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Related Genes to 23180

[M2 M] Matrix protein 2 (Proton channel protein M2)

[CRK10 RLK4 At4g23180 F21P8.70] Cysteine-rich receptor-like protein kinase 10 (Cysteine-rich RLK10) (EC 2.7.11.-) (Receptor-like protein kinase 4)

[NA] Neuraminidase (EC

[HA] Hemagglutinin [Cleaved into: Hemagglutinin HA1 chain; Hemagglutinin HA2 chain]

[glmU NI25_23180] Bifunctional protein GlmU [Includes: UDP-N-acetylglucosamine pyrophosphorylase (EC (N-acetylglucosamine-1-phosphate uridyltransferase); Glucosamine-1-phosphate N-acetyltransferase (EC]

[M2] Matrix protein 2 (Fragment)

[asd HW45_23180] Aspartate-semialdehyde dehydrogenase (ASA dehydrogenase) (ASADH) (EC (Aspartate-beta-semialdehyde dehydrogenase)

[prs ADK64_23180] Ribose-phosphate pyrophosphokinase (RPPK) (EC (5-phospho-D-ribosyl alpha-1-diphosphate) (Phosphoribosyl diphosphate synthase) (Phosphoribosyl pyrophosphate synthase) (P-Rib-PP synthase) (PRPP synthase) (PRPPase)

[queC2 STK_23180] 7-cyano-7-deazaguanine synthase 2 (EC (7-cyano-7-carbaguanine synthase 2) (Archaeosine biosynthesis protein QueC 2) (PreQ(0) synthase 2)

[M1 M] Matrix protein 1 (M1)

[hchA A8C65_13880 A9R57_25255 AKG99_20940 AMK83_16550 B7C53_22525 B9M99_11580 B9T59_01945 BJJ90_15205 BMT49_12710 BON65_01250 BON66_15955 BON86_06490 BON95_14610 BUE81_10670 BvCms12BK_01457 BvCms28BK_04168 BvCmsHHP001_02632 BvCmsKKP061_00566 BvCmsKSP045_04450 BvCmsKSP058_03204 BvCmsKSP067_02879 BvCmsNSP006_03750 BvCmsNSP007_03329 BvCmsNSP047_03567 BvCmsSINP011_04162 BW690_17225 BZL69_29425 C2U48_24800 C5715_19445 C5N07_21380 C6669_19295 C7B06_02290 C7B07_03930 C9Z23_21970 C9Z37_00915 C9Z43_06360 C9Z78_05610 CDC27_10055 CDL37_00765 CI694_25210 COD46_23180 CQP61_17160 CRD98_26150 D2188_01360 D9D20_21030 D9D43_06110 D9H68_20750 D9H70_25730 D9I87_15275 DEN89_24995 DEO04_05510 DL800_09215 DQE83_22775 DTL43_21780 DU321_04440 DXT73_20690 E2134_24005 E2135_17195 E2855_02503 E2863_02392 E5P22_21380 E5S46_06650 EC95NR1_00961 ED648_25045 ELT20_21515 ELV08_24970 EPT01_11070 EQ825_23250 ERS085379_01273 ERS085386_05041 ExPECSC038_01920 EXX71_02385 EXX78_21815 EYD11_09165 F7F11_20115 F7F29_22635 FNJ83_13175 FQ915_04255 FQR64_09390 FWK02_18105 HmCmsJML079_02678 HMPREF3040_01583 HW43_13705 NCTC10082_04431 NCTC10418_03071 NCTC10767_03558 NCTC11022_01867 NCTC11126_04427 NCTC11181_05650 NCTC12950_02263 NCTC8985_00529 NCTC9111_05933 NCTC9703_00277 PGD_01271 PU06_24500 SAMEA3472043_00447 SAMEA3472055_03589 SAMEA3472056_01268 SAMEA3472070_00654 SAMEA3472080_04213 SAMEA3472090_03376 SAMEA3472110_00060 SAMEA3472112_00448 SAMEA3752372_00752 UN91_23615 WQ89_10695] Protein/nucleic acid deglycase HchA (EC 3.1.2.-) (EC (Maillard deglycase)

