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Thymidylate synthase (TS) (TSase) (EC (Cell division cycle protein 21) (Constitutive RNR3 transcription protein 9)

 TYSY_YEAST              Reviewed;         304 AA.
P06785; D6W2D7; Q12694;
01-JAN-1988, integrated into UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot.
01-JAN-1988, sequence version 1.
12-AUG-2020, entry version 170.
RecName: Full=Thymidylate synthase;
AltName: Full=Cell division cycle protein 21;
AltName: Full=Constitutive RNR3 transcription protein 9;
Name=CDC21; Synonyms=CRT9, TMP1; OrderedLocusNames=YOR074C;
Saccharomyces cerevisiae (strain ATCC 204508 / S288c) (Baker's yeast).
Eukaryota; Fungi; Dikarya; Ascomycota; Saccharomycotina; Saccharomycetes;
Saccharomycetales; Saccharomycetaceae; Saccharomyces.
Taylor G.R., Lagosky P.A., Storms R.K., Haynes R.H.;
"Molecular characterization of the cell cycle-regulated thymidylate
synthase gene of Saccharomyces cerevisiae.";
J. Biol. Chem. 262:5298-5307(1987).
Valens M., Bohn C., Daignan-Fornier B., Dang V.-D., Bolotin-Fukuhara M.;
"The sequence of a 54.7 kb fragment of yeast chromosome XV reveals the
presence of two tRNAs and 24 new open reading frames.";
Yeast 13:379-390(1997).
STRAIN=ATCC 204508 / S288c;
Dujon B., Albermann K., Aldea M., Alexandraki D., Ansorge W., Arino J.,
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STRAIN=ATCC 204508 / S288c;
PubMed=24374639; DOI=10.1534/g3.113.008995;
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PubMed=3062362; DOI=10.1128/mcb.8.11.4616;
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synthase gene of Saccharomyces cerevisiae.";
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enzymic properties.";
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Saccharomyces cerevisiae.";
J. Bacteriol. 115:966-974(1973).
Bisson L., Thorner J.;
"Thymidine 5'-monophosphate-requiring mutants of Saccharomyces cerevisiae
are deficient in thymidylate synthetase.";
J. Bacteriol. 132:44-50(1977).
PubMed=6287238; DOI=10.1128/mcb.2.4.437;
Taylor G.R., Barclay B.J., Storms R.K., Friesen J.D., Haynes R.H.;
"Isolation of the thymidylate synthetase gene (TMP1) by complementation in
Saccharomyces cerevisiae.";
Mol. Cell. Biol. 2:437-442(1982).
PubMed=3522259; DOI=10.1016/0014-4827(86)90606-3;
Johnston L.H., Johnson A.L., Barker D.G.;
"The expression in meiosis of genes which are transcribed periodically in
the mitotic cell cycle of budding yeast.";
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PubMed=3020375; DOI=10.1007/bf00331011;
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the cell cycle of Saccharomyces cerevisiae.";
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PubMed=1297653; DOI=10.1242/jcs.1992.supplement_16.11;
Moll T., Dirick L., Auer H., Bonkovsky J., Nasmyth K.;
"SWI6 is a regulatory subunit of two different cell cycle START-dependent
transcription factors in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.";
J. Cell Sci. Suppl. 16:87-96(1992).
PubMed=1608451; DOI=10.1038/357508a0;
Dirick L., Moll T., Auer H., Nasmyth K.;
"A central role for SWI6 in modulating cell cycle Start-specific
transcription in yeast.";
Nature 357:508-513(1992).
PubMed=1409658; DOI=10.1073/pnas.89.20.9479;
Verma R., Smiley J., Andrews B., Campbell J.L.;
"Regulation of the yeast DNA replication genes through the Mlu I cell cycle
box is dependent on SWI6.";
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 89:9479-9483(1992).
Poon P.P., Storms R.K.;
"Thymidylate synthase is localized to the nuclear periphery in the yeast
Saccharomyces cerevisiae.";
J. Biol. Chem. 269:8341-8347(1994).
-!- FUNCTION: Thymidylate synthase required for de novo biosynthesis of
pyrimidine deoxyribonucleotides. Required for both nuclear and
mitochondrial DNA synthesis. {ECO:0000269|PubMed:17248617,
ECO:0000269|PubMed:334734, ECO:0000269|PubMed:4580573,
ECO:0000269|PubMed:6287238, ECO:0000269|PubMed:7028756}.
Reaction=(6R)-5,10-methylene-5,6,7,8-tetrahydrofolate + dUMP = 7,8-
dihydrofolate + dTMP; Xref=Rhea:RHEA:12104, ChEBI:CHEBI:15636,
ChEBI:CHEBI:57451, ChEBI:CHEBI:63528, ChEBI:CHEBI:246422;
EC=; Evidence={ECO:0000269|PubMed:7028756};
-!- ACTIVITY REGULATION: Inhibited by 5-fluoro-2'-deoxyuridine 5'-
monophosphate (FdUMP). {ECO:0000269|PubMed:6287238}.
Kinetic parameters:
KM=5 uM for dUMP {ECO:0000269|PubMed:7028756};
KM=70 uM for 5,10-methylene-tetrahydropteroylglutamate
pH dependence:
Optimum pH is 6.8-7.2. {ECO:0000269|PubMed:7028756};
-!- PATHWAY: Pyrimidine metabolism; dTTP biosynthesis.
-!- SUBUNIT: Homodimer. {ECO:0000269|PubMed:7028756}.
-!- SUBCELLULAR LOCATION: Nucleus {ECO:0000269|PubMed:8132557}.
Note=Localizes to the nuclear periphery.
-!- INDUCTION: Transcribed in a periodic manner during the cell cycle with
maximal mRNA levels occurring just prior to the onset of DNA
replication. The promoter contains 8-base-pair motifs (ACGCGTNA) called
the MluI cell-cycle boxes (MCBs), which mediate transcription
regulation by SWI6. {ECO:0000269|PubMed:1297653,
ECO:0000269|PubMed:1409658, ECO:0000269|PubMed:1608451,
ECO:0000269|PubMed:3020375, ECO:0000269|PubMed:3522259}.
-!- SIMILARITY: Belongs to the thymidylate synthase family. {ECO:0000305}.
Copyrighted by the UniProt Consortium, see
Distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY 4.0) License
EMBL; J02706; AAA60940.1; -; Genomic_DNA.
EMBL; Z70678; CAA94559.1; -; Genomic_DNA.
EMBL; Z74982; CAA99267.1; -; Genomic_DNA.
EMBL; M29100; AAA35159.1; -; Genomic_DNA.
EMBL; BK006948; DAA10853.1; -; Genomic_DNA.
PIR; S66957; YXBYT.
RefSeq; NP_014717.2; NM_001183493.1.
