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Related Genes to citE

[citE] Citrate lyase subunit beta (Citrase beta chain) (EC (Citrate (pro-3S)-lyase subunit beta) (Citryl-CoA lyase subunit) (EC

[citE ybdW b0616 JW0608] Citrate lyase subunit beta (Citrase beta chain) (EC (Citrate (pro-3S)-lyase subunit beta) (Citryl-CoA lyase subunit) (EC

[citE Rv2498c] Citrate lyase subunit beta-like protein (EC 4.1.-.-)

[citE2 citE citE_1 B4U25_00330 B5L96_26320 BL124_00028245 BN49_4304 C4Y50_026655 CK508_015695 DD581_22080 DM060_00430 DM062_00280 EAO17_17945 EXT45_14925 FXN67_14455 G5637_14765 G7Z27_23110 GF489_08640 GJI97_022585 GJI97_03650 GJJ08_022840 GJJ08_05620 GNE24_10365 GNG14_00780 HJW74_21630 NCTC11679_04822 NCTC13465_04546 NCTC204_00871 NCTC3279_04971 NCTC5052_02805 NCTC5053_04235 NCTC8849_00972 NCTC9601_05819 NCTC9617_05456 NCTC9637_05692 NCTC9645_05380 NCTC9661_05339 SAMEA3515094_03548 SAMEA3538546_03541 SAMEA3538560_03541 SAMEA3649630_03848 SAMEA3649650_01913 SAMEA3649733_02875 SAMEA3649758_01622 SAMEA3673026_02590 SAMEA3720909_02235 SAMEA3727679_02245 SAMEA4370540_04047 SAMEA4370542_02524 SAMEA4873581_02835 WP4S18C04_42680] Citrate (pro-3S)-lyase subunit beta (EC (EC (Citrate lyase subunit beta) (Citryl-CoA lyase subunit)

[citE citE_2 citE_3 A5895_04045 ACV85_17715 AGQ90_02090 AH079_13785 AH557_21060 AXR82_23895 AXT19_20925 C9E93_18850 C9F01_16535 C9F05_12115 CQE41_14115 CVB07_22485 D4Z17_07440 DO679_08675 DTU87_06170 E0U76_09905 EHB73_06605 EUC09_07285 EWC36_12105 EZX96_05235 F0D14_11535 F1J33_15340 F1J90_07680 F2J40_08880 F2V23_13405 F2V25_07815 F3550_22405 F3595_12855 F3E26_14450 F3E63_07240 F9P04_09410 F9Q85_09115 F9W02_14595 F9X76_08455 F9X98_09470 FE718_23365 FL809_22650 FQS30_10825 FR247_11170 FRN02_09775 FZ523_11065 G0D53_15105 G0D55_17165 G0D80_22430 G1E46_15760 G1E64_14525 G1G55_16245 G1G60_18060 G1G62_19030 G1G80_16475 G1G82_19075 G1G84_18080 G1G93_12175 G1H00_18445 G1H39_16755 G1H47_13430 G1H60_16330 G1H61_18340 G1H87_19175 G1H91_14665 G1I18_13035 G2927_12040 G2946_09425 G2949_22160 G2978_23745 G2985_09285 G2988_13180 G3A03_22360 G3A19_10830 G3A20_15400 GAW88_20760 GB005_09870 GB030_13195 GB035_17010 GB054_23085 GB058_02435 GB091_08520 GB132_12680 GB140_08710 GB151_16520 GB154_00995 GB197_17885 GB245_20360 GB262_10190 GB336_07805 GB387_10030 GB396_13720 GB407_09830 GB443_04940 GB490_06485 GB492_13575 GB502_02900 GB506_05155 GB511_11530 GB524_05005 GB574_13680 GB577_14820 GB579_12685 GBS06_17490 GBS28_14710 GBS32_12920 GBV38_14580 GBV65_08700 GBV69_17835 GBV76_21985 GBW17_09405 GBW29_14690 GBW33_16005 GBX03_11035 GBX88_11925 GBX94_22730 GBY07_20325 GBY14_23190 GBY31_13335 GBY50_22160 GBY67_15070 GBY75_20700 GBZ44_10790 GBZ81_14795 GBZ99_23640 GCX84_11950 GCY10_08955 GDM15_18455 JR37_16755 LH82_16735 MB64_15455 NCTC8258_05654 NCTC8272_03342 RU16_02830 TE27_19565] Citrate (pro-3S)-lyase subunit beta (EC (EC (Citrate lyase subunit beta) (Citryl-CoA lyase subunit)