[ackA HPL003_23180] Acetate kinase (EC (Acetokinase)

[ilvC N566_23180] Ketol-acid reductoisomerase (NADP(+)) (KARI) (EC (Acetohydroxy-acid isomeroreductase) (AHIR) (Alpha-keto-beta-hydroxylacyl reductoisomerase)

[cobA cysG A3T25_05065 A4O61_24295 A4O64_01540 AAC70_22870 ABK55_22335 ADT85_13475 AG46_17680 AIF85_16800 AU972_02735 AVA95_23355 AVC93_20145 AVG51_23335 AVH38_22410 AXN72_23540 AXQ08_12530 BXD96_13330 BXE81_11965 BXG02_24190 BXG42_11275 BXH36_09025 BXH66_23485 BXL85_13955 BXM03_07015 BZ557_23760 BZ723_11680 BZ903_11460 BZ948_13225 BZV91_04975 BZW24_09745 BZW54_11000 C9P23_16450 C9Y45_09650 CB317_04710 CC530_18155 CSM04_24200 CSN39_23830 CSN48_23240 CSN51_23850 CSO81_23990 CSO96_22350 CSP66_10290 CST74_23515 CSU19_24100 CWG53_23745 D4346_11705 D4396_14080 D4412_22490 D4424_23000 D4471_13175 D4490_23640 D4513_10660 D4514_23340 D4536_24165 D4546_15335 D4548_24200 D4551_04145 D4D97_23785 D4D98_11825 D4E37_23510 D4E90_23535 D4F19_22685 D4F39_22395 D4F77_22935 D4F98_15775 D4G41_23245 D4X81_22225 D4Y00_22895 D4Y13_22425 D4Y39_08655 D4Y50_14055 D4Z16_09750 D4Z49_23845 D4Z50_11495 D4Z57_06210 D4Z58_22895 D5848_09020 D5865_22115 D5883_10255 D5889_23425 D5895_06725 D5915_22740 D5927_13900 D5970_23155 D5983_10620 D5A32_22935 D5A46_10530 D5A61_11725 D5A76_07675 D5A82_23410 D5B60_23400 D5B67_23440 D5C12_22790 D5C14_14600 D5C32_23620 D5C40_13335 D5C41_12480 D5C46_15820 D5C69_12510 D5N92_11690 D5O17_23020 D5O40_08020 D5O74_23520 D5O78_15335 D5O80_14050 D5O86_13995 D5P31_08510 D5P42_23560 D5P59_23675 D5Q09_09700 D5W71_24210 D5W81_08915 D5W91_13030 D5X16_23560 D5X39_23465 D5X46_22875 D5X72_23465 D5X88_11635 D5Y06_11695 D5Y33_12270 D5Y41_09795 D6331_08650 D6384_22405 D6448_24000 D6452_24105 D6453_23520 D6455_23455 D6467_12800 D6J46_24065 D6J67_23070 D6J69_22470 D6J92_22140 D6K08_23255 D6K21_11620 D6K24_23965 D6L05_22780 D6P24_22400 D6P57_22560 D6Q07_20885 D6Q21_06870 D6Q25_22575 D6Q70_23475 D6Q87_03305 D6Q93_23280 D6Q96_13350 D6Q97_22600 D6R62_23565 D6S13_09805 D6S22_23645 D6S50_09155 D6S83_10255 D6S89_23625 D6T08_10165 D6T23_23450 D6T24_22395 D6T31_13790 D6T37_05280 D6T45_06345 D7N22_12470 D7N77_11055 D7O13_23820 D7O17_23650 D7O23_23560 D8Q73_23645 D8R14_05435 D8R62_14230 D8S34_05580 D8S37_23535 D8S38_22050 D9O65_22950 D9P04_13060 D9P19_11195 D9P28_23455 D9P68_23705 D9P92_23245 D9P97_12835 D9Q07_12950 D9Q11_23500 D9Q29_24015 D9Q37_23475 D9Q49_11965 D9Q50_14710 DAR35_04500 DAW17_13175 DAY93_08580 DK013_23460 DK101_05445 DK103_23585 DK117_23145 DK127_04080 DK678_23055 DK739_04995 DK767_15595 DKI70_12510 DKJ03_23180 DKJ09_23920 DKS99_23175 DKT27_22760 DKU97_23035 DKV05_23370 DKV25_24265 DL068_11115 DL073_23875 DL088_09885 DL104_21535 DL105_18860 DL149_23220 DLB02_04565 DLB23_05090 DLB46_23295 DLB62_23200 DLB73_17325 DLC13_22835 