SMR; P06785; -.
BioGRID; 34473; 415.
DIP; DIP-2786N; -.
IntAct; P06785; 2.
MINT; P06785; -.
STRING; 4932.YOR074C; -.
MaxQB; P06785; -.
PaxDb; P06785; -.
PRIDE; P06785; -.
EnsemblFungi; YOR074C_mRNA; YOR074C; YOR074C.
GeneID; 854241; -.
KEGG; sce:YOR074C; -.
EuPathDB; FungiDB:YOR074C; -.
SGD; S000005600; CDC21.
eggNOG; KOG0673; Eukaryota.
GeneTree; ENSGT00390000014786; -.
HOGENOM; CLU_021669_0_2_1; -.
InParanoid; P06785; -.
KO; K00560; -.
Reactome; R-SCE-499943; Interconversion of nucleotide di- and triphosphates.
UniPathway; UPA00575; -.
PRO; PR:P06785; -.
Proteomes; UP000002311; Chromosome XV.
RNAct; P06785; protein.
GO; GO:0005829; C:cytosol; IBA:GO_Central.
GO; GO:0005739; C:mitochondrion; IBA:GO_Central.
GO; GO:0034399; C:nuclear periphery; IDA:SGD.
GO; GO:0004799; F:thymidylate synthase activity; IDA:SGD.
GO; GO:0006231; P:dTMP biosynthetic process; IMP:SGD.
GO; GO:0006235; P:dTTP biosynthetic process; IEA:UniProtKB-UniPathway.
GO; GO:0032259; P:methylation; IEA:UniProtKB-KW.
CDD; cd00351; TS_Pyrimidine_HMase; 1.
Gene3D; 3.30.572.10; -; 1.
HAMAP; MF_00008; Thymidy_synth_bact; 1.
InterPro; IPR023451; Thymidate_synth/dCMP_Mease.
InterPro; IPR036926; Thymidate_synth/dCMP_Mease_sf.
InterPro; IPR000398; Thymidylate_synthase.
InterPro; IPR020940; Thymidylate_synthase_AS.
Pfam; PF00303; Thymidylat_synt; 1.
SUPFAM; SSF55831; SSF55831; 1.
TIGRFAMs; TIGR03284; thym_sym; 1.
1: Evidence at protein level;
Direct protein sequencing; Methyltransferase; Nucleotide biosynthesis;
Nucleus; Reference proteome; Transferase.
CHAIN 1..304
/note="Thymidylate synthase"
NP_BIND 157..158
/note="dUMP; shared with dimeric partner"
NP_BIND 206..209
NP_BIND 247..249
/note="Missing (in Ref. 3; CAA99267)"
SEQUENCE 304 AA; 35047 MW; 0C514BEDB8574510 CRC64;

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Pathways :
WP414: Cell Cycle and Cell Division
WP2199: Seed Development
WP1566: Citrate cycle (TCA cycle)
WP1200: Cell cycle
WP1659: Glycine, serine and threonine metabolism
WP1888: Post-translational protein modification
WP731: Sterol regulatory element binding protein related
WP1493: Carbon assimilation C4 pathway
WP1049: G Protein Signaling Pathways
WP1531: Vitamin D synthesis
WP525: Mitochondrial Unfolded-Protein Response
WP1665: Limonene and pinene degradation
WP1371: G Protein Signaling Pathways
WP1675: Nitrogen metabolism
WP1900: Regulation of mitotic cell cycle
WP1078: G1 to S cell cycle control
WP179: Cell cycle
WP31: Cell cycle
WP1685: Peptidoglycan biosynthesis
WP1909: Signal regulatory protein (SIRP) family interactions
WP232: G Protein Signaling Pathways
WP1692: Protein export
WP445: G1 to S cell cycle control
WP844: Cell cycle
WP1165: G Protein Signaling Pathways

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[RNR3 DIN1 YIL066C] Ribonucleoside-diphosphate reductase large chain 2 (EC (Ribonucleotide reductase DNA damage-inducible regulatory subunit 2) (Ribonucleotide reductase R1 subunit 2) (Ribonucleotide reductase large subunit 2)
[thyA b2827 JW2795] Thymidylate synthase (TS) (TSase) (EC
[CDK9 CDC2L4 TAK] Cyclin-dependent kinase 9 (EC (EC (C-2K) (Cell division cycle 2-like protein kinase 4) (Cell division protein kinase 9) (Serine/threonine-protein kinase PITALRE) (Tat-associated kinase complex catalytic subunit)
[thyA Rv2764c MTV002.29c] Thymidylate synthase ThyA (TS) (TSase) (EC
[MLS1 YNL117W N1921] Malate synthase 1 (EC
[THY-1 At2g16370 F16F14.13] Bifunctional dihydrofolate reductase-thymidylate synthase 1 (DHFR-TS 1) [Includes: Dihydrofolate reductase (EC; Thymidylate synthase (EC]
[thyX Rv2754c MTV002.19c] Flavin-dependent thymidylate synthase (FDTS) (EC (FAD-dependent thymidylate synthase) (Thymidylate synthase ThyX) (TS) (TSase)
[hchA A8C65_13880 A9R57_25255 AMK83_16550 AWB10_10580 AWG90_013200 B7C53_22525 B9M99_11580 B9T59_01945 BJJ90_15205 BMT49_12710 BON65_01250 BON66_15955 BON86_06490 BON95_14610 BUE81_10670 BvCms12BK_01457 BvCms28BK_04168 BvCmsHHP001_02632 BvCmsKKP061_00566 BvCmsKSP045_04450 BvCmsKSP058_03204 BvCmsKSP067_02879 BvCmsNSP006_03750 BvCmsNSP007_03329 BvCmsNSP047_03567 BvCmsSINP011_04162 BW690_17225 BZL69_29425 C2U48_24800 C5715_19445 C5N07_21380 C6669_19295 C7B06_02290 C7B07_03930 C9Z23_21970 C9Z37_00915 C9Z43_06360 C9Z78_05610 CDC27_10055 CDL37_00765 CI693_17820 CI694_25210 CIG45_02340 COD46_23180 CQP61_17160 CRD98_26150 D2188_01360 D4628_09465 D6T98_10515 D6X36_17295 D9D20_21030 D9D43_06110 