01877 NCTC11181_02288 NCTC13148_04066 NCTC13216_01836 NCTC8008_04544 NCTC8179_05408 NCTC8500_05668 NCTC8960_02620 NCTC9036_04918 NCTC9037_05088 NCTC9044_01984 NCTC9045_05866 NCTC9075_06811 NCTC9077_06282 NCTC9111_05234 NCTC9777_01408 ND22_002720 RG28_23955 SAMEA3472044_00557 SAMEA3472067_04039 SAMEA3472080_03401 SAMEA3472147_03715 SAMEA3751407_02378 SAMEA3752557_01236 SAMEA3753106_03214 WP2S18E08_47930] Bifunctional protein GlmU [Includes: UDP-N-acetylglucosamine pyrophosphorylase (EC (N-acetylglucosamine-1-phosphate uridyltransferase); Glucosamine-1-phosphate N-acetyltransferase (EC]
[hchA AT845_003071 AWP93_22145 BF481_000399 BG944_002806 BGZ_01653 BGZ_04145 BJJ90_15205 BMT49_12710 BMT50_21300 BON65_01250 BON66_15955 BON67_11555 BON86_06490 BON93_14110 BON95_14610 BON97_23335 BvCmsKKP061_00566 BZL69_29425 C2U48_24800 C3F40_00665 C5N07_21380 C5Y87_06915 CDC27_10055 CDL37_00765 CG831_003889 COD53_23025 CQP61_17160 CY655_12940 D9D43_06110 D9D77_14400 DAH17_23230 DAH22_22485 DAH29_23605 DEN89_24995 DEN90_23875 DEO02_17600 DEO03_08620 DEO04_05510 DEO05_05505 DEO06_01005 DEO07_02025 DEO08_09000 DEO09_03960 DEO10_07410 DEO11_07425 DEO18_01890 DTL43_21780 DTM16_02115 DU321_04440 DXT73_20690 E2122_08440 E2131_04380 E2134_24005 E2135_17195 E3N34_18700 E5P22_21380 E5P24_13240 E5P25_20425 E5P31_18245 E5P32_19190 E5P40_15635 E5S34_18005 E5S37_17260 E5S39_03845 E5S44_02160 E5S46_06650 E5S62_15980 EAX79_27320 EBP16_01985 EC95NR1_00961 ED648_25045 EHD79_18540 ELT20_21515 ELT51_04185 ELV08_24970 ELX48_22975 ELX69_01215 ELY36_22045 ExPECSC038_01920 F7F11_20115 F9S83_26095 FDM60_13375 FOI11_003080 FOI11_16965 FQ007_14265 FWK02_18105 G3813_000471 GQE64_12165 GQM04_17335 GQW80_12220 GRW05_22880 GRW57_10520 GTP88_06910 GUB08_10670 GUC01_04925 H0O72_18450 HHH44_001696 HI055_003004 HJQ60_001626 HKA49_000011 HLZ50_02125 HMV95_17840 HVW19_05420 HVW43_01085 HVX16_09450 HVY77_10520 I6H02_04490 J5U05_003154 JFD_00093 JNP96_16515 NCTC10082_04431 NCTC10418_03071 NCTC10767_03558 NCTC10974_02300 NCTC11126_04427 NCTC11181_05650 NCTC12950_02263 NCTC13216_04667 NCTC8333_02377 NCTC8985_00529 NCTC9111_05933 PGD_01271 SAMEA3472056_01268 SAMEA3472080_04213 SAMEA3753106_00003 WP4S18E07_18560] Protein/nucleic acid deglycase HchA (EC 3.1.2.-) (EC (Maillard deglycase)
[nnr nnrD nnrE AT845_002687 AWP93_07815 BHS81_24940 BO068_002524 BON73_07500 BON74_00940 BON75_25135 BON77_18265 BON80_13770 BON89_08640 BON97_20565 C9114_00800 C9160_20005 CG692_00180 CWS33_03515 D3Y67_00680 D9H94_06330 DAH20_11835 DAH29_21690 DAH30_09295 DAH31_14645 DAH34_17710 DAH37_06235 DEN87_06630 DEN89_23315 DEN90_21970 DEO01_17930 DEO04_15015 DEO05_14875 DEO06_20620 DEO07_22670 DEO08_18720 DEO09_14740 DEO10_15650 DEO11_15530 DXT70_06825 E0I42_01095 E2119_06500 E5P22_06605 E5P23_06325 E5P30_20115 E5P31_11135 E5P32_03515 E5P35_07520 E5P36_11230 E5P40_12845 E5P51_10250 E5S34_00810 E5S36_08615 E5S37_06545 E5S42_20000 E5S48_04855 E5S51_06700 E5S53_13345 E5S54_18565 E5S55_12310 E5S56_11810 E5S57_12435 EAI46_08330 EI021_09655 EL79_4176 EL80_4091 ELT20_09170 ELX85_01480 ELY39_09655 F0L67_00935 F2N31_20190 F9V24_16445 FDM60_09955 FV293_00830 G5632_13635 GF699_22805 GKF89_03420 GQE64_09140 GQF59_13930 GRW05_08900 GRW57_11930 GRW81_08375 HHH44_002343 HVY77_23140 HX136_22720 IH768_00180 IH772_04680 J0541_002330 JNP96_03010] Bifunctional NAD(P)H-hydrate repair enzyme (Nicotinamide nucleotide repair protein) [Includes: ADP-dependent (S)-NAD(P)H-hydrate dehydratase (EC (ADP-dependent NAD(P)HX dehydratase); NAD(P)H-hydrate epimerase (EC]
