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Neuraminidase (EC

 S4T4U3_9INFA            Unreviewed;       469 AA.
16-OCT-2013, integrated into UniProtKB/TrEMBL.
16-OCT-2013, sequence version 1.
13-FEB-2019, entry version 36.
RecName: Full=Neuraminidase {ECO:0000256|HAMAP-Rule:MF_04071, ECO:0000256|RuleBase:RU361252, ECO:0000256|SAAS:SAAS00114532};
EC= {ECO:0000256|HAMAP-Rule:MF_04071, ECO:0000256|RuleBase:RU361252, ECO:0000256|SAAS:SAAS00114514};
Name=NA {ECO:0000256|HAMAP-Rule:MF_04071,
ECO:0000256|RuleBase:RU361252, ECO:0000313|EMBL:AFU09102.1};
Influenza A virus (A/Paraguay/165HCl/2009(H1N1)).
Viruses; ssRNA viruses; ssRNA negative-strand viruses;
Orthomyxoviridae; Alphainfluenzavirus.
NCBI_TaxID=1230183 {ECO:0000313|EMBL:AFU09102.1};
[1] {ECO:0000313|EMBL:AFU09102.1}
STRAIN=A/Paraguay/165HCl/2009 {ECO:0000313|EMBL:AFU09102.1};
PubMed=25328558; DOI=10.2174/1874357901408010009;
Espinola E.E., Amarilla A.A., Martinez M., Aquino V.H., Russomando G.;
"Influenza A H1N1pdm 2009 Virus in Paraguay: Nucleotide Point
Mutations in Hemagglutinin and Neuraminidase Genes are not Associated
with Drug Resistance.";
Open Virol. J. 8:9-13(2014).
-!- FUNCTION: Catalyzes the removal of terminal sialic acid residues
from viral and cellular glycoconjugates. Cleaves off the terminal
sialic acids on the glycosylated HA during virus budding to
facilitate virus release. Additionally helps virus spread through
the circulation by further removing sialic acids from the cell
surface. These cleavages prevent self-aggregation and ensure the
efficient spread of the progeny virus from cell to cell.
Otherwise, infection would be limited to one round of replication.
Described as a receptor-destroying enzyme because it cleaves a
terminal sialic acid from the cellular receptors. May facilitate
viral invasion of the upper airways by cleaving the sialic acid
moities on the mucin of the airway epithelial cells. Likely to
plays a role in the budding process through its association with
lipid rafts during intracellular transport. May additionally
display a raft-association independent effect on budding. Plays a
role in the determination of host range restriction on replication
and virulence. Sialidase activity in late endosome/lysosome
traffic seems to enhance virus replication. {ECO:0000256|HAMAP-
Rule:MF_04071, ECO:0000256|SAAS:SAAS00844152}.
Reaction=Hydrolysis of alpha-(2->3)-, alpha-(2->6)-, alpha-
(2->8)- glycosidic linkages of terminal sialic acid residues in
oligosaccharides, glycoproteins, glycolipids, colominic acid and
synthetic substrates.; EC=; Evidence={ECO:0000256|HAMAP-
Rule:MF_04071, ECO:0000256|RuleBase:RU361252,
Name=Ca(2+); Xref=ChEBI:CHEBI:29108;
ECO:0000256|RuleBase:RU361252, ECO:0000256|SAAS:SAAS00612833};
-!- ACTIVITY REGULATION: Inhibited by the neuraminidase inhibitors
zanamivir (Relenza) and oseltamivir (Tamiflu). These drugs
interfere with the release of progeny virus from infected cells
and are effective against all influenza strains. Resistance to
neuraminidase inhibitors is quite rare. {ECO:0000256|HAMAP-
Rule:MF_04071, ECO:0000256|SAAS:SAAS01070481}.
-!- SUBUNIT: Homotetramer. {ECO:0000256|HAMAP-Rule:MF_04071,
ECO:0000256|RuleBase:RU361252, ECO:0000256|SAAS:SAAS00114476}.
-!- SUBCELLULAR LOCATION: Host apical cell membrane
{ECO:0000256|HAMAP-Rule:MF_04071, ECO:0000256|SAAS:SAAS00582107};
Single-pass type II membrane protein {ECO:0000256|HAMAP-
Rule:MF_04071, ECO:0000256|SAAS:SAAS00582107}. Virion membrane
{ECO:0000256|HAMAP-Rule:MF_04071}. Note=Preferentially accumulates
at the apical plasma membrane in infected polarized epithelial
cells, which is the virus assembly site. Uses lipid rafts for cell
surface transport and apical sorting. In the virion, forms a
mushroom-shaped spike on the surface of the membrane.