[COI] Cytochrome c oxidase subunit 1 (EC (Fragment)

[citE2 citE citE_2 BN49_4526 EXT45_19640 SAMEA4370540_04222 SAMEA4370542_05225] Citrate (pro-3S)-lyase subunit beta (EC (EC (Citrate lyase subunit beta) (Citryl-CoA lyase subunit)

[citE2 citE t0062 CAJ76_08365 CAJ80_23440 CAJ85_06680 CAL67_22445 CB224_06125 CC884_05740 CC907_04180 CC972_03055 D4Z37_06310 D6Q30_21175 DKA88_06045 DNM71_05910 DNV09_02125 DS261_06715 DUQ91_07880 DUV11_06820 DVG36_06065 EBC38_06410 EID90_06985 ELQ62_05980 EU445_06540 EVI00_07700 F9R11_08830 F9Y21_06455 FI137_06265 G2227_11065 G2244_08725 G3982_003514 G3V49_004535 G4I71_003686 G4L28_004400 G4P30_004367 G4Y41_004467 G4Y55_002185 G9264_004023 G9C68_001817 G9X37_004457 GDI29_07695 GND71_001707 ZZ17_13025] Citrate (pro-3S)-lyase subunit beta (EC (EC (Citrate lyase subunit beta) (Citryl-CoA lyase subunit)

[citE2 citE SL1344_0061 G1W50_24440 G1W53_14520 G1W54_14900 G1W56_15405 G1W62_14085 G1W63_15210 G1W64_15225 G1W67_14080 G1W86_13810 G1W87_13940 G1W89_14700 G1X03_15090 G1X09_15550 G1X10_15465 G1X13_15545 G1X17_15555 G1X23_14940 G1X29_15255 G1X32_14605 G1X38_14910 G1X44_13835 G1X47_13915 G1X49_15105 G1X50_12755 G1X51_15550 G1X52_15230 G1X57_11715 G1X61_14090 G1X64_13835 G1X66_14910 G1X67_13835 G1X68_13990 G1X69_15820 G1X71_15555 G1X76_14580 G1X80_14580 G1X84_13975 G1X85_14475 G1X86_14005 G1X87_14115 G1X94_12870 G1X96_14015 G1X99_15235 G1Y02_14610 G1Y04_13830 G1Y11_13355] Citrate (pro-3S)-lyase subunit beta (EC (EC (Citrate lyase subunit beta) (Citryl-CoA lyase subunit)

[citE citE_2 AGG97_10025 CWM85_07675 CWN49_14455 DN619_00990 H5403_24230 HV317_12515 NCTC9161_06218 SAMEA2273883_03216] Citrate (pro-3S)-lyase subunit beta (EC (EC (Citrate lyase subunit beta) (Citryl-CoA lyase subunit)