[yjeF nnr nnrD nnrE A9X72_22835 ABE90_022895 BG944_000824 BN17_41441 BOH76_10905 BON64_04925 BON67_22970 BON72_19710 BON76_04155 BON93_15475 BON95_14955 BTQ06_07255 BVL39_04290 C5N07_07145 CA593_04975 CCS08_01810 CO706_20770 CR538_23135 D0X26_12915 D9D77_08770 DAH18_07435 DAH22_18625 DAH27_21445 DAH28_22090 DAH32_17635 DAH35_07410 DAH41_16540 DEN91_06300 DEN92_19515 DEN95_17315 DEN96_13025 DEN97_13975 DEN98_12620 DEN99_15960 DEO00_13430 DEO02_11995 DEO03_17930 DEO12_23680 DEO13_05810 DEO14_03155 DEO15_07840 DEO19_11825 DEO20_13735 DIV22_15595 DRW19_23395 DS732_02620 E2117_17130 E4K51_09050 E5M02_02330 E5P33_08500 E5S35_05440 E5S38_10420 E5S43_14895 E5S44_05060 E5S52_05120 EAN77_04060 EAX79_02935 EHD79_20055 EHH55_18965 EKI52_12685 ELT41_02250 ELX66_15390 ELY02_17200 EYV17_07320 EYV18_13035 FQ007_16495 G9448_12220 GNZ05_12065 GP662_06490 GP946_15695 GUC01_09020 HKA49_000845 HMV95_06740 HV209_19995 HVW19_13030 IAI11_20905 JE86ST02C_47430 ND22_003126] Bifunctional NAD(P)H-hydrate repair enzyme (Nicotinamide nucleotide repair protein) [Includes: ADP-dependent (S)-NAD(P)H-hydrate dehydratase (EC (ADP-dependent NAD(P)HX dehydratase); NAD(P)H-hydrate epimerase (EC]
[DNAJA3 HCA57 TID1] DnaJ homolog subfamily A member 3, mitochondrial (DnaJ protein Tid-1) (hTid-1) (Hepatocellular carcinoma-associated antigen 57) (Tumorous imaginal discs protein Tid56 homolog)
[Rad51 Rad51a Reca] DNA repair protein RAD51 homolog 1 (RAD51 homolog A)
[nnr nnrD nnrE A3104_11915 A3S30_19665 A3T81_21675 A3U32_23435 A3V03_21575 A3V89_22115 A3W57_22140 A3X15_22160 A3X55_21685 A3Y76_14605 A4N07_22285 A4O05_13700 A4O41_05265 A4R48_22080 A9U69_22255 AAA76_20340 AAB27_18985 AAB79_03070 AAC35_06000 ADQ28_23005 AF497_21520 AGM99_01505 AHN93_01515 AIT36_20875 AKH62_11790 AL144_04480 AL168_02095 AL184_03665 AQ530_03515 AU613_19740 AVA38_18590 AVC05_01495 AVL16_22555 AWT30_09535 AXX99_06020 B1265_01505 B1398_16630 B1642_23230 B1P38_04920 B2E31_03355 B4V59_03840 B4W90_14915 B6362_05595 B7Q27_01505 B8Y16_05865 B8Z46_22290 B9C90_07460 B9C96_05405 B9M14_07545 B9O84_03660 BBQ66_05585 BG493_20945 BIC00_08330 BIC13_14510 BK110_09575 BKM50_11315 BMS46_01505 BMU56_09035 BZ203_06955 BZZ88_08070 C5W43_08230 CA117_06625 CAC56_20550 CAC59_21105 CB102_00985 CB119_00985 CB198_09030 CB380_07720 CB535_06910 CB570_00990 CB646_05015 CBM67_21760 CBM76_21380 CBZ90_21695 CC339_04035 CC403_03335 CC453_02040 CC652_09145 CC971_07405 CCP17_01500 CDZ72_03200 CE70_13525 CED07_02655 CEQ70_07505 CFF58_07550 CFF59_07100 CHN22_19910 CIX60_07020 CPS79_03750 CQO33_04955 CSG22_03545 CVR97_09130 D4361_14445 D4387_09005 D4422_03410 D5823_20700 D5N86_01575 D5N95_09780 D5O82_05670 D5P17_06815 D5X47_11065 D5Y28_07745 D6422_22155 D6J79_11255 D8S24_10700 DD95_00965 DLB93_10975 DLR28_11595 DMI89_05845 DMO92_10880 DN165_10610 DNB97_07755 DNM27_05145 DNZ37_05180 DO533_23225 DP680_10960 DPB42_02650 DPD91_03510 DPF41_01580 DPF68_05705 DPS76_03370 DQD22_12500 DQR44_06210 DRM14_08770 DRT38_04095 DRT61_07200 DRV05_05125 DSF94_09655 DSG41_17540 DTF68_08880 DU071_23815 DU223_08415 DU657_03970 DU879_06050 DUV75_11535 DWU22_16565 DY580_23265 DYM27_14705 E0935_23310 E1A11_11805 E6W45_09715 EBD14_10340 EBK21_08710 EC404_02370 EEQ30_18160 EER35_22295 EHB09_20270 EL822_04855 ELS01_25275 EPB30_12745 EQG93_06630 EVY71_20440 EW905_04205 F0D96_20705 F2P00_23020 F3Q97_10065 F3R12_05435 F9G02_04855 F9O44_00990 FEM52_07875 FGZ46_01505 FJM64_10520 FQC24_12860 FQX78_09970 G0038_10260 G0040_04475 G0042_07685 G0045_12485 G0047_13855 G0048_12905 G0051_11450 G0052_23590 G0059_11030 G0061_11920 G0062_12500 G0063_16275 G0067_13985 G0069_12775 G0070_08950 G0071_12535 G0072_10310 G0074_12900 G0076_15880 G0077_12835 G0080_14965 G0084_15965 G0086_13840 G0087_12905 G0088_11920 G0089_06320 G0090_22420 G0094_13250 G0100_12665 G0101_09385 G0102_12000 G0111_21240 G0113_13510 G0117_14430 G0123_12905 G0124_09920 G0148_23065 G0157_12325 G0170_23555 G0A05_04765 G0A32_05580 G0A39_06255 G0A43_05040 G0A44_08470 G0A46_12965 G0A50_23545 G0A51_09275 G0A52_05740 G0A53_07565 G0A56_07500 G0A58_07465 G0A60_17995 G0A61_07660 G0A63_04815 G0A66_08960 G0A67_07200 G0A68_05690 G0A70_08885 G0A73_09480 G0A76_08590 G0A79_21840 G0A92_10225 G0A96_08865 G0A97_09115 G0B03_12655 G0B05_09390 G0B07_10975 G0B08_22950 G0B12_10720 G0B96_04785 G0C03_12575 G0C04_15660 