D9G29_20785 D9G69_01560 D9H68_20750 D9H70_25730 D9I87_15275 D9J58_04360 D9S45_22925 DEN89_24995 DEO04_05510 DL705_18425 DL800_09215 DLU50_17670 DLW88_16170 DLY44_04800 DND16_20085 DNR35_16895 DQP61_11280 DTL43_21780 DTZ20_09315 DU321_04440 DXT73_20690 E2134_24005 E2135_17195 E2855_02503 E2863_02392 E4K55_17625 E4K61_03800 E5P22_21380 E5S46_06650 EA213_19000 EA225_13320 EAX79_27320 EC95NR1_00961 ED648_25045 EG796_17135 EHD79_18540 EI028_00085 ELT20_21515 ELV08_24970 EPT01_11070 EQ825_23250 ERS085379_01273 ERS085386_05041 ExPECSC019_03873 ExPECSC038_01920 EXX71_02385 EXX78_21815 EYD11_09165 F7F11_20115 F7F18_11615 F7F29_22635 FNJ83_13175 FQ915_04255 FQR64_09390 FQZ46_21375 FWK02_18105 FZ043_14730 GIY13_02485 GNZ00_15670 GNZ02_11235 GNZ03_00440 GP712_09450 GQE64_12165 GQL64_10635 GQM17_02800 HmCmsJML079_02678 HMPREF3040_01583 HW43_13705 NCTC10082_04431 NCTC10418_03071 NCTC10767_03558 NCTC10974_02300 NCTC11022_01867 NCTC11126_04427 NCTC11181_05650 NCTC12950_02263 NCTC13216_04667 NCTC8985_00529 NCTC9111_05933 NCTC9703_00277 PGD_01271 PU06_24500 SAMEA3472043_00447 SAMEA3472055_03589 SAMEA3472056_01268 SAMEA3472070_00654 SAMEA3472080_04213 SAMEA3472090_03376 SAMEA3472110_00060 SAMEA3472112_00448 SAMEA3752372_00752 UN91_23615 WQ89_10695] Protein/nucleic acid deglycase HchA (EC 3.1.2.-) (EC (Maillard deglycase)
[cdc-48.1 C06A1.1] Transitional endoplasmic reticulum ATPase homolog 1 (EC (Cell division cycle-related protein 48.1) (p97/CDC48 homolog 1)
[Taf1 Ccg1] Transcription initiation factor TFIID subunit 1 (EC (EC (Cell cycle gene 1 protein) (TBP-associated factor 250 kDa) (p250) (Transcription initiation factor TFIID 250 kDa subunit) (TAF(II)250) (TAFII-250) (TAFII250)
[CDC39 NOT1 ROS1 YCR093W YCR1151 YCR93W] General negative regulator of transcription subunit 1 (Cell division cycle protein 39)
[CDK1 CDC2 CDC28A CDKN1 P34CDC2] Cyclin-dependent kinase 1 (CDK1) (EC (EC (Cell division control protein 2 homolog) (Cell division protein kinase 1) (p34 protein kinase)
[TAF1 BA2R CCG1 CCGS TAF2A] Transcription initiation factor TFIID subunit 1 (EC (EC (Cell cycle gene 1 protein) (TBP-associated factor 250 kDa) (p250) (Transcription initiation factor TFIID 250 kDa subunit) (TAF(II)250) (TAFII-250) (TAFII250)
[pyrG A6592_02570 A6V01_01290 A9P13_05400 A9R57_06965 A9X72_05250 AC067_22330 AC789_1c31020 ACN002_2797 ACN68_00955 ACN81_20385 ACU57_24415 ACU90_23015 AJ318_22735 AM270_00945 AM446_06950 AM464_05605 AM465_10605 AML07_12460 AML35_05300 APT94_17890 APU18_18535 APZ14_09290 ARC77_10140 AU473_08010 AUQ13_17535 AUS26_15660 AW059_10675 AW106_00665 AWB10_05845 AWE53_025360 AWF59_014510 AWG78_018325 AWG90_017920 AWP75_20610 AZZ83_003241 B6V57_15035 B7C53_10055 B9M99_21725 B9N33_09475 B9T59_19685 BANRA_01301 BANRA_03509 BANRA_03630 BANRA_04324 BB545_13920 BE963_03670 BEN53_16995 BFD68_17190 BHF03_06455 BHF46_05050 BHJ80_19590 BHS81_16640 BHS87_15735 BIQ87_15835 BIU72_09520 BIZ41_16885 BJJ90_05265 BK248_12970 BK292_23205 BK296_17745 BK334_11935 BK373_15870 BK375_10085 BK383_11680 BMA87_05450 BMT49_17330 BMT91_11105 BN17_26661 BOH76_24715 BON63_19880 BON65_10470 BON66_19055 BON69_14990 BON71_18475 BON75_14060 BON76_10430 BON83_26590 BON86_03420 BON87_20865 BON91_20235 BON92_09140 BON96_25385 BTQ04_11510 BTQ06_23845 BUE81_06975 BvCms12BK_05148 BvCms2454_02052 BvCms35BK_01272 BvCmsC61A_01055 BvCmsHHP001_01156 BvCmsHHP019_01127 BvCmsHHP056_01979 BvCmsKKP036_03980 BvCmsKKP061_04391 BvCmsKSNP073_04203 BvCmsKSNP081_03790 BvCmsKSNP120_03969 BvCmsKSP011_02434 BvCmsKSP024_03358 BvCmsKSP026_00102 BvCmsKSP045_02208 BvCmsKSP058_00862 BvCmsKSP067_03640 BvCmsKSP076_05173 BvCmsNSNP036_03047 BvCmsNSP007_01096 BvCmsNSP047_01557 BvCmsNSP072_00181 BvCmsOUP014_01917 BvCmsSINP011_00512 BvCmsSINP022_00781 BvCmsSIP019_01766 BvCmsSIP044_01614 BVL39_12970 BW690_04975 BWI89_25410 BWP17_05185 BXT93_24405 BZL31_00820 BZL69_02125 C2M16_17770 C2U48_20025 C4K41_05275 C4M78_00835 C5715_23540 C5N07_06155 C5P01_05005 C5P44_09340 C6669_14670 C6B13_03370 C7235_05745 C7B02_19400 C7B06_11630 C7B07_14530 C7B08_01430 C7B18_14945 C9098_13720 C9114_10610 C9141_08815 C9160_11785 C9162_15350 C9201_02025 C9306_10515 C9E25_03325 C9E67_05815 C9Z03_03520 C9Z23_09225 C9Z37_12455 C9Z39_03205 C9Z43_07790 C9Z69_03200 C9Z70_05405 C9Z78_15545 C9Z89_02595 CA593_12975 CCZ14_04445 CCZ17_10850 CDC27_14650 CDL37_13440 CF006_02945 CG692_07005 CI641_006865 CI693_01450 CI694_13655 CIG45_04935 