DLF30_07575 DLL74_24090 DLL75_23420 DLM09_23380 DLM30_23565 DLQ79_22755 DLQ86_22760 DLR25_23420 DLR57_02635 DM028_10405 DM333_06975 DM703_21170 DM743_07185 DMA67_23245 DMA79_09750 DMA85_10340 DMB03_11160 DMM17_14045 DMM22_00850 DMO37_05255 DMO79_22160 DMU82_23495 DMV13_23220 DMV20_24405 DMZ76_08480 DN020_03055 DN022_10035 DN078_23140 DN102_23610 DN112_08335 DN125_23160 DN209_12450 DN223_08570 DN259_11565 DN322_04535 DN358_06585 DNI25_24220 DNI46_23500 DNI85_19655 DNJ05_08270 DNL79_22665 DNL92_23870 DNM44_22895 DNN00_22875 DNU39_23540 DNU40_00800 DNU55_22740 DNU68_23950 DNU78_24310 DNW14_23790 DNW28_23455 DNX88_23210 DNY96_14680 DNZ14_06725 DNZ39_23895 DNZ69_21560 DNZ74_24085 DNZ81_23055 DO654_23340 DO661_23105 DO663_23485 DO696_11550 DO771_23120 DO807_23695 DOA16_22385 DOB23_23550 DOB53_22910 DOB76_19720 DOC20_24535 DOC63_24035 DOH33_23170 DOH60_05185 DOH74_23105 DOH75_23105 DOI30_05980 DOI60_22640 DOI66_10360 DOQ37_23330 DOQ71_06850 DOR34_22600 DOR63_22815 DOR64_23300 DOR75_23985 DOV68_22875 DOV71_23520 DOV89_24240 DOW08_23010 DOW27_14060 DOW64_22710 DOW78_22870 DOW84_23330 DP712_06365 DP716_23475 DP726_13240 DP727_23090 DP766_23040 DP812_25110 DP837_12540 DP843_04870 DP862_08185 DP871_22075 DP873_23040 DPA17_04470 DPA21_23590 DPA45_22310 DPB01_21705 DPB36_16185 DPB58_23150 DPB73_23470 DPB82_20790 DPC17_23195 DPC50_24095 DPC91_22545 DPD28_06205 DPD48_24265 DPD71_19715 DPD78_10770 DPD96_22175 DPE61_22180 DPE91_23125 DPF18_23240 DPF23_22940 DPF69_23400 DPJ02_22190 DPJ06_24425 DPJ21_23315 DPJ26_23515 DPJ31_22695 DPJ65_24165 DPJ69_23555 DPK19_21180 DPK49_17085 DPL03_18995 DPP06_23315 DPP57_08920 DPS51_15135 DPS77_12570 DPT06_22225 DPT84_21470 DPY66_22095 DPZ23_23615 DPZ67_23395 DPZ88_23665 DPZ95_08660 DQ037_23190 DQ055_22660 DQ057_19365 DQ072_22295 DQ790_23705 DQ802_11105 DQ839_23975 DQ858_22110 DQ901_12290 DQ919_21975 DQ978_23265 DQ985_09870 DQC17_07000 DQC26_23070 DQC77_23295 DQC82_23095 DQD08_23590 DQD09_24135 DQD28_18855 DQD46_09490 DQD88_21780 DQE31_01455 DQE33_24165 DQE40_14520 DQJ23_21880 DQJ58_23575 DQJ77_22230 DQJ83_23195 DQJ90_23375 DQK19_07350 DQK57_21605 DQR27_19450 DQR36_23020 DQR73_20490 DQR90_22915 DQS56_24115 DQS71_23230 DQS98_10900 DQT47_23575 DQY54_22735 DQY86_23950 DQZ17_04180 DQZ37_11050 DRA25_04220 DRD38_23515 DRD57_23315 DRD59_23395 DRE32_09270 DRE46_23570 DRE60_06245 DRE85_09920 DRF38_11550 DRK36_23845 DRL62_22790 DRL68_21050 DRL89_22615 DRM19_22220 DRM41_24045 DRM66_20720 DRM81_23125 DRT10_22860 DRT23_08050 DRT73_23240 DRT77_17905 DRU25_22265 DRU99_22020 DRX40_21185 DRX41_10515 DRX46_23150 DRY35_23445 DRY53_23685 DS161_23960 DS172_23675 DS173_22485 DS188_22110 DS209_06715 DS212_10580 DS266_24205 DS269_09715 DS277_23470 DS300_06225 DS306_22775 DS313_12995 DS324_23550 DS339_22165 DS340_12275 