G0C34_07535 G0E15_19110 G0E20_06140 G0G84_16105 G0J24_13730 G0J26_12305 G0J27_07115 G0J28_11980 G0J31_06745 G0J33_11145 G0J34_13415 G0J36_08765 G0J37_20200 G0J40_10310 G0J43_01545 G0J44_20410 G0J45_08730 G0J46_15460 G0J47_19830 G0J49_09500 G0J50_01555 G0J51_10340 G0J53_08850 G0J55_19430 G0J58_22670 G0J59_05635 G0J62_17815 G0J65_08725 G0J66_21925 G0J67_22665 G0J69_22465 G0J71_22025 G0J73_03995 G0J76_22400 G0J79_23305 G0J81_19270 G0J82_03865 G0J85_22590 G0J89_01555 G0J92_05645 G0J94_04410 G0J96_06855 G0J97_18065 G0K00_04765 G0K02_10715 G0K03_10995 G0K04_02780 G0K05_22985 G0K07_22440 G0K10_01565 G0K13_11525 G0K15_08960 G0K16_08385 G0K18_04715 G0K19_01430 G0K20_20560 G0K23_09085 G0K25_22280 G0K26_23210 G0K28_09270 G0K30_24080 G0K31_21360 G0K32_21370 G0K33_22125 G0K37_22810 G0K38_06715 G0K39_19020 G0K41_13810 G0K42_10880 G0K44_22730 G0K46_22315 G0K47_08680 G0K48_01555 G0K49_05675 G0K52_04405 G0K53_04950 G0K56_04645 G0K58_19550 G0K59_01555 G0K61_05520 G0K65_10910 G0K68_01545 G0K70_23295 G0K72_19895 G0K74_23665 G0K75_23255 G0K78_05095 G0K80_01550 G0K83_07510 G0K84_09810 G0K85_01555 G0K88_000683 G0K89_000568 G0K90_000508 G0K95_003755 G0L00_001859 G0L02_000638 G0L03_05870 G0L06_06150 G0L07_08375 G0L10_19990 G0L14_06770 G0L15_02230 G0L18_05635 G0L19_08200 G0L20_14575 G0L24_07325 G0L25_04935 G0L29_02685 G0L31_03775 G0L32_04710 G0L34_14860 G0L35_12865 G0L36_13035 G0L37_07105 G0L38_11275 G0L40_12750 G0L42_10750 G0L48_09545 G0L49_06730 G0L51_08560 G0L52_09595 G0L55_08545 G0L59_07010 G0L62_08790 G0L63_08395 G0L65_11350 G0L67_07070 G0L68_21135 G0L70_01495 G0L73_21325 G0L76_10450 G0L77_03505 G0L78_05795 G0L79_07425 G0L83_10615 G0L86_001595 G0L88_06510 G0L89_08150 G0L91_03255 G0L93_04345 G0L96_08625 G0L98_04340 G0M00_03415 G0M02_06865 G0M05_13160 G0M06_001385 G0M13_001162 G0M14_16700 G0M16_07260 G0M18_003813 G0M21_02335 G0M22_001379 G0M25_001199 G0M26_21090 G0M29_001394 G0M30_19890 G0M33_23770 G0M35_21125 G0M36_15025 G0M38_15125 G0M39_17915 G0M41_17560 G0M45_03860 G0M46_001382 G0M48_003206 G0M53_18855 G0M55_07255 G0M56_08145 G0M58_08160 G0M63_07175 G0M65_06665 G0M67_08355 G0N45_22995 G0N48_14040 G0N51_03825 G0N53_22980 G0N55_11400 G0N57_00010 G0N58_23005 G0N59_23010 G0N60_23095 G0N61_09375 G0N62_22990 G0N64_11025 G0N65_22930 G0N66_23085 G0N67_23065 G0N71_04780 G0N75_16110 G0N78_21895 G0N82_10545 G0N84_15350 G0N85_24040 G0N86_23095 G0N88_10630 G0N89_10800 G0N90_22705 G0N92_17760 G0N94_20330 G0N95_23625 G0N98_20980 G0N99_05765 G0O00_05695 G0O10_23100 G0O14_22860 G0O15_07010 G0O18_13745 G0O19_12975 G0O20_05410 G0O22_22985 G0O25_22615 G0O27_09925 G0O31_10850 G0O32_22285 G0O36_10155 G0O37_07040 G0O39_16130 G0O40_13640 G0O41_10340 G0O42_04595 G0O43_15605 G0O44_11700 G0O47_09535 G0O52_22165 G0O55_11440 G0O57_04595 G0O58_14540 G0O59_06805 G0O60_22680 G0O63_06090 G0O66_07220 G0O68_10375 G0O70_11530 G0O71_09735 G0O74_04410 G0O75_09695 G0O77_22825 G0O78_09545 G0O80_11320 G0O81_07145 G0O82_16905 G0O84_11320 G0O85_15450 G0O86_04490 G0O87_13110 G0O88_07290 G0O89_16570 G0O92_14075 G0O93_16785 G0O94_04825 G0O97_23030 G0O99_03030 G0P00_05830 G0P01_06470 G0P02_09955 G0P05_04495 G0P06_22950 G0P08_07305 G0P12_03840 G0P13_16225 G0P17_10905 G0P18_15755 G0P19_12705 G0P24_08485 G0P26_09735 G0P28_11835 G0P30_09670 G0P31_13405 G0P36_11580 G0P37_07140 G0P41_06990 G0P44_09010 G0P45_10700 G0P48_10900 G0P49_04240 G0P52_08565 G0P53_13455 G0P56_10915 G0P57_09940 G0P58_22400 G0P63_18010 G0P65_10045 G0P67_06260 G0P68_03795 G0P69_22335 G0P73_18280 G0P75_23960 G0P76_04350 G1N61_10720 G1N64_12415 G1N66_12405 G1N68_12100 G1N71_13250 G1N72_12410 G1N86_13550 G1N87_12430 G1N91_14270 G1O00_12660 G1O02_13555 G1O04_12420 G1O05_12405 G1O08_13535 G1O10_12410 G1O12_13560 G1O16_13555 G1O17_12180 G1O18_13555 G1O20_13550 G1O23_12420 G1O25_13545 G1O26_13550 G1O27_12485 G1O28_13315 G1O29_12480 G1O32_13540 G1O34_13620 G1O38_13960 G1O40_13560 G1O43_13545 G1O46_12060 G1O48_13325 G1O49_12535 G1O51_13550 