CJU63_16170 CJU64_16425 CMR93_10525 CO706_11780 COD30_01795 COD46_07095 CQP61_06810 CR538_05495 CR539_18815 CRE06_03485 CRJUMX01_160005 CRM83_26360 CRT43_16405 CRX46_18850 CSB64_15850 CT146_00680 CUB99_19065 CV83915_03339 CVH05_06295 CWM24_00790 CWS33_03125 D0X26_06660 D2184_01135 D2185_02785 D2188_08435 D3821_11140 D3M98_14175 D3O91_13425 D3P01_10795 D3P02_18650 D3Y67_06430 D4011_20680 D4023_03535 D4074_08165 D4636_12345 D4638_15660 D4660_07760 D4718_06700 D4L91_10970 D4M06_10805 D4U49_02065 D4U85_13910 D4V08_11640 D5H35_06960 D5I97_07085 D6004_06600 D6C36_08560 D6D43_15090 D6T60_21710 D6W00_05605 D6X63_06250 D6X76_00665 D7K33_11370 D7K63_03745 D7K66_09735 D7W70_08720 D7Y10_03025 D7Z75_00480 D8Y65_06395 D9610_06925 D9C99_02870 D9D20_04450 D9D33_19300 D9D43_17525 D9D44_11660 D9D94_19995 D9E13_19660 D9E19_06295 D9E35_20180 D9E73_07150 D9F17_11720 D9F32_18535 D9F87_14880 D9G11_05335 D9G29_07695 D9G42_05640 D9G48_11875 D9G69_15675 D9G95_24305 D9H36_19535 D9H53_12755 D9H68_17340 D9H70_12195 D9H94_16855 D9I18_10690 D9I20_00375 D9I87_07250 D9I88_14405 D9I97_09750 D9J03_22055 D9J11_17735 D9J44_16360 D9J46_14445 D9J52_13520 D9J58_10595 D9J60_10045 D9J63_04880 D9J78_14800 D9K02_13530 D9K48_23835 D9K54_13555 D9L89_10810 D9L99_02095 D9S45_05925 D9X77_06065 D9X97_06540 D9Z28_07585 DAH18_08260 DAH26_03580 DAH30_04675 DAH32_02015 DAH34_11000 DAH37_01335 DAH43_05325 DB359_08835 DBQ99_06250 DD762_13665 DEN89_06185 DEN97_03935 DEO04_02940 DEO19_03715 DEO20_03950 DIV22_29760 DJ487_00440 DJ492_07250 DJ503_09945 DL251_04515 DL257_11915 DL292_16405 DL326_19010 DL455_11645 DL479_12200 DL530_03985 DL545_05995 DL800_20505 DL979_18970 DLT82_09290 DLU67_11100 DLU82_08170 DLW60_06590 DLW88_08740 DLX38_01400 DLX40_17180 DLY41_21435 DLY44_20595 DM102_10625 DM129_10705 DM155_07315 DM267_14905 DM272_03810 DM280_20210 DM382_13710 DM820_02080 DM962_00445 DM973_18825 DMI04_14240 DMI53_07435 DMO02_14990 DMY83_10765 DMZ50_15435 DN627_17365 DN660_13250 DN700_02075 DN703_12685 DN808_12120 DNB37_12630 DNC98_03960 DND16_10185 DND79_12465 DNI21_05695 DNJ62_04410 DNK12_06795 DNR35_10760 DNR41_08670 DNX19_04715 DNX30_08935 DOE35_02030 DOM23_03020 DOS18_12055 DOT81_13135 DOU81_11955 DOY22_19570 DOY56_02000 DOY61_03145 DOY67_13090 DP258_16075 DP265_17025 DP277_11440 DQE91_10495 DQF36_14860 DQF71_04970 DQF72_16505 DQG35_07980 DQO13_13250 DRP48_13490 DRW19_11765 DS143_05250 DS721_02825 DS732_20695 DS966_06010 DT034_02885 DTL43_09355 DTL90_02675 DTM10_03745 DTM45_13530 DTZ20_19385 DU309_08860 DU321_06150 DU333_12515 DVB38_02710 DW236_13020 DWB25_05920 DXT69_20555 DXT71_17355 DXT73_08070 DXX80_007370 E0I42_10500 E0K84_20120 E0L04_10915 E0L12_01040 E2112_20720 E2114_10485 E2115_08690 E2119_13595 E2127_11355 E2128_06395 E2129_11320 E2134_08140 E2135_07675 E2148_10650 E2855_03617 E2863_03463 E4K55_04550 E4K60_10640 E4K61_15140 E5P22_15685 E5P28_02240 E5P37_16160 E5S42_03270 E5S46_13510 E5S47_04995 E5S56_08680 E5S58_00660 E5S61_16625 EA159_15255 EA167_16290 EA189_08455 EA191_15960 EA198_05390 EA200_09530 EA203_16215 EA213_04170 EA214_11185 EA218_13120 EA223_08230 EA225_01145 EA231_20080 EA232_13255 EA233_00965 EA242_06320 EA245_06985 EA250_17410 EA410_00760 EA429_04715 EA434_00760 EA435_11325 EA834_09100 EAI42_07155 EAI46_14335 EAI52_12500 EAM59_05115 EAN70_01890 EB476_14050 EB509_19080 EB510_16355 EB515_03490 EBA46_07975 EBA84_02290 EBJ06_02570 EBM08_02305 EC1094V2_904 EC3234A_48c00890 EC3426_03921 EC382_15705 EC95NR1_02021 ECONIH1_15890 ECs3640 ECTO124_01152 ECTO6_01068 ED225_00710 ED307_10820 ED600_14885 ED607_09825 ED611_00710 ED648_01520 ED903_09700 ED944_03505 EEA45_12675 EEP23_14050 EF082_18470 EF173_03685 EG075_13145 EG599_01830 EG808_06220 EGC26_11055 EGT48_09620 EGU87_12650 EH186_13570 EH412_03190 EHD45_02185 EHD63_08185 EHD79_13870 EHH55_20810 EHJ36_03270 EHJ66_02550 EHV81_04065 EHV90_01500 EHW09_03455 EHX09_18045 EI021_14555 EI028_04155 EI032_03990 EI041_16020 EIA08_07275 EIA21_04795 EIZ93_11190 EJ366_03305 EJC75_12775 EKI52_20580 EL75_0914 EL79_0915 EL80_0918 ELT17_10180 ELT20_14390 ELT22_13655 ELT23_08310 ELT33_11340 ELT48_15890 ELT49_03005 ELT58_07520 ELU82_04890 ELU85_05750 ELU96_10810 ELV08_21905 ELV13_07545 ELV15_07575 ELV22_07685 ELV24_11300 ELV28_16420 ELX56_07655 ELX70_21165 ELX76_02410 ELX79_10280 ELX83_17325 ELY05_07495 ELY23_11490 ELY24_07925 ELY41_05035 ELY48_16065 ELY50_05380 EO241_20205 EPS91_16285 EPS94_11415 EPT01_17055 EPU41_15765 