[citE citE_1 A3104_13830 A3S30_09940 A3T81_12400 A3U32_19670 A3V03_08500 A3V89_08195 A3W57_10930 A3W75_05250 A3X15_11180 A3Y76_25165 A4N07_10780 A4R48_10920 A6D61_09465 AAA76_09005 AAB27_23320 ADQ28_05080 AF497_23190 AHN93_10300 AKH62_07530 AQ530_10490 AU613_02820 AVA38_06725 AVC05_23905 AVL16_13365 AWT30_16470 AXX99_08730 B1642_13765 B2E31_08635 B4V59_09310 B4W90_13650 B8Z46_16485 B9M14_14110 B9O84_06980 BBQ66_04055 BMS46_10125 BMU56_11710 BZ203_14160 C5W43_14250 CA117_19100 CB102_05960 CB119_21840 CB198_17900 CB380_23175 CB535_23170 CB570_05300 CBM67_12515 CBM76_10835 CC403_01390 CC453_08080 CC971_05460 CE70_15940 CED07_24375 CFF58_11925 CFF59_21755 CHN22_10350 CPS79_01695 CQO33_12750 CSG22_08565 CVR97_21110 D4422_06125 D5823_23735 D5O82_24800 D5P17_25140 D5Y28_05685 D6422_08665 DD95_24085 DLR28_08350 DMI89_14285 DNB97_25500 DNM27_25185 DO533_03105 DPD91_09695 DPF41_15000 DPF68_03640 DPS76_10980 DRM14_06710 DRT61_24060 DRV05_24670 DRX36_24100 DSG41_24275 DTF68_25390 DU223_24115 DU657_20325 DU879_02870 DUV75_24025 DWU22_19810 DY580_24555 DYM27_18630 E0935_09645 EC404_22130 EEQ30_10915 EHB09_16400 EL822_02835 ELS01_08570 EQG93_24225 EVI88_23670 EVY71_21955 EW905_23610 F0D96_18170 F2P00_13100 F9G02_12515 F9O44_02685 FE758_24295 FJM64_22895 FQC24_13790 FQX78_13180 G0038_18765 G0042_10375 G0045_14805 G0047_17815 G0048_15510 G0051_14015 G0052_14240 G0059_13550 G0061_15005 G0062_16255 G0063_15070 G0067_14910 G0069_15340 G0070_12495 G0071_14870 G0072_09395 G0074_08430 G0076_16815 G0077_15435 G0080_09080 G0084_14920 G0086_09585 G0087_16720 G0088_18580 G0089_15040 G0090_14450 G0094_12045 G0100_09880 G0101_19055 G0102_15810 G0111_13650 G0113_04630 G0117_16710 G0123_16720 G0124_15490 G0148_15380 G0157_16140 G0170_15960 G0A05_12195 G0A28_22805 G0A32_03475 G0A39_06285 G0A43_05070 G0A46_04010 G0A52_03730 G0A60_04410 G0A61_05645 G0A63_02805 G0A67_06220 G0A68_23435 G0A79_06185 G0A97_08055 G0B03_10605 G0B05_06080 G0B07_06660 G0B08_07080 G0B12_08625 G0B28_12580 G0C03_11615 G0C04_19965 G0C34_13425 G0E15_08115 G0E20_24430 G0J24_10625 G0J26_09160 G0J27_20085 G0J28_09960 G0J31_07000 G0J33_08010 G0J34_16125 G0J36_11705 G0J37_09810 G0J40_12890 G0J44_11345 G0J45_12800 G0J46_13445 G0J47_11520 G0J49_13545 G0J50_24765 G0J51_13085 G0J53_12585 G0J55_12760 G0J58_13420 G0J59_08470 G0J62_20940 G0J65_09895 G0J66_25565 G0J67_12185 G0J69_12475 G0J71_24685 G0J73_24785 G0J76_24395 G0J81_11805 G0J85_11955 G0J89_10365 G0J92_09610 G0J94_10740 G0J96_09180 G0J97_11235 G0K00_18285 G0K03_15025 G0K04_19305 G0K07_14280 G0K10_24975 G0K13_12455 G0K15_17425 G0K16_09550 G0K19_24500 G0K23_14475 G0K25_12720 G0K26_13505 G0K28_10435 G0K30_13810 G0K31_10560 G0K33_10780 G0K37_21665 G0K41_02145 G0K44_13370 G0K46_13930 G0K47_12460 G0K48_08700 G0K49_24815 G0K52_11750 G0K53_11910 G0K56_24140 G0K58_24585 G0K59_11295 G0K61_24180 G0K65_13055 G0K70_10330 G0K72_13345 G0K74_24385 G0K75_12015 G0K78_17365 G0K80_24745 G0K85_24715 G0L31_15460 G0L36_11230 G0L37_14075 G0L40_10360 G0L42_22845 G0L48_10920 G0L49_05775 G0L68_03965 G0L70_22435 G0L73_05720 G0L77_06010 G0L78_03725 G0L85_11710 G0L88_22700 G0L93_08385 G0L96_06680 G0L98_07565 G0M00_01370 G0M02_05235 G0M21_20340 G0M27_07195 G0M28_04065 G0M30_17695 G0M35_07635 G0M36_24155 G0N45_12500 G0N48_10910 G0N51_15380 G0N53_08655 G0N55_15150 