-!- DOMAIN: Intact N-terminus is essential for virion morphogenesis.
Possess two apical sorting signals, one in the ectodomain, which
is likely to be a glycan, and the other in the transmembrane
domain. The transmembrane domain also plays a role in lipid raft
association. {ECO:0000256|HAMAP-Rule:MF_04071}.
-!- PTM: N-glycosylated. {ECO:0000256|HAMAP-Rule:MF_04071,
-!- SIMILARITY: Belongs to the glycosyl hydrolase 34 family.
{ECO:0000256|HAMAP-Rule:MF_04071, ECO:0000256|RuleBase:RU361252,
-!- CAUTION: Lacks conserved residue(s) required for the propagation
of feature annotation. {ECO:0000256|HAMAP-Rule:MF_04071}.
Copyrighted by the UniProt Consortium, see
Distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY 4.0) License
EMBL; JX625252; AFU09102.1; -; Viral_cRNA.
GO; GO:0020002; C:host cell plasma membrane; IEA:UniProtKB-SubCell.
GO; GO:0016021; C:integral component of membrane; IEA:UniProtKB-UniRule.
GO; GO:0055036; C:virion membrane; IEA:UniProtKB-SubCell.
GO; GO:0052794; F:exo-alpha-(2->3)-sialidase activity; IEA:UniProtKB-UniRule.
GO; GO:0052795; F:exo-alpha-(2->6)-sialidase activity; IEA:UniProtKB-UniRule.
GO; GO:0052796; F:exo-alpha-(2->8)-sialidase activity; IEA:UniProtKB-UniRule.
GO; GO:0046872; F:metal ion binding; IEA:UniProtKB-UniRule.
GO; GO:0005975; P:carbohydrate metabolic process; IEA:UniProtKB-UniRule.
GO; GO:0046761; P:viral budding from plasma membrane; IEA:UniProtKB-UniRule.
CDD; cd15483; Influenza_NA; 1.
HAMAP; MF_04071; INFV_NRAM; 1.
InterPro; IPR001860; Glyco_hydro_34.
InterPro; IPR033654; Sialidase_Influenza_A/B.
InterPro; IPR036278; Sialidase_sf.
Pfam; PF00064; Neur; 1.
SUPFAM; SSF50939; SSF50939; 1.
3: Inferred from homology;
Calcium {ECO:0000256|HAMAP-Rule:MF_04071,
ECO:0000256|RuleBase:RU361252, ECO:0000256|SAAS:SAAS00114513};
Disulfide bond {ECO:0000256|HAMAP-Rule:MF_04071,
Glycoprotein {ECO:0000256|HAMAP-Rule:MF_04071,
Glycosidase {ECO:0000256|HAMAP-Rule:MF_04071,
ECO:0000256|RuleBase:RU361252, ECO:0000256|SAAS:SAAS00114535};
Host cell membrane {ECO:0000256|HAMAP-Rule:MF_04071,
ECO:0000256|RuleBase:RU361252, ECO:0000256|SAAS:SAAS00114522};
Host membrane {ECO:0000256|HAMAP-Rule:MF_04071,
ECO:0000256|RuleBase:RU361252, ECO:0000256|SAAS:SAAS00114522};
Hydrolase {ECO:0000256|HAMAP-Rule:MF_04071,
ECO:0000256|RuleBase:RU361252, ECO:0000256|SAAS:SAAS00114535};
Membrane {ECO:0000256|HAMAP-Rule:MF_04071,
ECO:0000256|RuleBase:RU361252, ECO:0000256|SAAS:SAAS00114517,
Metal-binding {ECO:0000256|HAMAP-Rule:MF_04071,
ECO:0000256|RuleBase:RU361252, ECO:0000256|SAAS:SAAS00114385};
Signal-anchor {ECO:0000256|HAMAP-Rule:MF_04071};
Transmembrane {ECO:0000256|HAMAP-Rule:MF_04071,
Transmembrane helix {ECO:0000256|HAMAP-Rule:MF_04071,
Virion {ECO:0000256|HAMAP-Rule:MF_04071,
ECO:0000256|RuleBase:RU361252, ECO:0000256|SAAS:SAAS00114362}.