EQ820_17285 EQ823_14605 EQ825_07980 EQ830_01100 ERL57_14345 ERS085365_02427 ERS085366_03042 ERS085374_03279 ERS085386_03410 ERS085416_02898 ERS139211_02072 ERS150873_02003 ERS150876_01467 EST51_05505 EVY14_17325 EWK56_05345 ExPECSC019_02242 ExPECSC038_01963 ExPECSC065_01289 EXX06_06960 EXX13_05855 EXX23_03700 EXX24_19085 EXX53_03685 EXX55_06445 EXX71_16235 EXX78_11575 EXX87_15385 EYD11_05205 EYX82_06265 EYX99_17285 EYY27_21685 EYY34_09650 EYY78_11015 F1E13_12850 F1E19_13585 F7F00_02940 F7F11_01115 F7F23_00665 F7F26_03065 F7G01_03890 F7G03_02700 F9059_06090 F9Z74_18200 FAF34_010195 FE846_02780 FKO60_03565 FNJ67_06370 FNJ69_12285 FNJ83_17875 FORC82_1067 FQ022_17605 FQR64_05280 FQU83_07080 FQZ46_00480 FRV13_23300 FTV93_23860 FV293_15850 FV295_08510 FV438_15285 FY127_14515 FZ043_19260 GFU40_06320 GFU47_11920 GHR40_09615 GII67_05930 GII91_14310 GIY13_16875 GJ11_18025 GJ638_02750 GJD97_05060 GKE15_03135 GKE22_09005 GKE24_03125 GKE26_03130 GKE29_04180 GKE31_03095 GKE39_03150 GKE46_11750 GKE58_03040 GKE60_03095 GKE64_07540 GKE77_03100 GKE87_04995 GKE92_01660 GKE93_03620 GKF03_04460 GKF28_13940 GKF34_13235 GKF47_13220 GKF74_07795 GKF86_09815 GKF89_09790 GKG08_07710 GKG09_07960 GKG11_08165 GKG12_00975 GKG22_07970 GKG29_08010 GN312_04475 GNZ00_00805 GNZ02_06270 GNZ03_13180 GP654_05220 GP661_15475 GP664_04220 GP666_07425 GP689_01920 GP700_13945 GP712_05420 GP720_12915 GP727_17550 GP912_17995 GP935_06995 GP946_10500 GP950_03155 GQE22_17855 GQE30_14975 GQE34_06655 GQE42_09295 GQE47_08060 GQE51_07155 GQE58_08185 GQE64_12560 GQE68_19320 GQE88_19580 GQE93_00635 GQL64_00935 GQM06_06780 GQM09_04835 GQM13_07125 GQM17_05020 GQN16_02715 GQN33_06080 GQS26_09385 GRW42_02075 GRW80_15480 HmCms169_01730 HmCms184_04776 HmCmsJML074_04422 HmCmsJML079_03779 HmCmsJML146_01816 HmCmsJML204_00525 HmCmsJML236_00834 HMPREF3040_01161 HW43_18180 MJ49_17095 MS6198_30910 MS8345_02965 NCTC10082_03473 NCTC10090_04050 NCTC10418_01701 NCTC10764_00296 NCTC10766_00690 NCTC10767_02309 NCTC10963_01055 NCTC10974_01288 NCTC11022_02860 NCTC11112_00121 NCTC11181_03277 NCTC12650_01316 NCTC12950_01251 NCTC13127_01436 NCTC13216_00824 NCTC13846_01212 NCTC7927_01209 NCTC8500_01090 NCTC8960_03783 NCTC9007_03892 NCTC9036_01135 NCTC9044_00576 NCTC9045_01221 NCTC9050_04166 NCTC9058_00847 NCTC9062_02131 NCTC9075_01630 NCTC9077_01409 NCTC9081_05851 NCTC9117_01609 NCTC9119_01271 NCTC9434_01004 NCTC9702_01298 NCTC9706_03296 NCTC9777_02704 NCTC9969_01292 PGD_04325 PU06_02080 RG28_07675 RK56_023165 SAMEA3472043_01265 SAMEA3472044_02272 SAMEA3472047_00339 SAMEA3472056_05455 SAMEA3472070_01673 SAMEA3472080_03155 SAMEA3472090_00131 SAMEA3472108_00527 SAMEA3472110_03462 SAMEA3472112_03722 SAMEA3472114_02432 SAMEA3472147_03296 SAMEA3484427_03298 SAMEA3484429_03415 SAMEA3484434_01581 SAMEA3485101_02257 SAMEA3752372_03639 SAMEA3752553_01510 SAMEA3752557_03040 SAMEA3752559_02995 SAMEA3752620_01282 SAMEA3753064_02287 SAMEA3753097_02219 SAMEA3753164_01192 SAMEA3753290_02847 SAMEA3753300_01107 SK85_03024 SY51_15605 U12A_02895 U14A_02898 UC41_20365 UN91_03645 WQ89_10170 WR15_06090 YDC107_1339] CTP synthase (EC (Cytidine 5'-triphosphate synthase) (Cytidine triphosphate synthetase) (CTP synthetase) (CTPS) (UTP--ammonia ligase)
[] Genome polyprotein [Cleaved into: Capsid protein C (Capsid protein) (Core protein); Protein prM (Precursor membrane protein); Peptide pr (Peptide precursor); Small envelope protein M (Matrix protein); Envelope protein E; Non-structural protein 1 (NS1); Non-structural protein 2A (NS2A); Serine protease subunit NS2B (Flavivirin protease NS2B regulatory subunit) (Non-structural protein 2B); Serine protease NS3 (EC (EC (EC (Flavivirin protease NS3 catalytic subunit) (Non-structural protein 3); Non-structural protein 4A (NS4A); Peptide 2k; Non-structural protein 4B (NS4B); RNA-directed RNA polymerase NS5 (EC (EC (EC (Non-structural protein 5)]
[CDC7 CDC7L1] Cell division cycle 7-related protein kinase (CDC7-related kinase) (HsCdc7) (huCdc7) (EC
[RAD9A] Cell cycle checkpoint control protein RAD9A (hRAD9) (EC (DNA repair exonuclease rad9 homolog A)
[CDK11B CDC2L1 CDK11 PITSLREA PK58] Cyclin-dependent kinase 11B (EC (Cell division cycle 2-like protein kinase 1) (CLK-1) (Cell division protein kinase 11B) (Galactosyltransferase-associated protein kinase p58/GTA) (PITSLRE serine/threonine-protein kinase CDC2L1) (p58 CLK-1)