G0N57_10860 G0N58_17435 G0N59_14355 G0N60_17455 G0N61_17115 G0N62_15400 G0N64_13590 G0N65_12210 G0N66_14035 G0N67_15180 G0N71_04810 G0N75_14180 G0N78_13590 G0N82_14400 G0N84_14305 G0N85_13865 G0N86_14380 G0N88_13755 G0N89_17415 G0N90_14950 G0N92_24065 G0N94_16910 G0N95_10170 G0N98_05595 G0N99_08280 G0O03_23380 G0O10_14420 G0O14_01350 G0O15_15855 G0O18_23635 G0O19_18335 G0O20_11035 G0O22_13120 G0O25_21775 G0O27_18310 G0O31_17920 G0O32_06890 G0O36_22845 G0O39_12675 G0O40_10685 G0O41_12905 G0O43_14420 G0O44_22965 G0O47_05455 G0O52_15410 G0O55_13070 G0O58_08745 G0O59_14340 G0O60_08095 G0O63_15650 G0O66_24530 G0O68_05600 G0O70_10345 G0O71_15115 G0O75_18225 G0O77_12530 G0O78_19315 G0O80_13600 G0O81_21195 G0O82_15020 G0O84_14320 G0O85_12510 G0O86_24445 G0O87_15390 G0O88_23410 G0O89_14280 G0O92_18395 G0O93_12190 G0O94_24475 G0O97_21365 G0O99_00510 G0P00_11500 G0P01_23590 G0P05_18085 G0P06_15585 G0P12_10780 G0P13_15040 G0P17_22890 G0P18_12700 G0P19_17820 G0P24_10845 G0P26_18825 G0P28_19740 G0P30_14985 G0P31_09080 G0P37_10375 G0P41_18485 G0P44_22640 G0P45_04250 G0P48_15035 G0P49_21245 G0P52_16720 G0P53_24935 G0P56_13655 G0P57_15470 G0P58_17425 G0P63_22780 G0P67_16705 G0P68_22440 G0P69_18835 G0P73_22010 G0P76_13310 G1O10_21050 G1P61_10445 G1R52_11670 G2203_14930 G2212_09765 G2221_23520 G2290_04125 G2793_16580 G2918_24230 G2951_09585 G3230_002501 G3231_002402 G3248_004555 G3263_002533 G3312_003124 G3336_004192 G3433_003293 G3460_001867 G3464_004845 G3V06_001624 G3V14_002606 G3V21_004512 G3X03_001061 G4189_001201 G4190_001103 G4192_001216 G4198_001093 G4201_003847 G4A01_000476 G4B68_002682 G4B72_002126 G4B74_004556 G4D32_004832 G4D46_001338 G4G47_004923 G4G67_003362 G4G76_003224 G4G79_000193 G4H07_004857 G4H63_002047 G4I66_002115 G4J07_001348 G4J11_001344 G4J12_004092 G4J18_003494 G4J20_004967 G4J37_004777 G4J39_002998 G4J41_002513 G4J45_004120 G4J90_002453 G4K02_002324 G4K03_003852 G4O54_001221 G4O56_000658 G4O59_001683 G4O60_001085 G4O69_003254 G4P29_004853 G4P89_001414 G4P91_004509 G4Q50_001429 G4Q52_001429 G4Q67_001081 G4Y10_001901 G9269_001901 G9C24_004769 G9C41_001136 G9C46_001436 G9C47_001087 G9C49_001418 G9G03_001701 G9G04_002602 G9G34_004567 G9G36_003174 G9G45_003903 G9G50_004032 G9G62_004760 G9W19_003947 G9W45_003571 G9W52_003680 G9X40_003686 GB021_16975 GB040_22440 GB076_23185 GB106_09105 GB114_23890 GB120_14915 GB122_24530 GB139_18695 GB171_14635 GB209_13005 GB221_00955 GB238_11265 GB280_16020 GB321_15815 GB339_07780 GB368_00955 GB416_08580 GB459_12430 GB466_24265 GB505_24130 GB551_16950 GB645_02750 GBS58_14410 GBV60_11555 GBW03_19200 GBW44_10405 GBW52_14580 GBW76_23575 GBX20_12425 GBX55_13965 GBY23_12820 GBZ51_21300 GCZ80_11590 GJE27_11880 GJE28_13540 GNA59_002436 GNA88_004921 GNA97_002501 GNA99_002069 GNC19_001639 GNC45_001587 GNC75_001491 GNC95_001908 GT380_12905 GTH60_17080 GTH63_23595 GTH66_14200 GTH67_05515 GTH68_19065 GTH72_24180 GTH73_16710 GTH75_18845 GTH79_18960 GTH81_22680 GTH85_18440 GTH87_08095 GTH91_19815 GTH93_12485 GTH94_15150 GYI58_03730 GYI62_001611 GYJ04_22775 GYJ24_22850 GYJ27_10325 GYJ30_12920 GYJ32_09510 H8S97_00305 NG06_20835 SE14_00062 STMLT2P22_CBEKMEGD_00806 ZV33_22075 ZX03_11750] Citrate (pro-3S)-lyase subunit beta (EC (EC (Citrate lyase subunit beta) (Citryl-CoA lyase subunit)