TRANSMEM 7 34 Helical. {ECO:0000256|HAMAP-
REGION 11 33 Involved in apical transport and lipid
raft association. {ECO:0000256|HAMAP-
REGION 91 469 Head of neuraminidase.
REGION 277 278 Substrate binding. {ECO:0000256|HAMAP-
ACT_SITE 151 151 Proton donor/acceptor.
ACT_SITE 402 402 Nucleophile. {ECO:0000256|HAMAP-
METAL 294 294 Calcium; via carbonyl oxygen.
METAL 298 298 Calcium; via carbonyl oxygen.
METAL 324 324 Calcium. {ECO:0000256|HAMAP-
METAL 344 344 Calcium; via carbonyl oxygen.
BINDING 118 118 Substrate. {ECO:0000256|HAMAP-
BINDING 152 152 Substrate. {ECO:0000256|HAMAP-
BINDING 293 293 Substrate. {ECO:0000256|HAMAP-
BINDING 368 368 Substrate. {ECO:0000256|HAMAP-
DISULFID 92 417 {ECO:0000256|HAMAP-Rule:MF_04071}.
DISULFID 124 129 {ECO:0000256|HAMAP-Rule:MF_04071}.
DISULFID 184 231 {ECO:0000256|HAMAP-Rule:MF_04071}.
DISULFID 233 238 {ECO:0000256|HAMAP-Rule:MF_04071}.
DISULFID 279 292 {ECO:0000256|HAMAP-Rule:MF_04071}.
DISULFID 281 290 {ECO:0000256|HAMAP-Rule:MF_04071}.
DISULFID 318 335 {ECO:0000256|HAMAP-Rule:MF_04071}.
DISULFID 421 446 {ECO:0000256|HAMAP-Rule:MF_04071}.
SEQUENCE 469 AA; 51640 MW; AB704F8AD5AE9E5F CRC64;

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[NA] Neuraminidase (EC
[NA] Neuraminidase (EC
[NA] Neuraminidase (EC
[NA] Neuraminidase (EC
[al-3 B8P8.010 NCU01427] Geranylgeranyl pyrophosphate synthase (GGPP synthase) (GGPPSase) (EC 2.5.1.-) ((2E,6E)-farnesyl diphosphate synthase) (Albino-3 protein) (Dimethylallyltranstransferase) (EC (Farnesyl diphosphate synthase) (Farnesyltranstransferase) (EC (Geranylgeranyl diphosphate synthase) (Geranyltranstransferase) (EC
[aro-1 aro-2 aro-4 aro-5 aro-9 B14H13.20 NCU016321] Pentafunctional AROM polypeptide [Includes: 3-dehydroquinate synthase (DHQS) (EC; 3-phosphoshikimate 1-carboxyvinyltransferase (EC (5-enolpyruvylshikimate-3-phosphate synthase) (EPSP synthase) (EPSPS); Shikimate kinase (SK) (EC; 3-dehydroquinate dehydratase (3-dehydroquinase) (EC; Shikimate dehydrogenase (EC]
[NA] Neuraminidase (EC
[NA] Neuraminidase (EC
[Or22b AN12 DOR22A.2 dor67 Or22A.2 CG4231] Odorant receptor 22b
[] Genome polyprotein [Cleaved into: P3; Protein 3AB; P2; P1; Capsid protein VP0 (VP4-VP2); Capsid protein VP4 (P1A) (Virion protein 4); Capsid protein VP2 (P1B) (Virion protein 2); Capsid protein VP3 (P1C) (Virion protein 3); Capsid protein VP1 (P1D) (Virion protein 1); Protease 2A (P2A) (EC (Picornain 2A) (Protein 2A); Protein 2B (P2B); Protein 2C (P2C) (EC; Protein 3A (P3A); Viral protein genome-linked (VPg) (Protein 3B) (P3B); Protein 3CD (EC; Protease 3C (P3C) (EC; RNA-directed RNA polymerase (RdRp) (EC (3D polymerase) (3Dpol) (Protein 3D) (3D)]
[NA] Neuraminidase (EC