G1O53_13615 G1O62_13555 G1O63_13540 G1O65_13325 G1O67_12870 G1O68_11720 G1O69_13110 G1O71_13105 G1O72_11855 G1O76_13635 G1O77_13550 G1O80_13640 G1O81_12410 G1O83_12005 G1O84_13630 G1O87_13635 G1O88_13625 G1O89_13560 G1O90_13630 G1O93_13625 G1O94_13620 G1O96_13625 G1P02_13620 G1P03_13280 G1P06_13300 G1P09_12575 G1P10_13575 G1P12_13625 G1P14_10175 G1P15_13970 G1P17_13640 G1P19_13625 G1P23_13630 G1P24_13545 G1P25_11855 G1P26_13545 G1P29_13260 G1P31_13615 G1P35_13550 G1P36_13545 G1P37_13205 G1P40_12430 G1P44_13550 G1P45_13630 G1P47_12485 G1P48_13630 G1P51_13630 G1P52_13205 G1P53_13205 G1P54_13640 G1P55_13320 G1P56_13610 G1P57_10720 G1P58_13620 G1P59_13635 G1P61_23980 G1P64_13325 G1P67_13625 G1P69_13540 G1P72_12515 G1P75_13570 G1P76_13215 G1P78_12495 G1P83_12225 G1P84_13555 G1P87_13625 G1P90_13360 G1P91_13620 G1Q03_13235 G1Q08_12720 G1Q67_13630 G1Q78_09875 G1Q81_11340 G1Q83_12495 G1Q84_08650 G1Q85_11365 G1Q86_11715 G1Q88_11725 G1Q90_12170 G1Q91_12420 G1Q93_09170 G1Q96_12385 G1Q98_11910 G1Q99_22335 G1R01_13545 G1R02_12655 G1R03_13625 G1R04_13570 G1R08_09245 G1R13_11975 G1R15_09440 G1R20_14345 G1R21_11475 G1R22_11285 G1R23_08760 G1R27_12005 G1R28_13075 G1R29_13635 G1R30_13320 G1R31_12250 G1R36_13635 G1R38_18180 G1R40_12255 G1R42_13550 G1R44_13315 G1R45_09940 G1R47_12850 G1R48_06440 G1R51_12400 G1R53_13630 G1R63_13630 G1R69_09725 G1R87_11980 G1R93_13230 G1S02_12495 G2203_22150 G2212_02390 G2218_05480 G2279_10500 G2290_05710 G2793_13060 G2918_01515 G2951_22815 G3221_001120 G3230_002225 G3231_004971 G3247_000621 G3248_004290 G3254_000657 G3263_001003 G3270_000223 G3275_001976 G3312_001342 G3336_003846 G3357_000830 G3369_001554 G3433_000423 G3460_002051 G3464_000047 G3593_001051 G3A35_04535 G3V06_004409 G3V14_001761 G3V17_001609 G3V21_004148 G3V56_001941 G3V57_003126 G3X03_004298 G4189_001618 G4190_004249 G4192_004192 G4198_004562 G4201_003798 G4202_000501 G4A01_003580 G4A73_001420 G4A83_004704 G4A85_001081 G4A87_001998 G4B68_002875 G4B72_004591 G4B74_004402 G4C74_001467 G4D32_001167 G4D46_001331 G4F88_03160 G4F89_21210 G4F91_20865 G4F92_03160 G4G47_000304 G4G62_000179 G4G67_004715 G4G68_000780 G4G75_001230 G4G76_001971 G4G79_000501 G4G97_000963 G4H00_001841 G4H04_001859 G4H07_000277 G4H08_000970 G4H18_001970 G4H21_002013 G4H24_001959 G4H63_001799 G4I66_002109 G4J07_003114 G4J08_001003 G4J11_003314 G4J12_003592 G4J18_002204 G4J20_000694 G4J37_001805 G4J39_003834 G4J41_001252 G4J45_004787 G4J90_001032 G4K02_004567 G4K03_004658 G4O54_001852 G4O56_000652 G4O59_004375 G4O60_004588 G4O67_004614 G4O69_001138 G4P29_002660 G4P83_002002 G4P85_001270 G4P89_000745 G4P91_004289 G4P93_000925 G4Q12_001216 G4Q28_001959 G4Q31_001958 G4Q50_001423 G4Q52_001423 G4Q59_000925 G4Q60_001509 G4Q63_001410 G4Q67_000417 G4Q94_000976 G4R01_002882 G4R02_000925 G4R15_001414 G4R16_001699 G4W68_001327 G4W73_003000 G4W86_001855 G4W87_002248 G4W88_003688 G4W91_000984 G4Y10_001706 G9269_001321 G9302_002068 G9304_000623 G9305_000797 G9309_000779 G9313_001438 G9314_004671 G9367_002779 G9381_001217 G9C24_000440 G9C41_004428 G9C46_004336 G9C47_004352 G9C49_004415 G9C57_002249 G9C64_001580 G9G03_000673 G9G04_001975 G9G34_002649 G9G36_001047 G9G45_002358 G9G50_004591 G9G62_003596 G9W19_000375 G9W28_000842 G9W45_004104 G9W52_000348 G9W63_004309 G9W65_001966 G9W79_001611 G9W95_001967 G9W96_001102 G9X40_004481 GB021_08410 GB040_02730 GB055_01495 GB076_03915 GB106_04175 GB114_03815 GB120_06665 GB122_01510 GB131_04255 GB139_07780 GB171_05240 GB209_06680 GB221_02485 GB224_18770 GB238_04475 GB280_15095 GB321_14890 GB331_05905 GB339_01505 GB342_22590 GB368_02475 GB372_02445 GB416_20360 GB452_19400 GB459_04825 GB466_07010 GB505_01510 GB510_08155 GB551_22950 GB567_07675 GB645_04690 GBS44_18590 GBS58_08845 GBV53_08360 GBV54_07315 GBV60_03815 GBW03_05075 GBW44_01505 GBW52_23040 GBW76_04840 GBX12_03395 GBX20_03490 GBX46_04595 GBX55_05300 GBX64_06335 GBY13_09745 GBY23_03830 GBY73_10270 GBZ51_12095 