[citE citE_2 B8P98_23615 SAMEA3499923_04956 SB6094_05002] Citrate (pro-3S)-lyase subunit beta (EC (EC (Citrate lyase subunit beta) (Citryl-CoA lyase subunit)

[citE2 citE SEN0061 G2359_12710] Citrate (pro-3S)-lyase subunit beta (EC (EC (Citrate lyase subunit beta) (Citryl-CoA lyase subunit)

[citE citE2 A3Z30_17750 AOL22_00305 B8V99_17975 BG463_22235 BTP56_05860 D3F48_22105 D4T75_22230 D9Z15_22235 DLS03_25010 DVG67_22590 DVL97_12160 E0N08_22000 E2843_20635 G4L20_004522 G9W49_004102 STL3838_38560 STL3841_37390] Citrate (pro-3S)-lyase subunit beta (EC (EC (Citrate lyase subunit beta) (Citryl-CoA lyase subunit)

[citE citE_2 AGQ41_07765 AXN14_14190 AXN36_00470 DAX91_14340 DLR06_04990 DNU30_23595 DOW74_07815 DPC26_02680 F2K26_01165 F9G36_09605 F9P26_08360 F9Q54_08380 FKN96_22435 FMV10_22290 FRN22_03360 FZ516_08190 G0H73_18200 G1H51_08940 G1H77_08850 G1I19_08925 G9C40_001434 GB085_07630 GBW64_07375 GBY27_17875 GBZ60_04305 NCTC8271_04886 RU46_18570 Z599_06800] Citrate (pro-3S)-lyase subunit beta (EC (EC (Citrate lyase subunit beta) (Citryl-CoA lyase subunit)

[citE_2 citE B7N00_13295 B7N01_23490 B7N35_11165 B7N72_21320 B7N78_13535 B7N80_23395 B7N84_14605 DRU31_11660 E0916_13710 EJV93_16385 ERS008198_05038 ERS008202_04955 ERS008207_04946 EWC73_11600 G0B02_13855 G0D18_11940 G2206_10860 NCTC5754_03841] Citrate (pro-3S)-lyase subunit beta (EC (EC (Citrate lyase subunit beta) (Citryl-CoA lyase subunit)

[citE_2 citE_3 NCTC11685_03166 NCTC11694_03002] Citrate (pro-3S)-lyase subunit beta (EC (EC (Citrate lyase subunit beta) (Citryl-CoA lyase subunit)