[lon lon_1 lon_2 A6581_06540 A8C65_09155 A8G17_09470 A8M42_12205 A9819_02150 A9R57_08730 AC067_13940 AC789_1c04390 ACN77_08400 ACN81_24745 ACU57_11790 ACU90_20700 AJ318_07395 AM270_02090 AM446_21265 AM464_19190 AM465_24425 AMK83_09080 AML07_05605 AML35_17195 APT94_11405 APU18_24755 APZ14_19130 AUQ13_18305 AUS26_08525 AW059_13755 AW106_10030 AWP75_24635 AZZ83_000203 B1K96_09680 B7C53_07945 B9M99_03985 B9N33_08900 B9T59_05700 BB545_15795 BE963_16350 BER14_14325 BET08_18215 BH694_02335 BHF46_21220 BHS81_02650 BIQ87_02425 BIU72_03070 BIZ41_19875 BJJ90_20055 BK248_01840 BK292_14395 BK334_05695 BK373_01080 BK375_01675 BK383_14710 BK400_22925 BMR23_09445 BMT49_03495 BMT53_08160 BMT91_05050 BN17_02431 BTQ06_01040 BUE81_06550 BVL39_00620 BW690_06825 BXT93_14065 BZL31_10455 BZL69_16545 C1I57_02830 C2M16_02950 C4J69_09250 C4M78_17970 C5715_07650 C5N07_12995 C5P01_16055 C5P43_02540 C6669_02490 C6986_02640 C6B13_10210 C7235_18620 C7B06_13115 C7B07_14925 C7B08_06455 C9E25_04330 CA593_00935 CCZ14_02195 CCZ17_03875 CDL37_08925 CG692_04795 CG705_03025 CG706_02860 CIJ94_10835 COD30_15795 COD46_04600 CR538_19245 CR539_06435 CRD98_01930 CSB64_03555 CT143_00390 CT146_15985 CWM24_20160 CWS33_13550 CXB56_21765 D0X26_07675 D1900_17610 D2183_00880 D2F89_19370 D3I61_03100 DD762_17560 DIV22_26545 DIV25_28050 DL545_18880 DL800_04145 DNQ41_06120 DNQ45_04780 DQE83_14690 DS732_07170 DS966_18225 DTL43_07145 DTL84_16480 DTM10_06325 DTM25_22445 DTM45_11225 EC1094V2_3409 EC3234A_4c01080 EC95NR1_04662 ECONIH1_02385 ERS085365_02395 ERS085374_02327 ERS085379_01165 ERS085383_00971 ERS085406_02176 ERS085416_01921 ERS139211_01924 ERS150876_00617 FORC28_4645 GJ11_02625 HMPREF3040_03444 HW43_05825 MJ49_04235 MS6198_04430 MS8345_00443 NCTC10082_01029 NCTC10090_01830 NCTC10418_05598 NCTC10764_05303 NCTC10766_05771 NCTC11022_05186 NCTC11181_01095 NCTC13462_01885 NCTC13846_03631 NCTC7152_03832 NCTC7922_06176 NCTC7927_04214 NCTC7928_04997 NCTC8179_01705 NCTC8959_05066 NCTC8960_01264 NCTC9007_00214 NCTC9010_03874 NCTC9036_03791 NCTC9037_03909 NCTC9050_01704 NCTC9055_00655 NCTC9058_03169 NCTC9062_04515 NCTC9111_03927 NCTC9117_04741 NCTC9434_02860 NCTC9703_03170 NCTC9706_01065 NCTC9777_00122 NCTC9969_03979 PU06_02695 RG28_02630 RK56_026450 RX35_02110 SAMEA3472033_03457 SAMEA3472044_00416 SAMEA3472047_02150 SAMEA3472055_02113 SAMEA3472067_03237 SAMEA3472070_02234 SAMEA3472080_01763 SAMEA3472090_01765 SAMEA3472108_01909 SAMEA3472110_00680 SAMEA3472112_02916 SAMEA3484427_03496 SAMEA3484429_01936 SAMEA3484433_02327 SAMEA3485113_01252 SAMEA3752372_02700 SAMEA3752557_00263 SAMEA3752559_02850 SAMEA3752620_00833 SAMEA3753097_00463 SAMEA3753106_00484 SAMEA3753164_00266 SAMEA3753300_00505 SAMEA3753391_04072 SAMEA3753397_02130 SK85_00464 SY51_02300 UC41_11885 UN86_09160 UN91_18465 WM48_02515 WR15_04115 YDC107_3709] Lon protease (EC (ATP-dependent protease La)