GBZ55_06105 GCZ80_05780 GEZ01_12305 GJE27_23785 GJE28_09790 GNA88_000904 GNA97_000970 GNA99_000904 GNB28_004056 GNB36_002380 GNB86_002038 GNC11_002712 GNC19_000953 GNC45_001979 GNC75_001243 GNC95_002115 GND07_000714 GT380_09345 GTH60_13735 GTH62_10815 GTH63_22565 GTH66_18970 GTH67_23365 GTH68_14080 GTH70_07920 GTH72_05435 GTH73_08455 GTH75_09290 GTH78_07295 GTH79_20650 GTH81_19855 GTH85_10175 GTH87_13350 GTH89_08935 GTH90_17910 GTH91_11235 GTH93_14555 GTH94_11265 GTH99_14850 GXC51_01500 GXC56_01500 GXG40_01500 GYI58_05740 GYI62_001805 GYI77_07850 GYJ04_14695 GYJ24_08660 GYJ27_23070 GYJ28_003286 GYJ30_22330 GYJ32_15480 GYJ53_13635 GYJ59_07255 GYJ60_13615 H8S97_22220 JJB80_21910 JJB81_21905 KP44_01505 NG06_15025 R035_14735 Z700_13005 ZV33_21500 ZX03_19885 ZY40_08180] Bifunctional NAD(P)H-hydrate repair enzyme (Nicotinamide nucleotide repair protein) [Includes: ADP-dependent (S)-NAD(P)H-hydrate dehydratase (EC (ADP-dependent NAD(P)HX dehydratase); NAD(P)H-hydrate epimerase (EC]
[RAD54 YGL163C G1821] DNA repair and recombination protein RAD54 (EC
[b3052 gmhC hldE rfaE A5U30_002426 A6592_00435 A8499_004193 A9X72_03605 ABE90_004295 ACN68_04475 ACN81_21385 ACU57_23480 AM464_07540 AT845_002832 AW119_02285 AWP93_01160 AWP93_07015 B6R12_001743 B6R15_001369 B6R31_004436 B6R48_003730 B6R87_003502 BANRA_01667 BANRA_04061 BANRA_04214 BEA19_05435 BGZ_02874 BHS81_18445 BIZ41_23270 BJI68_02760 BJJ90_03475 BK292_10940 BK383_02355 BMC79_003302 BMT50_13565 BMT91_14515 BN17_29871 BO068_000259 BOH76_02100 BON63_14995 BON64_11190 BON65_07115 BON66_17425 BON68_14980 BON69_18195 BON70_12305 BON71_07390 BON72_17905 BON73_21350 BON74_12640 BON75_07730 BON76_06300 BON77_07240 BON80_08100 BON81_14210 BON82_04685 BON83_08445 BON86_00820 BON87_14440 BON89_04085 BON92_11755 BON93_10405 BON94_07030 BON95_22825 BON96_07095 BON97_12075 BON98_15280 BR158_000026 BTQ06_15530 BvCmsF30A_01971 BvCmsHHP019_01711 BvCmsKKP036_00378 BvCmsKKP061_04109 BvCmsKSNP073_03515 BvCmsNSP072_04206 BVL39_10905 BXT93_07190 BZL69_23340 C5N07_15975 C5Y87_01205 C9114_14300 C9160_03060 CCS08_11215 CDC27_16340 CDL36_05335 CDL37_11480 CG692_21075 CG831_003288 CIG67_19675 CO706_13870 COD53_20690 CQP61_04570 CR538_03840 CR539_20305 CV83915_03111 CWS33_20110 CXJ73_000406 CY655_19935 D0X26_08365 D3822_05240 D3G36_15550 D3Y67_11715 D4U49_07480 D9D43_19320 D9D77_02600 D9E34_06640 D9E49_21700 D9H94_02300 D9J03_01885 DAH17_01075 DAH18_13185 DAH19_04295 DAH20_19565 DAH21_04840 DAH22_06880 DAH27_07680 DAH28_06865 DAH29_12120 DAH30_21210 DAH31_11770 DAH32_07290 DAH33_10275 DAH34_15480 DAH35_12130 DAH36_03390 DAH37_03420 DAH38_11120 DAH40_05020 DAH41_05990 DAH50_01570 DD762_05785 DEN87_13815 DEN88_07955 DEN89_08630 DEN90_05575 DEN91_21240 DEN92_07425 DEN93_04450 DEN94_06305 DEN95_07480 DEN96_10545 DEN97_12300 DEN98_09060 DEN99_11955 DEO00_10295 DEO01_00240 DEO02_03455 DEO03_12220 DEO04_12685 DEO05_12545 DEO06_11930 DEO07_13950 DEO08_09950 DEO09_12360 DEO10_13325 DEO11_13205 DEO12_06440 DEO13_07265 DEO14_06290 DEO15_04270 DEO17_07685 DEO18_11755 DEO19_05655 DEO20_06880 DIV22_09915 DKP82_01250 DM870_09575 DN627_00600 DNX30_09775 DRW19_00520 DS732_22855 DTL43_13480 DTL90_11845 DTM16_01150 DXT69_14985 DXT70_07820 DXT71_22640 DXT73_08600 E0I42_16350 E2112_15765 E2113_10780 E2114_12140 E2115_13475 E2116_13640 E2117_14070 E2118_21850 E2119_19800 E2120_13370 E2121_06635 E2122_14795 E2123_08510 E2124_21715 E2125_12545 E2127_16855 E2128_15000 E2129_17870 E2130_12135 E2131_17805 E2132_16975 E2133_14380 E2134_13310 E2135_17825 E2136_08810 E2646_13760 E4K51_04810 E4T14_12400 E5M02_12435 E5P22_12945 E5P23_13795 E5P24_07490 E5P25_03145 E5P26_20290 E5P27_10620 E5P28_13790 E5P29_16490 E5P30_04020 E5P31_10810 E5P32_02610 E5P33_14190 E5P35_07270 E5P36_08940 E5P37_13805 E5P39_11415 E5P40_04875 E5P41_06730 E5P42_03150 E5P43_10850 E5P44_10890 E5P45_09845 E5P46_09185 E5P47_11760 E5P48_06685 E5P49_13030 E5P50_13470 E5P51_08695 