[ASNS TS11] Asparagine synthetase [glutamine-hydrolyzing] (EC (Cell cycle control protein TS11) (Glutamine-dependent asparagine synthetase)
[Or22b AN12 DOR22A.2 dor67 Or22A.2 CG4231] Odorant receptor 22b
[CCAR1 CARP1 DIS] Cell division cycle and apoptosis regulator protein 1 (Cell cycle and apoptosis regulatory protein 1) (CARP-1) (Death inducer with SAP domain)
[Or22a AN11 DOR22A.1 dor53 Or22A.1 CG12193] Odorant receptor 22a
[cdc-48.2 C41C4.8] Transitional endoplasmic reticulum ATPase homolog 2 (EC (Cell division cycle-related protein 48.2) (p97/CDC48 homolog 2)
[hchA hchA_1 AM465_15370 AWF59_019055 AZZ83_004235 B9N33_26475 BFD68_20845 C7B02_06890 C9Z28_17130 CCZ14_26645 CCZ17_22700 CRJUMX01_1140054 CRT43_11430 CUB99_23505 D3C88_02905 D3P02_16265 D9D33_15385 D9D94_15735 D9E49_19020 D9I20_10460 D9J46_03345 DJ487_18960 DJ492_13470 DL251_00505 DL979_00380 DMC44_18755 DMZ50_24495 DNR41_00375 DS966_16070 DU333_03260 DW236_02290 E0L04_20335 EA159_21345 EA167_21075 EA189_00370 EA191_21560 EA198_02280 EA200_00370 EA203_21510 EA222_02305 EA232_20265 EA233_11705 EA242_17410 EA245_13290 EA429_05770 EA435_21775 EA834_21700 ECTO124_02024 EGT48_04930 ELT22_00120 ELT23_21030 ELT33_08025 ELU82_24705 ELU96_05025 ELV13_26065 ELV22_24670 ELX56_18060 ELX70_18575 ELX79_15035 ELX83_25640 ELY23_20490 ELY24_19085 ELY50_24510 EPS76_06485 EPS91_17475 EPS94_00505 ERS085406_02591 EWK56_00075 ExPECSC065_02714 EYX99_25670 FNJ67_10775 FV295_16190 GFU40_00360 GFU45_09680 GFU47_04835 GJ638_18410 GKE92_23545 GKF28_00040 GKF34_00055 GKF47_00040 GKG08_13460 GKG09_11990 GKG11_12245 GKG22_12830 GKG29_13740 GQE47_24120 GQN33_12435 GQS26_09145 HmCmsJML236_01281 NCTC10766_03778 NCTC7928_05955 NCTC8450_02317 NCTC9007_02951 NCTC9075_02834 SY51_11150 U12A_02105 U14A_02105] Protein/nucleic acid deglycase HchA (EC 3.1.2.-) (EC (Maillard deglycase)
[CDC36 DNA19 NOT2 YDL165W] General negative regulator of transcription subunit 2 (cell division cycle protein 36)
[gpt gpt_1 gpt_2 A6581_24735 A6592_07875 A6V01_15140 A8C65_11920 A9819_01270 A9P13_20710 AC067_13025 ACN68_09550 ACN81_04985 ACU57_05530 ACU90_21540 AM270_24435 AM446_22285 AM464_18035 AMK83_11675 AML07_18865 AML35_26760 APT94_26465 APZ14_03320 ARC77_20695 AU473_25460 AUQ13_19175 AUS26_00725 AW059_23210 AW106_16590 AWB10_20405 AWG90_003065 AWP75_23700 B7C53_21605 B9M99_20010 B9T59_06965 BANRA_00643 BANRA_00738 BANRA_02177 BANRA_03434 BB545_01610 BE963_15335 BEN53_03430 BER14_12690 BHF03_17015 BHF46_16390 BHJ80_04935 BHS81_01365 BHS87_01210 BIU72_04015 BIZ41_25355 BK248_22765 BK292_26975 BK296_11955 BK334_06615 BK375_21430 BK383_27375 BMA87_21655 BMA87_28570 BMT91_15840 BOH76_06515 BON63_03345 BON65_03985 BON69_12250 BON71_19305 BON83_19950 BON86_17080 BON87_16065 BON92_10240 BON95_07500 BON96_23095 BTQ04_20965 BTQ06_22075 BUE81_28385 BvCms12BK_03956 BvCms2454_04711 BvCms28BK_00811 BvCms35BK_03961 BvCmsC61A_02864 BvCmsHHP001_04975 BvCmsHHP056_02076 BvCmsKKP036_04089 BvCmsKKP061_04508 BvCmsKSNP073_03786 BvCmsKSNP081_01254 BvCmsKSNP120_01648 BvCmsKSP011_04056 BvCmsKSP024_01910 BvCmsKSP026_01630 BvCmsKSP045_00796 BvCmsKSP058_02901 BvCmsKSP067_02218 BvCmsKSP076_02633 BvCmsNSNP036_03992 BvCmsNSP006_02398 BvCmsNSP007_02005 BvCmsNSP047_03995 BvCmsNSP072_02750 BvCmsOUP014_00416 BvCmsSINP011_02987 BvCmsSINP022_01835 BvCmsSIP019_03456 BvCmsSIP044_02857 BVL39_01690 BW690_21415 BWP17_22815 BXT93_00225 BZL69_23795 C2M16_01965 C2U48_09075 C4M78_16185 C5715_22025 C5N07_13760 C5P01_21980 C5P44_21315 C6669_03760 C6B13_09340 C7235_19745 C7B02_25470 C7B08_00095 C7B18_22295 C9098_03130 C9114_26985 C9141_09755 C9160_01185 C9201_03165 C9306_10875 C9E25_22805 C9E67_24700 C9Z03_26210 C9Z23_22300 C9Z28_26570 C9Z29_22335 C9Z37_27125 C9Z39_22150 C9Z68_09975 C9Z69_27145 C9Z70_25050 C9Z78_07770 C9Z89_15250 CA593_02395 CDC27_25030 CDL37_13510 CF006_20670 CG692_23500 CI641_017195 CI693_17170 CI694_08655 CIG45_12330 CJU63_01405 CJU64_01420 CO706_23540 COD30_18335 COD46_17250 CQB02_19385 CQP61_21535 CR539_05390 CRD98_23120 CRE06_24510 CRM83_14605 CRX46_01755 CSB64_26950 CVH05_19670 CWM24_22145 CWS33_23735 D0X26_15070 D2185_25105 D2188_25000 D3821_16100 D3822_06565 D3P01_25990 D3Y67_06595 D4011_23175 D4011_28855 D4023_13325 D4023_28745 D4074_23775 D4074_28125 D4628_24155 D4628_28600 D4636_05010 D4636_29605 D4638_18395 D4638_26940 D4660_23335 D4660_28165 D4718_12915 D4718_26095 D4L91_24085 D4L91_28845 D4M06_25275 D4M06_29470 D4U85_23525 D4U85_29025 D4V08_08355 D4V08_27555 D5H35_23985 D5H35_30060 