DS346_15990 DS390_23495 DS436_21680 DS438_23535 DS468_23280 DS519_13130 DS615_20735 DS635_13535 DSB21_07735 DSB49_23185 DSE94_23085 DSF04_06860 DSF13_18705 DSF14_22945 DSF32_23185 DSF87_15370 DSF92_12205 DSF98_04000 DSG01_23505 DSG23_22810 DSM84_23095 DSN40_12845 DSQ65_22850 DSQ75_23020 DSR82_23580 DSR83_23200 DSR88_21650 DSS23_22505 DSS38_22150 DST18_21935 DT155_12715 DT162_19610 DT190_23640 DT193_22545 DT208_19515 DT222_22940 DT228_24670 DTE86_14165 DTF33_23590 DTF64_23175 DTF85_23255 DTF97_22000 DTG11_23170 DTG12_23245 DTG13_23245 DTG17_22025 DTG32_24220 DTG59_07495 DTH08_16655 DTH13_23555 DTT93_23275 DTT96_23360 DTU04_23440 DTU37_09205 DTU48_23640 DTU59_06460 DTU60_11675 DTV76_21855 DTV88_21925 DU092_23650 DU148_22515 DU157_06960 DU161_16645 DU238_12980 DU756_23550 DU758_23345 DU777_04475 DU798_05160 DU806_22995 DU829_09120 DU834_22830 DU844_23125 DU861_22900 DU877_13550 DU954_23535 DUA40_23245 DUA46_24375 DUA91_21860 DUB53_22725 DUC08_21470 DUP67_22925 DUP70_02410 DUP71_22470 DUQ24_23705 DUQ35_22735 DUQ39_23400 DUQ62_22560 DUQ64_23290 DUQ75_08085 DUR85_22550 DUU13_22440 DUU22_23400 DUU38_10630 DUU51_22925 DUU95_20175 DUV18_23855 DUV49_23910 DUV70_23700 DUV91_04125 DUW11_05050 DUW22_24005 DVE93_23260 DVF33_18615 DVF43_05525 DVF55_22105 DVG02_23615 DVG27_06955 DVG41_23360 DVG46_23900 EB673_23595 EBB74_07565 EBB77_23025 EBB82_23030 EBB84_23060 EBB89_23015 EBB97_22970 EBC18_23130 EBD00_12075 EBD12_22520 EBD20_23495 EBD25_08515 EBD36_23050 EBD43_10640 EBJ70_07675 EBK23_23100 EBK37_23965 EBK60_23285 EBK61_08340 EBO53_10905 EBO91_10380 EBP03_23175 EBP04_23405 EBP28_12000 EC417_22600 EC420_23180 EC448_11705 EC471_11085 EC499_23220 ECA60_10780 ECA66_22000 ECA74_22360 ECA89_23150 ECA96_07385 ECB08_22725 ECC57_22880 ECC69_22900 ECD11_23665 ECD14_23135 ECD21_24305 ED436_22185 ED469_22465 EEA55_23025 EEA60_21995 EEA63_18020 EEA67_10580 EEA91_23535 EER52_09135 EES07_10795 EF657_22795 EF664_22830 EF675_23380 EF704_13845 EFP90_22365 EFQ27_07950 EFQ33_09705 EFQ42_22070 EFQ52_11870 EFQ76_23805 EGL07_21380 EGL34_22550 EGL44_06495 EGL56_11720 EH095_23055 EH102_23050 EH113_12555 EHB16_22910 EHB40_22995 EHB51_22985 EHB53_08885 EHB67_14515 EHC02_08885 EHC04_23170 EHD09_14610 EHD23_21890 EHE29_10590 EHE71_22495 EHE79_23140 EIE05_05010 EIE15_20940 EIE18_23085 EIE24_22585 EIE42_11065 EIK98_09635 EIW58_23220 EIW69_22885 EIW86_17105 LM15_03845 QE93_10110 QF21_23420 R118_24065 S021_05315 UN56_16090 VT29_21715 XJ41_23815 XK54_05975 XK85_23985 XS28_23610 XZ16_03540 Y847_23615 YJ27_23050 YL55_16950 YU10_22390 ZA74_24640 ZT98_22315] Siroheme synthase [Includes: Uroporphyrinogen-III C-methyltransferase (Urogen III methylase) (EC (SUMT) (Uroporphyrinogen III methylase) (UROM); Precorrin-2 dehydrogenase (EC; Sirohydrochlorin ferrochelatase (EC]