E5P52_08410 E5S34_14925 E5S35_12500 E5S36_06625 E5S37_11435 E5S38_15425 E5S39_12880 E5S42_11295 E5S43_12630 E5S44_12635 E5S45_11080 E5S46_03675 E5S47_03480 E5S48_11185 E5S52_13300 E5S53_13085 E5S54_08330 E5S55_11680 E5S57_01895 E5S58_02265 E5S59_01375 E5S62_00025 EAX79_10120 EC1094V2_602 EC3234A_51c01050 EC95NR1_02428 ED648_05065 EHD79_08435 EHH55_23635 EI021_21265 EIZ93_03445 EKI52_18965 EL79_0656 EL80_0649 ELT20_05740 ELT21_11885 ELT26_00495 ELT27_12750 ELT28_17550 ELT31_13705 ELT41_14540 ELT49_09375 ELT50_12240 ELT51_13035 ELT52_14805 ELT56_09965 ELT58_01120 ELU85_07620 ELU95_11595 ELU99_04705 ELV05_21215 ELV08_02295 ELV09_08975 ELV15_09140 ELV21_12175 ELV26_06395 ELV28_10035 ELV40_05150 ELX48_21325 ELX66_02545 ELX69_05765 ELX76_17125 ELX85_12090 ELX96_08995 ELY02_13410 ELY05_13320 ELY31_20970 ELY32_06075 ELY39_01720 ELY41_16305 ELY48_00505 ERS085406_03234 ERS139208_02090 EVY14_08085 ExPECSC038_02566 EXX13_07800 EYV17_18710 EYV18_05895 EYX47_17825 EYY21_07750 F0L67_15055 F2N31_04000 F3N40_23630 F9S76_02475 F9S83_18115 F9V24_08915 FDM60_12680 FFF58_12750 FGG80_20215 FJQ51_18950 FKO60_05555 FOI11_020490 FOI11_02690 FQ007_19520 FQF29_00560 FTV90_24955 FTV92_21940 FV293_12490 G3813_002587 G4A38_08965 G9448_18305 GAJ26_00705 GF699_06330 GFY34_05585 GIB53_00025 GJ11_20025 GKF86_21680 GKF89_10355 GKG12_09255 GNO40_18230 GNZ05_17865 GP650_03495 GP662_09090 GP946_07950 GP979_05015 GQE64_17735 GQF59_09930 GQM04_04720 GQM09_03340 GQM13_08735 GQW07_17860 GQW68_18095 GRO95_17590 GRW57_20255 GRW81_06010 GSY44_06790 GUB08_01065 GUB92_11820 GUC01_10780 H0O72_14275 H6Y26_000125 HHH44_002430 HIE29_003352 HJQ60_001961 HJU54_000209 HLV18_02295 HLZ50_04785 HMU48_02465 HMV95_05875 HNC36_03630 HNC59_18495 HNC66_01060 HNC99_14510 HV109_03430 HV209_15945 HVV39_07820 HVW19_11440 HVW43_20120 HVX16_03675 HVZ71_03840 HX136_02965 I6H02_10830 IA00_001082 IAI11_08910 IFB95_002425 IH768_09810 IH772_11655 J0541_001173 J4S20_001734 J5U05_000212 JE86ST02C_35340 JE86ST05C_35380 JFD_01358 JNP96_24055 NCTC10082_03101 NCTC10089_00754 NCTC10764_04134 NCTC10865_00971 NCTC10958_00426 NCTC11112_00689 NCTC11181_02981 NCTC11341_01577 NCTC12950_00740 NCTC13148_03076 NCTC13216_01096 NCTC8008_05092 NCTC8179_06244 NCTC8333_00782 NCTC8622_07744 NCTC8959_03025 NCTC8960_03387 NCTC9036_00803 NCTC9037_00914 NCTC9045_00858 NCTC9073_05371 NCTC9077_00928 NCTC9111_01145 NCTC9706_02997 ND22_002328 PGD_04060 RG28_20105 SAMEA3472044_01817 SAMEA3472056_04213 SAMEA3472067_02670 SAMEA3472080_00829 SAMEA3472147_03836 SAMEA3751407_00663 SAMEA3752557_02675 SAMEA3753106_03265 TUM18780_06640 WP2S18E08_07310 WP4S18E07_06710 WR15_04710] Bifunctional protein HldE [Includes: D-beta-D-heptose 7-phosphate kinase (EC (D-beta-D-heptose 7-phosphotransferase) (D-glycero-beta-D-manno-heptose-7-phosphate kinase); D-beta-D-heptose 1-phosphate adenylyltransferase (EC (D-glycero-beta-D-manno-heptose 1-phosphate adenylyltransferase)]
[PIF1 C15orf20] ATP-dependent DNA helicase PIF1 (EC (DNA repair and recombination helicase PIF1) (PIF1/RRM3 DNA helicase-like protein)
[PIF1 TST1 YML061C YM9958.01C] ATP-dependent DNA helicase PIF1 (EC (DNA repair and recombination helicase PIF1) (Petite integration frequency protein 1) (Telomere stability protein 1)
[XRCC6 G22P1] X-ray repair cross-complementing protein 6 (EC 3.6.4.-) (EC 4.2.99.-) (5'-deoxyribose-5-phosphate lyase Ku70) (5'-dRP lyase Ku70) (70 kDa subunit of Ku antigen) (ATP-dependent DNA helicase 2 subunit 1) (ATP-dependent DNA helicase II 70 kDa subunit) (CTC box-binding factor 75 kDa subunit) (CTC75) (CTCBF) (DNA repair protein XRCC6) (Lupus Ku autoantigen protein p70) (Ku70) (Thyroid-lupus autoantigen) (TLAA) (X-ray repair complementing defective repair in Chinese hamster cells 6)
[Pif1] ATP-dependent DNA helicase PIF1 (EC (DNA repair and recombination helicase PIF1) (Pif1/Rrm3 DNA helicase-like protein)
[RAD51 RAD51A RECA] DNA repair protein RAD51 homolog 1 (HsRAD51) (hRAD51) (RAD51 homolog A)