[iscS iscS_1 A6581_02145 A6592_14885 A8C65_03965 A8G17_10685 A8M42_18685 A9819_14635 A9R57_16930 AC067_03015 AC789_1c28660 ACN77_09430 ACN81_26435 ACU57_06285 ACU90_01375 AJ318_26005 AKG99_22280 AM270_07100 AM446_08145 AM464_04450 AM465_11700 AMK83_11225 AML07_10540 AML35_21525 APT94_12335 APU18_00295 APZ14_05615 ARC77_08945 AU473_09315 AUQ13_13105 AUS26_21555 AW059_05940 AW106_10960 AWP75_00135 AZZ83_002723 B1K96_17760 B7C53_13290 B9M99_15840 B9N33_21250 B9T59_21105 BE963_28425 BEN53_15845 BER14_02655 BET08_22520 BH694_10200 BHF46_00575 BHS81_15460 BHS87_14335 BIQ87_14690 BIU72_16435 BIZ41_13705 BJJ90_06620 BK248_16700 BK292_20650 BK334_04895 BK373_05915 BK375_00880 BK383_22845 BK400_09035 BMR23_12730 BMT49_16180 BMT53_23050 BMT91_09840 BTQ04_10030 BTQ06_16545 BUE81_08125 BVL39_14165 BW690_04500 BWP17_17035 BZL31_13665 BZL69_10285 C1I57_24205 C2M16_05920 C2U48_21435 C3K24_07520 C4J69_10615 C4K41_12560 C4M78_10890 C5N07_10225 C5P01_05670 C5P43_04165 C5P44_15165 C6669_16070 C6986_16375 C6B13_21190 C7235_06915 C7B02_18515 C7B06_11270 C7B07_12285 C7B08_05430 CA593_14170 CCZ14_18705 CCZ17_22060 CDL37_24785 CG691_06060 CG692_02695 CG705_05185 CG706_03765 CIJ94_05825 COD30_00935 COD46_11390 CR539_17655 CRD98_15000 CRE06_08785 CRM83_27605 CSB64_12500 CT143_05820 CT146_18385 CV83915_03587 CVH05_18115 CWM24_13125 CWS33_10120 CXB56_09960 D0X26_11620 D1900_21335 D2183_14465 D2F89_15600 D3I61_14705 DD762_08545 DIV22_32035 DIV25_09780 DL545_07355 DL800_19085 DNQ41_17815 DNR41_15780 DQE83_18635 DS732_18775 DS966_02860 DTL43_01800 DTL84_06515 DTL90_08325 DTM10_01260 DTM25_14855 DTM27_14340 DTM45_09080 EC1094V2_1138 EC3234A_44c01370 EC95NR1_01752 ECONIH1_14765 EL75_1117 EL79_1128 EL80_1131 ERS085365_01538 ERS085366_02045 ERS085374_00061 ERS085379_00921 ERS085383_02049 ERS085386_03188 ERS085404_01057 ERS085406_03472 ERS085411_02202 ERS085416_01266 ERS139211_00888 ERS150873_01415 ERS150876_00833 FORC28_1424 HW43_17050 JD73_17725 MJ49_18275 MS6198_28580 MS8345_02723 NCTC10090_04376 NCTC10766_01180 NCTC10767_02594 NCTC11181_03575 NCTC11341_00889 NCTC12950_01537 NCTC13125_04632 NCTC13462_05052 NCTC13846_01437 NCTC7152_01285 NCTC7922_00893 NCTC7927_01500 NCTC7928_01371 NCTC8009_03115 NCTC8179_04409 NCTC8450_04290 NCTC8500_01442 NCTC8621_01401 NCTC8959_02462 NCTC8960_04060 NCTC8985_06161 NCTC9007_03642 NCTC9010_01409 NCTC9036_01412 NCTC9037_01482 NCTC9045_01545 NCTC9050_04644 NCTC9055_03293 NCTC9058_00608 NCTC9062_01792 NCTC9073_04547 NCTC9075_01973 NCTC9111_01941 NCTC9119_01524 NCTC9434_01284 NCTC9701_01429 NCTC9703_01091 NCTC9706_04616 NCTC9775_05141 NCTC9777_02572 NCTC9962_00698 NCTC9969_01533 PU06_05300 RG28_09220 RK56_021935 RX35_01423 SAMEA3472033_00658 SAMEA3472044_02985 SAMEA3472047_01032 SAMEA3472055_00937 SAMEA3472056_00874 SAMEA3472070_00065 SAMEA3472080_01607 SAMEA3472090_01244 SAMEA3472108_03497 SAMEA3472110_00486 SAMEA3472112_00780 SAMEA3472114_03249 SAMEA3472147_00165 SAMEA3484427_00440 SAMEA3484429_00549 SAMEA3484433_03192 SAMEA3484434_00296 SAMEA3485101_04492 SAMEA3485113_03372 SAMEA3752372_01122 SAMEA3752557_00969 SAMEA3752559_00692 SAMEA3752620_00062 SAMEA3753064_03100 SAMEA3753097_02751 SAMEA3753106_01137 SAMEA3753164_00628 SAMEA3753290_03552 SAMEA3753300_01026 SAMEA3753391_02715 SAMEA3753397_00908 SK85_02782 SY51_14535 UC41_13245 UN91_26515 WM48_13555 WQ89_05730 WR15_01190 YDC107_1108] Cysteine desulfurase IscS (EC