[fni ASD40_23180] Isopentenyl-diphosphate delta-isomerase (IPP isomerase) (EC (Isopentenyl diphosphate:dimethylallyl diphosphate isomerase) (Isopentenyl pyrophosphate isomerase) (Type 2 isopentenyl diphosphate isomerase) (IDI-2)

[dusA ASG35_23180] tRNA-dihydrouridine(20/20a) synthase (EC (U20-specific dihydrouridine synthase) (U20-specific Dus) (tRNA-dihydrouridine synthase A)

[murA ABB07_23180] UDP-N-acetylglucosamine 1-carboxyvinyltransferase (EC (Enoylpyruvate transferase) (UDP-N-acetylglucosamine enolpyruvyl transferase) (EPT)

[ubiE WS75_23180] Ubiquinone/menaquinone biosynthesis C-methyltransferase UbiE (EC (EC (2-methoxy-6-polyprenyl-1,4-benzoquinol methylase) (Demethylmenaquinone methyltransferase)

[guaB ADL06_23180] Inosine-5'-monophosphate dehydrogenase (IMP dehydrogenase) (IMPD) (IMPDH) (EC

[ndhI LEP3755_23180] NAD(P)H-quinone oxidoreductase subunit I (EC 7.1.1.-) (NAD(P)H dehydrogenase I subunit I) (NDH-1 subunit I) (NDH-I)

[pdxH A5761_23180] Pyridoxine/pyridoxamine 5'-phosphate oxidase (EC (PNP/PMP oxidase) (PNPOx) (Pyridoxal 5'-phosphate synthase)

[moaA AT268_23180 FC685_10930] GTP 3',8-cyclase (EC (Molybdenum cofactor biosynthesis protein A)

[sucC RGCCGE502_23180] Succinate--CoA ligase [ADP-forming] subunit beta (EC (Succinyl-CoA synthetase subunit beta) (SCS-beta)

[adk JAB8_23180] Adenylate kinase (AK) (EC (ATP-AMP transphosphorylase) (ATP:AMP phosphotransferase) (Adenylate monophosphate kinase)

[folD AO063_23180] Bifunctional protein FolD [Includes: Methylenetetrahydrofolate dehydrogenase (EC; Methenyltetrahydrofolate cyclohydrolase (EC]