[Rad51c Rad51l2] DNA repair protein RAD51 homolog 3 (R51H3) (RAD51 homolog C) (RAD51-like protein 2)
[hchA A9819_11910 ACN81_03425 AW119_21570 BANRA_00433 BANRA_02614 BMT91_24760 BO068_001142 BON76_21885 BON89_16335 BON98_16880 CR538_10415 D3Y67_22910 DAH50_06715 DN627_18690 DXT70_12900 E5S51_21345 EC3234A_36c00010 EHH55_07135 ELX85_07635 F3N40_19600 F9B07_15220 FFF58_02885 FV293_07100 GKE84_16695 GKF86_23585 GKF89_24720 GKG12_21690 GNO40_22880 GP650_12530 GP662_07780 GP954_23930 HJU54_002786 HNC59_21295 HNC66_16895 HNC99_19830 HV109_09045 HX136_09920 IH772_20585 J0541_004615 NCTC8500_02249 NCTC9037_02122 NCTC9117_02637 SAMEA3752557_05476] Protein/nucleic acid deglycase HchA (EC 3.1.2.-) (EC (Maillard deglycase)
[gpt gpt_1 gpt_2 A6592_07875 A9819_01270 AAG43_004239 AAG43_005411 ABE90_006325 ACN68_09550 ACN81_04985 ACU57_05530 AM464_18035 APX88_11795 AT335_003048 AT845_003198 AT845_005512 AW118_21310 AW119_11590 AWP47_15120 B6R12_004911 B6R12_005510 B6R15_003943 B6R15_005477 B6R31_003732 B6R31_005429 B6R48_001980 B6R48_005469 B6R87_003582 B6R87_005435 BANRA_00738 BANRA_03434 BEA19_08880 BER14_12690 BF481_002886 BF481_005593 BFL24_01425 BG944_001070 BG944_005649 BGZ_00423 BGZ_01073 BHS81_01365 BIZ41_25355 BK292_26975 BK383_27375 BMC79_003367 BMC79_005386 BMT50_03530 BMT91_15840 BO068_003624 BO068_005440 BOH76_06515 BON63_03345 BON64_04245 BON65_03985 BON67_26590 BON69_12250 BON70_24235 BON71_19305 BON73_19520 BON74_04090 BON77_23545 BON80_01420 BON81_12410 BON82_11590 BON83_19950 BON86_17080 BON87_16065 BON89_23580 BON92_10240 BON93_03410 BON95_07500 BON96_23095 BON97_03360 BON98_17060 BSR05_12990 BTQ06_22075 BvCmsF30A_04553 BvCmsHHP056_02076 BvCmsKKP036_04089 BvCmsKKP061_04508 BvCmsKSNP073_03786 BvCmsNSP072_02750 BVL39_01690 BXT93_00225 BZL69_23795 C2121_000927 C2121_005342 C2M16_01965 C2U48_09075 C3F40_11905 C5N07_13760 C5Y87_25405 C9114_26985 C9160_01185 C9E67_24700 C9Z68_09975 CA593_02395 CDC27_25030 CDL36_19375 CDL37_13510 CG692_23500 CG831_002737 CG831_004490 CIG67_04705 CO706_23540 COD53_16880 CQB02_19385 CQP61_21535 CR539_05390 CSE52_000520 CSE52_004433 CWS33_23735 CXJ73_004500 CXJ73_006184 CY655_01370 D0X26_15070 D1H34_003968 D1H34_005484 D3822_06565 D3Y67_06595 D9D43_12910 D9D43_30910 D9D77_23085 D9D77_29005 D9E34_23825 D9E34_29905 D9H94_21005 D9H94_27450 D9J03_14485 D9J03_27980 DAH17_17335 DAH18_18315 DAH20_22850 DAH21_08800 DAH22_20755 DAH23_21675 DAH24_20305 DAH25_23730 DAH26_21060 DAH27_05670 DAH28_09950 DAH30_18735 DAH31_21585 DAH32_06350 DAH33_10695 DAH34_23765 DAH35_19230 DAH36_20215 DAH37_16845 DAH38_02415 DAH40_07445 DAH41_20135 DAH42_24715 DAH43_23055 DAH45_22680 DAH46_25080 DAH47_24695 DAH48_24495 DAH49_22365 DAH50_18055 DD762_24820 DEN86_05755 DEN87_02565 DEN88_06140 DEN91_04965 DEN92_05975 DEN93_19785 DEN94_15145 DEN95_09885 DEN96_07170 DEN97_24850 DEN98_10575 DEN99_04740 DEO00_24020 DEO01_14615 DEO02_07810 DEO03_17025 DEO04_03875 DEO05_03870 DEO06_24050 DEO07_24440 DEO08_23315 DEO09_21985 DEO10_05775 DEO11_05790 DEO12_19895 DEO13_13280 DEO14_07610 DEO15_18920 DEO17_12175 DEO18_19825 DEO19_23880 DEO20_15015 DIV22_00630 DKP82_18590 DM870_11190 DN627_09465 DN627_29990 DNQ45_25580 DNX30_04115 DNX30_29635 DRW19_21750 DRW19_30500 DTL43_23520 DTL90_09990 DTM45_23885 DU321_20225 DXT69_13235 DXT70_16440 DXT71_24310 DXT73_18220 E0I42_20560 E2112_12685 E2113_13805 E2114_14475 E2115_07010 E2116_10465 E2117_19475 E2118_06060 E2119_20065 E2120_11780 E2121_20205 E2122_21205 E2123_03945 E2124_08710 E2125_10140 E2127_12735 E2128_13600 E2129_02525 E2130_11900 E2131_19430 E2132_18015 E2133_11385 E2134_00765 E2135_19800 E2136_17415 E4K51_17010 E4T14_13875 E5M02_13105 E5P22_16425 E5P23_21475 E5P24_15415 E5P25_21030 E5P26_17470 E5P27_19690 E5P28_19185 E5P29_14175 E5P30_18945 E5P31_18865 E5P32_13180 E5P33_20085 E5P34_15905 E5P35_11370 E5P36_20570 E5P37_20610 E5P40_16315 E5P51_17865 E5P52_14485 E5S34_06950 