[NA] Neuraminidase (EC
[hchA A9819_11910 ACN81_03425 AML35_08765 AW059_23935 BHF46_18455 BMT91_24760 C4J69_22715 C7B08_25495 CR538_10415 D2F89_25795 EC3234A_36c00010 NCTC8500_02249 NCTC9010_02117 NCTC9037_02122 NCTC9117_02637 NCTC9969_02156 SAMEA3472108_01151 SAMEA3484427_04795 SAMEA3484429_02051 SAMEA3752557_05476 SAMEA3752559_04333] Protein/nucleic acid deglycase HchA (EC 3.1.2.-) (EC 3.5.1.-) (EC (Maillard deglycase)
[NEU1 NANH] Sialidase-1 (EC (Acetylneuraminyl hydrolase) (G9 sialidase) (Lysosomal sialidase) (N-acetyl-alpha-neuraminidase 1)
[gag-pol] Gag-Pol polyprotein (Pr160Gag-Pol) [Cleaved into: Matrix protein p17 (MA); Capsid protein p24 (CA); Spacer peptide 1 (SP1) (p2); Nucleocapsid protein p7 (NC); Transframe peptide (TF); p6-pol (p6*); Protease (EC (PR) (Retropepsin); Reverse transcriptase/ribonuclease H (EC (EC (EC (Exoribonuclease H) (EC (p66 RT); p51 RT; p15; Integrase (IN) (EC 2.7.7.-) (EC 3.1.-.-)]
[NA] Neuraminidase (EC
[NA] Neuraminidase (EC
[NA] Neuraminidase (EC
[NA] Neuraminidase (EC
[] Genome polyprotein [Cleaved into: Capsid protein C (Capsid protein) (Core protein); Protein prM (Precursor membrane protein); Peptide pr (Peptide precursor); Small envelope protein M (Matrix protein); Envelope protein E; Non-structural protein 1 (NS1); Non-structural protein 2A (NS2A); Serine protease subunit NS2B (Flavivirin protease NS2B regulatory subunit) (Non-structural protein 2B); Serine protease NS3 (EC (EC (EC (Flavivirin protease NS3 catalytic subunit) (Non-structural protein 3); Non-structural protein 4A (NS4A); Peptide 2k; Non-structural protein 4B (NS4B); RNA-directed RNA polymerase NS5 (EC (EC (EC (Non-structural protein 5)]
[NA] Neuraminidase (EC
[] Genome polyprotein [Cleaved into: Protein VP0 (VP4-VP2); Protein VP4 (P1A) (Virion protein 4); Capsid protein VP2 (P1B) (Virion protein 2); Capsid protein VP3 (P1C) (Virion protein 3); Protein VP1-2A (VP1-pX); Capsid protein VP1 (P1D) (Virion protein 1); Assembly signal 2A (pX); Protein 2BC; Protein 2B (P2B); Protein 2C (P2C) (EC; Protein 3ABCD (P3); Protein 3ABC; Protein 3AB; Protein 3A (P3A); Viral protein genome-linked (VPg) (Protein 3B) (P3B); Protein 3CD; Protease 3C (P3C) (EC (Picornain 3C); RNA-directed RNA polymerase 3D-POL (P3D-POL) (EC]
[al-2 B22I21.230 NCU00585] Bifunctional lycopene cyclase/phytoene synthase (Protein albino-2) [Includes: Lycopene beta-cyclase (EC (Carotene cyclase) (Lycopene cyclase); Phytoene synthase (EC]
[NA] Neuraminidase (EC

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