[cobA cysG A4O23_22680 A4O45_23495 A5895_10260 ACK40_21915 AH543_24340 AL864_13490 B9C63_23695 CC394_23355 CC828_23245 CPY04_23335 CQF73_24090 CQH69_23770 CQM83_24035 CQM91_23950 CWG97_04420 D4392_23335 D4408_24080 D4427_23490 D4428_23600 D4507_23395 D4515_23795 D4E09_23835 D4E59_23545 D4E64_23910 D4E70_23615 D4E75_22760 D4F17_23250 D4F20_23570 D4F29_23000 D4F49_23820 D4F54_21825 D4F87_23560 D4G07_23810 D4G50_23805 D4X67_23945 D4Y38_22995 D4Y42_23265 D4Y96_23470 D4Z75_23120 D5782_23070 D5836_24310 D5881_23125 D5A65_24210 D5B23_24060 D5C00_23760 D5C21_23840 D5O45_24060 D5O48_24255 D5P09_24125 D5P22_23765 D5P36_21245 D5P54_19825 D5P71_21870 D5Q05_23505 D5X20_22850 D5Y01_23010 D5Y08_23660 D6379_23290 D6429_21865 D6J55_23675 D6J74_23505 D6P41_23695 D6Q63_23855 D6R58_22975 D6R98_23865 D6S02_23370 D6S45_23570 D6S74_23640 D6S82_23760 D6T18_23595 D7N15_23195 D7N26_23945 D7N30_23525 D7N52_23575 D7O25_23820 D7O77_23450 D8Q64_21745 D8S35_24215 D8S62_23725 D8S66_24520 D9O71_23255 D9P12_23260 D9P13_23305 D9P51_22965 DFQ85_08280 DK030_07475 DK113_22975 DK687_23375 DKT04_23460 DKT40_22680 DKU65_22440 DKV20_24340 DL110_23435 DL115_21645 DL130_23925 DL146_23455 DL163_23880 DLB18_22580 DLB43_23490 DLC24_22825 DLF22_23220 DLF29_24400 DLF33_23155 DLF36_23470 DLM10_23710 DLM26_23890 DLQ73_23465 DLQ92_22925 DLR05_23380 DM006_23485 DM323_23285 DM367_24075 DM371_23830 DM705_23905 DMA96_24030 DMB04_23395 DML85_20570 DMM43_23865 DMO61_22925 DMO65_23235 DMV32_23255 DN092_21835 DN096_17090 DN123_18420 DN182_24420 DN282_24210 DN317_23660 DN319_23985 DN362_23995 DNI00_21425 DNI67_22410 DNI82_24175 DNJ17_23520 DNM80_24185 DNU17_23255 DNU67_23755 DNU84_23130 DNV04_23575 DNV18_24435 DNV28_23830 DNV55_23115 DNV59_23205 DNV93_24240 DNY86_24000 DNZ02_24100 DNZ29_23620 DO557_23340 DO565_23090 DO591_24015 DO596_23880 DO617_23890 DO630_23685 DO638_23100 DO681_24120 DO731_24105 DO981_16865 DOA55_23120 DOA87_24295 DOA98_24055 DOB00_23930 DOC25_23595 DOC31_12165 DOH04_23240 DOH41_23555 DOH63_23205 DOH69_23565 DOH81_23800 DOI78_23195 DOJ02_24430 DOJ11_19160 DOR51_23145 DOV77_22745 DOV78_22375 DOW52_23180 DOX30_23900 DP688_24205 DP693_23150 DP698_23535 DP703_24195 DP713_24390 DP736_24050 DP778_23450 DP800_23450 DP859_23875 DPA01_22585 DPA36_23285 DPB61_23630 DPD61_23230 DPE40_23250 DPE76_21335 DPE98_22330 DPP34_22980 DPP41_24295 DPP49_23850 DPP70_23140 DPS71_23220 DPT22_23580 DPT74_23805 DPU13_22980 DPY81_22995 DPZ65_20145 DQ076_23430 DQ082_23395 DQ880_23785 DQ933_23705 DQC12_20050 DQC81_21240 DQC88_22075 DQD11_23435 DQD59_15735 DQE08_19980 DQE20_22815 DQE42_23995 DQJ22_22855 DQK43_23325 DQQ27_23480 DQR39_23575 DQR74_22755 DQS55_23550 DQS89_23430 DQT21_24150 DQT40_20085 DQT67_24145 DQZ89_22730 DRA21_23780 DRA26_23910 DRA37_23360 DRD40_23755 DRD55_22850 DRE12_23690 DRE69_22130 DRE92_22615 DRK49_23400 DRL53_23670 DRL65_24040 DRL96_23465 DRM39_23520 DRM43_23115 DRT45_23760 DRT76_23250 DRU07_22490 DRV17_23930 DRV44_23300 DRY30_24240 DS168_23130 DS336_23415 DS372_23280 DS485_23475 DS493_23550 DS572_23890 DS605_22630 DS651_22985 DS666_23240 DS688_24580 DS708_23885 DSA90_23105 DSB20_24505 DSB26_23530 DSB29_23215 DSB36_23820 DSF03_22695 DSF23_12440 DSF57_23350 DSF93_23505 DSG69_23455 DSM73_23875 DSM81_23920 DSM96_23930 DSN18_23205 DSR78_24250 DSR92_21190 DSS12_22290 DSS37_23620 DSS62_22775 DSS75_23430 DSS77_24315 DST25_23085 DT168_23620 DTE69_22625 DTG45_23495 DTG68_22565 DTG80_23765 DTT99_19805 DTV63_23440 DTW19_23225 DU084_22390 DU129_23835 DU131_22825 DU159_23825 DU165_23925 DU205_24120 DU207_23795 DU257_24320 DU750_19160 DU762_23420 DU854_22090 DU873_23310 DU916_20895 DU947_24440 DUB79_23050 DUB80_23255 DUB82_23235 DUP91_23210 DUQ41_22935 DUQ55_23840 DUQ58_20775 DUR69_18130 DUR90_22210 DUU54_20070 DUU71_24500 DUU80_23985 DUU92_23505 DUV51_23775 DV01_23265 DVF71_23695 DVG21_22945 E5N87_17725 EBJ71_23145 EBJ89_23915 EBK43_23020 EBK48_23810 EBO89_23265 EBO94_22695 EBP12_23765 EC422_22620 EC429_22615 EC434_22830 EC491_23745 EC492_18880 ECA94_23540 ECD30_24635 ED477_23805 EDK87_23895 EDL36_23455 EDL46_24280 EEA59_23510 EEA93_23330 EER72_21930 EES08_23010 EF649_23005 EGM25_23675 EH130_23450 EHB46_23510 EHB61_21570 EHD20_23630 EIE60_23400 EIL32_22805 EIW55_23130 EIW93_23605 FD75_21980 PK95_22395 S639_25165] Siroheme synthase [Includes: Uroporphyrinogen-III C-methyltransferase (Urogen III methylase) (EC (SUMT) (Uroporphyrinogen III methylase) (UROM); Precorrin-2 dehydrogenase (EC; Sirohydrochlorin ferrochelatase (EC]