D5I97_23775 D5I97_29105 D6004_15800 D6004_29060 D6C36_24035 D6C36_28485 D6D43_24420 D6D43_29410 D6T60_07325 D6T98_09315 D6T98_29095 D6W00_22375 D6W00_27760 D6X36_25220 D6X36_27940 D6X63_19690 D6X63_30750 D6X76_25805 D6X76_29570 D7K63_22005 D7K63_29015 D7K66_24115 D7K66_28550 D7W70_23150 D7W70_28285 D8Y65_22575 D9610_13520 D9610_28220 D9C99_19800 D9C99_28275 D9D20_20050 D9D20_27320 D9D31_21340 D9D31_29190 D9D43_12910 D9D43_30910 D9D44_18550 D9D44_26290 D9E19_12450 D9E19_25065 D9E34_23825 D9E34_29905 D9E35_23540 D9E35_26575 D9E73_22940 D9E73_26685 D9G11_18645 D9G29_15190 D9G29_23545 D9G42_22480 D9G42_26240 D9G48_16265 D9G48_29215 D9G69_08570 D9G69_26570 D9H36_06175 D9H36_25670 D9H53_23915 D9H53_26745 D9H68_19500 D9H68_25150 D9H70_13915 D9H70_27810 D9H94_21005 D9H94_27450 D9I18_13670 D9I18_25405 D9I87_19245 D9I87_28290 D9I88_08305 D9I88_28725 D9I97_17060 D9I97_27320 D9J03_14485 D9J03_27980 D9J11_18255 D9J11_27180 D9J44_21820 D9J44_27170 D9J52_18195 D9J52_25855 D9J58_23055 D9J58_24365 D9J60_25310 D9J60_27465 D9J63_02850 D9J63_23790 D9J78_22620 D9J78_26485 D9K48_18335 D9K54_02155 D9L89_23375 D9L89_29740 D9S45_15760 D9S45_27600 D9X77_22165 D9X77_27305 D9X97_24085 D9X97_28835 D9Z28_10520 D9Z28_27455 DAH18_18315 DAH26_21060 DAH30_18735 DAH32_06350 DAH34_23765 DAH37_16845 DAH43_23055 DB359_23260 DBQ99_20880 DD762_24820 DEN86_05755 DEN97_24850 DEO04_03875 DEO19_23880 DEO20_15015 DIV22_00630 DJ492_11165 DJ503_22095 DK132_21260 DK132_27085 DL257_09335 DL257_26160 DL292_23280 DL292_26935 DL326_18855 DL326_27365 DL455_23505 DL455_30205 DL530_05345 DL530_29040 DL705_23200 DL705_29885 DL800_03175 DLT82_22145 DLT82_28135 DLU50_23620 DLU50_27500 DLU67_21040 DLU67_28755 DLU82_21760 DLU82_28810 DLW60_14310 DLW60_30375 DLX40_09740 DLX40_30010 DLY41_13185 DLY41_27720 DLY44_15600 DLY44_25650 DM102_12030 DM129_06785 DM129_27415 DM155_18895 DM155_29495 DM267_19615 DM267_28325 DM280_12915 DM280_26030 DM296_20930 DM296_26640 DM382_21300 DM382_27965 DM820_05140 DM820_29140 DM962_23610 DM973_24980 DM973_29180 DMI04_23535 DMI04_28235 DMI53_23945 DMI53_30115 DMO02_23120 DMO02_29500 DMY83_13725 DMY83_25955 DN627_09465 DN627_29990 DN660_05015 DN660_29840 DN700_23800 DN700_28885 DN703_24875 DN703_30875 DN808_04490 DN808_28870 DNB37_23165 DNB37_28300 DNC98_21945 DNC98_29725 DND16_19405 DND16_27515 DND79_03435 DND79_29510 DNI21_13010 DNI21_28935 DNJ62_24055 DNJ62_29265 DNK12_23120 DNK12_28235 DNQ45_25580 DNR35_21910 DNR35_28385 DNW42_07305 DNW42_26635 DNX19_11455 DNX19_29500 DNX30_04115 DNX30_29635 DOE35_24530 DOE35_31355 DOS18_23750 DOS18_28080 DOT81_23125 DOT81_29525 DOU81_23770 DOU81_28595 DOY22_22905 DOY22_29925 DOY56_23865 DOY56_28365 DOY61_01370 DOY61_29265 DOY67_05900 DOY67_30380 DP258_20540 DP258_29895 DP265_24490 DP265_28410 DP277_14380 DP277_29835 DQE91_08395 DQE91_28260 DQF36_21740 DQF36_26790 DQF71_16435 DQF71_31365 DQF72_23835 DQF72_28435 DQG35_19245 DQG35_28775 DQO13_04865 DQO13_29630 DQP61_09080 DQP61_29705 DRP48_23310 DRP48_28310 DRW19_21750 DRW19_30500 DS143_15935 DS143_31085 DS721_23580 DS721_28425 DT034_17525 DT034_27975 DTL43_23520 DTL90_09990 DTM45_23885 DTZ20_18435 DTZ20_30380 DU309_04460 DU321_20225 DVB38_15835 DVB38_28395 DWB25_19960 DXT69_13235 DXT71_24310 DXT73_18220 DXX80_017640 E0I42_20560 E0L12_22475 E2112_12685 E2114_14475 E2115_07010 E2119_20065 E2127_12735 E2128_13600 E2129_02525 E2134_00765 E2135_19800 E2148_09760 E2855_00301 E2863_00298 E4K55_14840 E4K60_19540 E4K61_16065 E5P22_16425 E5P28_19185 E5P37_20610 E5S42_17300 E5S46_09610 E5S47_10460 E5S56_05750 E5S58_22690 E5S61_10425 EA213_21795 EA214_13115 EA218_22575 EA225_23465 EA233_19695 EAI42_20865 EAI46_21030 EAI52_15405 EAM59_04145 EAM59_29595 EAN70_18670 EAN70_29725 EAN77_22945 EAN77_30680 EAX79_20060 EAX79_30825 EB476_17090 EB476_22680 EB509_20890 EB509_27800 EB510_18030 EB510_28315 EB515_23745 EB515_27880 EBA46_22205 EBA46_26395 EBA84_23430 EBA84_28170 EBJ06_23935 EBJ06_28545 EBM08_17745 EBM08_28280 EC1094V2_3589 EC3234A_186c00200 EC3426_01015 EC382_20120 EC382_27180 EC95NR1_04490 ECONIH1_01360 ECs0265 ECTO6_03818 ED225_23470 ED225_27940 ED307_05870 ED307_22700 ED600_12330 ED600_29810 ED607_19340 ED607_28020 ED611_24270 ED611_27810 ED648_18230 ED648_28315 ED903_19880 ED903_27815 ED944_23820 ED944_28290 EEA45_22330 EEA45_28065 EEP23_17860 EEP23_26875 EF082_19475 EF082_28120 EF173_22210 EF173_28140 EG075_16745 EG075_25400 EG599_14780 EG599_28925 EG796_21370 