E5S35_20855 E5S36_16265 E5S37_22690 E5S38_07330 E5S39_13740 E5S42_17300 E5S43_16470 E5S44_16535 E5S45_18450 E5S46_09610 E5S47_10460 E5S48_19955 E5S51_19495 E5S52_06985 E5S53_24020 E5S54_00100 E5S55_24215 E5S56_05750 E5S57_16365 E5S58_22690 E5S61_10425 E5S62_19550 EAI46_21030 EAN77_22945 EAN77_30680 EAX79_20060 EAX79_30825 EBP16_21140 EBP16_25050 EC1094V2_3589 EC3234A_186c00200 EC95NR1_04490 ECs0265 ED648_18230 ED648_28315 EHD79_02905 EHD79_28125 EHH55_16495 EI021_14935 EIA08_18435 EIZ93_22985 EKI52_09795 EL79_3619 EL80_3521 ELT17_18520 ELT20_16230 ELT21_19405 ELT27_13365 ELT28_08575 ELT29_14495 ELT41_13045 ELT49_13100 ELT51_19960 ELT58_17560 ELU85_08285 ELU90_12730 ELU99_13830 ELV09_18310 ELV10_23670 ELV15_03520 ELV16_19800 ELV21_10685 ELV26_17960 ELV28_09060 ELV40_11225 ELX48_14300 ELX61_22480 ELX66_08530 ELX69_16950 ELX76_23175 ELX85_18785 ELX96_09250 ELY02_20875 ELY32_15070 ELY36_22315 ELY39_20375 ELY41_11455 ELY48_07995 ERS139208_03804 EVY14_16635 ExPECSC038_02153 EXX13_14735 EYV17_05045 EYV18_10700 EYX47_20525 EYX47_25295 EYY21_23935 F0L67_26850 F2N31_20840 F2N31_28980 F3N40_20070 F3N40_27700 F9B07_10585 F9S76_01350 F9S76_27205 F9S83_22780 F9S83_28120 F9V24_20070 F9X20_09680 FDM60_19955 FDM60_27720 FE587_06070 FE587_27730 FEJ01_03430 FEJ01_27075 FFF58_21585 FFF58_27330 FGG80_02685 FJQ51_16170 FJQ51_27730 FKO60_20295 FOI11_012430 FOI11_07615 FQ007_19060 FQF29_15385 FQF29_28760 FV293_09695 FVB16_19925 FY127_14205 FZC17_01125 FZN31_19510 G3813_005198 G3813_005863 G4A38_23215 G5603_24360 G5632_20015 G9448_09500 GAJ26_07975 GAJ26_26455 GF699_17055 GF699_26950 GFY34_12695 GFY34_25810 GIB53_22785 GIB53_27620 GJ11_01580 GKE84_20475 GKF86_21170 GKF89_17245 GKG12_19080 GLW94_09270 GLW94_27970 GNO40_09465 GNO40_23590 GNZ05_02225 GP650_19335 GP662_20740 GP946_21975 GP954_18285 GP979_17840 GQE64_16650 GQF59_00100 GQM04_23780 GQM09_17995 GQM13_21780 GQW68_17635 GQW68_26965 GRW05_26685 GRW57_21435 GRW81_03560 GSY44_22605 GSY44_27940 GUB08_13945 GUB92_10155 GUC01_06615 H0O72_15775 HHH44_003415 HHH44_005224 HJQ60_003643 HJQ60_005805 HJS37_002295 HJS37_005179 HJU54_001435 HJU54_005178 HKA49_003139 HKA49_005613 HL563_14490 HL563_23650 HL601_03870 HL601_27015 HLV18_21850 HLV18_24660 HLZ50_11570 HLZ50_26375 HMJ82_24935 HMJ82_28920 HMU48_09300 HMU48_30780 HMV95_13560 HMV95_26170 HNC36_16885 HNC36_28680 HNC59_21495 HNC59_29335 HNC66_05590 HNC66_27780 HNC99_22670 HNC99_29395 HND12_07735 HND12_29850 HV109_18825 HV209_02010 HV209_25105 HVW04_09550 HVW19_15440 HVW43_11215 HVX16_20395 HVX31_15775 HVX32_04530 HVY77_20560 HVZ29_04560 HVZ30_16405 HVZ71_19680 HX136_20125 I6H00_13340 I6H01_18395 IA00_004379 IA00_005742 IAI11_03730 IH772_18185 IT029_004381 IT029_005511 J0541_003363 J0541_005827 J4S20_004163 J4S20_005754 J5U05_002046 J5U05_005099 JE86ST02C_02510 JE86ST05C_02550 JNP96_05505 NCTC10082_01255 NCTC10090_02014 NCTC10418_05865 NCTC10429_04036 NCTC10764_05531 NCTC10865_04958 NCTC10958_04170 NCTC10974_04512 NCTC11112_03566 NCTC11126_03770 NCTC11341_03813 NCTC12950_04321 NCTC13127_05339 NCTC13216_02789 NCTC4450_07258 NCTC7922_06425 NCTC7927_04385 NCTC7928_04751 NCTC8008_03553 NCTC8009_07187 NCTC8179_01495 NCTC8333_04656 NCTC8450_01242 NCTC8622_02801 NCTC8960_01426 NCTC8985_02965 NCTC9036_03941 NCTC9037_04068 NCTC9044_03359 NCTC9073_03237 NCTC9077_04973 NCTC9111_04170 NCTC9702_04610 NCTC9706_01196 NCTC9775_02218 NCTC9777_00306 NCTC9777_03689 NCTC9962_07295 ND22_004270 ND22_005861 PGD_03028 RG28_03440 SAMEA3472044_03219 SAMEA3472056_02836 SAMEA3472067_03965 SAMEA3472080_03519 SAMEA3472147_04102 SAMEA3751407_05216 SAMEA3752557_00102 SAMEA3753106_04570 TUM18780_34730 WP2S18E08_36940 WP4S18E07_35670 WR15_21355] Xanthine-guanine phosphoribosyltransferase (XGPRT) (EC (Xanthine phosphoribosyltransferase)
[Rad51d R51h3 Rad51l3] DNA repair protein RAD51 homolog 4 (R51H3) (RAD51 homolog D) (RAD51-like protein 3)

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