[cobA cysG AVA86_19110 E1854_22360 E2G41_21540 ZA38_23180] Siroheme synthase [Includes: Uroporphyrinogen-III C-methyltransferase (Urogen III methylase) (EC (SUMT) (Uroporphyrinogen III methylase) (UROM); Precorrin-2 dehydrogenase (EC; Sirohydrochlorin ferrochelatase (EC]

[cobA cysG D4445_23130 D5764_22935 D5A79_23610 DNI98_24155 DNV22_23240 DO703_23670 DO963_23590 DOQ35_23570 DPA81_23155 DPF07_23795 DPS96_22480 DQY76_23630 DRY92_23285 DRZ34_23050 DSB43_23180 DSN05_23325 DST00_22625 DTU26_23260 DTV77_23215 DTW09_24780 DUA33_23025 DUC35_23945 DUR96_24720 EBB85_22600 EF688_22800 EFQ06_23130 EGU80_22850 EGU86_22825 EHB49_22665 LP13_24000] Siroheme synthase [Includes: Uroporphyrinogen-III C-methyltransferase (Urogen III methylase) (EC (SUMT) (Uroporphyrinogen III methylase) (UROM); Precorrin-2 dehydrogenase (EC; Sirohydrochlorin ferrochelatase (EC]

[moaA BOX37_23180] GTP 3',8-cyclase (EC (Molybdenum cofactor biosynthesis protein A)

[nnrE nnrD FOF48_23180] Bifunctional NAD(P)H-hydrate repair enzyme (Nicotinamide nucleotide repair protein) [Includes: ADP-dependent (S)-NAD(P)H-hydrate dehydratase (EC (ADP-dependent NAD(P)HX dehydratase); NAD(P)H-hydrate epimerase (EC]


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