EG796_27615 EG808_20920 EG808_28375 EGC26_19180 EGC26_27180 EGU87_21300 EGU87_26855 EH186_14160 EH186_27945 EH412_06165 EH412_29675 EHD45_23575 EHD45_25935 EHD63_22900 EHD63_27715 EHD79_02905 EHD79_28125 EHH55_16495 EHJ36_16400 EHJ36_31060 EHJ66_23500 EHJ66_27500 EHV81_20960 EHV81_28820 EHV90_23810 EHV90_28430 EHW09_22310 EHW09_29050 EHX09_23125 EHX09_28420 EI021_14935 EI028_13710 EI032_16170 EI041_20535 EIA08_18435 EIA21_13445 EIZ93_22985 EJC75_23220 EKI52_09795 EL75_3518 EL79_3619 EL80_3521 ELT17_18520 ELT20_16230 ELT49_13100 ELT58_17560 ELU85_08285 ELV15_03520 ELV28_09060 ELX76_23175 ELY41_11455 ELY48_07995 EO241_22520 EPS91_24430 EPT01_14645 EPU41_01385 EQ820_00105 EQ823_20985 EQ825_21365 EQ830_24960 ERL57_20515 ERS085365_04413 ERS085366_02764 ERS085374_02249 ERS085379_04652 ERS085383_04165 ERS085386_03030 ERS085404_04643 ERS085416_04477 ERS139211_04430 ERS150873_03530 ERS150876_03636 EST51_19640 EVY14_16635 EXM29_23430 ExPECSC019_02478 ExPECSC038_02153 EXX06_21375 EXX13_14735 EXX23_23120 EXX24_20845 EXX53_17670 EXX55_21830 EXX71_22590 EXX78_22900 EXX87_21610 EYD11_18080 EYY27_14995 EYY34_21905 F1E13_21100 F1E19_22925 F7F00_06690 F7F18_01705 F7F23_17330 F7F26_17430 F7F29_14405 F7G01_17995 F7G03_23955 F9059_11055 F9Z74_17445 FAF34_024940 FE846_18930 FKO60_20295 FNJ69_22830 FNJ83_03065 FORC82_3792 FQ022_18270 FQ915_01480 FQR64_18230 FQZ46_18180 FRV13_03065 FV293_09695 FV295_11685 FV438_21145 FVB16_19925 FY127_14205 FZ043_04515 GHR40_00230 GII67_08135 GII91_21680 GIY13_22240 GIY19_23890 GJ11_01580 GJD97_22500 GKE15_16855 GKE22_18265 GKE24_17015 GKE26_18245 GKE29_15295 GKE31_17560 GKE39_18225 GKE46_16970 GKE58_14855 GKE60_15570 GKE64_15995 GKE77_15355 GKE87_15250 GKE93_18450 GKF00_04030 GKF03_04170 GKF74_21850 GKF86_21170 GKF89_17245 GKG08_09615 GKG09_09865 GKG11_10070 GKG12_19080 GKG22_09875 GKG29_09915 GN312_14520 GNZ00_20595 GNZ02_22410 GNZ03_23045 GP654_24520 GP661_12300 GP664_16685 GP689_21100 GP700_22210 GP712_22580 GP720_18440 GP727_21535 GP912_22305 GP946_21975 GQE22_13250 GQE30_20040 GQE34_15240 GQE42_16370 GQE51_19490 GQE64_16650 GQE68_11955 GQE88_11005 GQE93_04600 GQL64_16980 GQM06_14655 GQM09_17995 GQM13_21780 GQM17_10910 GQN16_22060 GRW42_08140 GRW80_22225 HmCms184_00518 HmCmsJML074_02688 HmCmsJML079_04239 HmCmsJML236_03821 HMPREF3040_05403 HW43_05000 MS6198_02780 NCTC10082_01255 NCTC10090_02014 NCTC10418_05865 NCTC10429_04036 NCTC10764_05531 NCTC10865_04958 NCTC10963_03998 NCTC10974_04512 NCTC11112_03566 NCTC11126_03770 NCTC11341_03813 NCTC12650_00242 NCTC12950_04321 NCTC13127_05339 NCTC13216_02789 NCTC13846_03809 NCTC7922_06425 NCTC7927_04385 NCTC7928_04751 NCTC8009_07187 NCTC8179_01495 NCTC8450_01242 NCTC8622_02801 NCTC8960_01426 NCTC8985_02965 NCTC9036_03941 NCTC9044_03359 NCTC9050_01892 NCTC9058_02906 NCTC9062_04335 NCTC9073_03237 NCTC9077_04973 NCTC9111_04170 NCTC9119_04172 NCTC9701_04276 NCTC9702_04610 NCTC9703_03337 NCTC9706_01196 NCTC9777_00306 NCTC9777_03689 NCTC9962_07295 NCTC9969_04170 PGD_03028 PU06_00100 RG28_03440 RK56_027385 SAMEA3472043_03024 SAMEA3472044_03219 SAMEA3472047_03118 SAMEA3472055_05115 SAMEA3472056_02836 SAMEA3472070_01939 SAMEA3472080_03519 SAMEA3472108_04671 SAMEA3472110_01888 SAMEA3472112_03297 SAMEA3472147_04102 SAMEA3484434_04071 SAMEA3485101_01928 SAMEA3752372_03315 SAMEA3752553_04691 SAMEA3752557_00102 SAMEA3752559_04613 SAMEA3753097_03779 SAMEA3753300_00352 SK85_00269 UC41_02310 UN86_24680 UN91_25330 WQ89_22485 WR15_21355 YDC107_3487] Xanthine-guanine phosphoribosyltransferase (XGPRT) (EC (Xanthine phosphoribosyltransferase)
[THY-2 At4g34570 T4L20.150] Bifunctional dihydrofolate reductase-thymidylate synthase 2 (DHFR-TS 2) [Includes: Dihydrofolate reductase (EC; Thymidylate synthase (EC]
[CDC43 CAL1 YGL155W G1864] Geranylgeranyl transferase type-1 subunit beta (GGTase-I-beta) (EC (Cell division cycle protein 43) (Geranylgeranyl transferase type I subunit beta) (RAS proteins geranylgeranyltransferase subunit beta) (Type I protein geranyl-geranyltransferase subunit beta) (PGGTase I beta)
[TAF1 CCG1] Transcription initiation factor TFIID subunit 1 (EC (EC (Cell cycle gene 1 protein) (TBP-associated factor 250 kDa) (p250) (Transcription initiation factor TFIID 250 kDa subunit) (TAF(II)250) (TAFII-250) (TAFII250)
[CDC73 C1orf28 HRPT2] Parafibromin (Cell division cycle protein 73 homolog) (Hyperparathyroidism 2 protein)

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