[citE HI_0023] Citrate lyase subunit beta (Citrase beta chain) (EC (Citrate (pro-3S)-lyase subunit beta) (Citryl-CoA lyase subunit) (EC

[citE c0706] Citrate lyase subunit beta (Citrase beta chain) (EC (Citrate (pro-3S)-lyase subunit beta) (Citryl-CoA lyase subunit) (EC

[citE citE_1 citE_2 A6581_10750 A6592_16765 A6V01_02680 A8C65_06660 A9R57_11075 A9X72_17970 AC067_14785 AC789_1c06560 ACN68_28345 ACN81_02825 ACU57_00705 AJ318_06555 AM270_15905 AM340_26960 AM375_21170 AM464_20350 AM465_23570 AMK83_07650 AML35_19650 APT94_14125 APU18_23930 APX88_01380 ARC77_22700 AUQ13_21765 AUS26_05855 AW059_00585 AWB10_18270 AWE53_022730 AWF06_06100 AWF59_001295 AWP75_25530 AZZ83_000347 B6V57_03110 B7C53_00195 B9N33_00520 B9T59_04920 BANRA_00070 BANRA_01021 BANRA_01130 BANRA_01818 BANRA_03794 BB545_12655 BE930_11190 BE963_17215 BEN53_05555 BER14_10970 BFD68_06200 BFL24_03510 BHS87_03230 BIQ87_03220 BIU72_17550 BIZ41_17120 BK248_03120 BK292_19675 BK296_04580 BK334_18790 BK373_00325 BK383_17870 BMA87_18000 BMT49_04690 BMT91_14140 BOH76_04300 BON63_00465 BON75_19160 BON76_07670 BON83_12565 BON86_22795 BON91_22875 BON92_05450 BON94_20230 BON95_20790 BON98_01205 BTQ04_10715 BTQ06_00440 BUE81_11460 BvCms12BK_01531 BvCms2454_02182 BvCms28BK_01572 BvCmsC61A_02065 BvCmsHHP001_00919 BvCmsHHP019_04321 BvCmsHHP056_03195 BvCmsKKP036_01206 BvCmsKKP061_04789 BvCmsKSNP073_03667 BvCmsKSNP081_04924 BvCmsKSNP120_02817 BvCmsKSP011_00887 BvCmsKSP024_02349 BvCmsKSP026_01721 BvCmsKSP045_02730 BvCmsKSP058_00423 BvCmsKSP067_04472 BvCmsNSP006_04917 BvCmsNSP007_00366 BvCmsNSP047_01241 BvCmsNSP072_00576 BvCmsOUP014_00565 BvCmsSINP011_02284 BvCmsSINP022_02251 BVL39_25490 BW690_11540 BWI89_11500 BXT93_01600 BZL31_07950 BZL69_08555 C2M16_19545 C2U48_07050 C3F40_09535 C4K41_14310 C4M78_22445 C5715_21610 C5F72_18630 C5F73_10880 C5N07_14245 C6669_01620 C6B13_12455 C7235_17775 C7B06_18895 C7B07_19040 C7B08_21355 C7B18_23110 C9160_01550 C9162_21115 C9201_14620 C9306_03080 C9E25_08545 C9E63_21300 C9Z03_16905 C9Z23_00925 C9Z28_10835 C9Z43_11585 C9Z68_09470 C9Z70_11855 C9Z78_18840 CA593_00020 CDC27_02340 CDL37_27315 CG692_16335 COD30_11000 COD46_08585 CQB02_16075 CQP61_19895 CR538_18395 CRD98_06885 CRE06_14740 CSB64_10180 CT144_03545 CT146_03795 CUB99_05465 CV83915_00968 CWM24_03960 CWS33_17525 CY655_03205 D0X26_17945 D1912_25090 D2184_16320 D2185_16280 D3821_19405 D3O91_19010 D3Y67_04815 D4023_01505 D4M06_14070 D4M76_15990 D4V08_13830 D5H35_16715 D6004_17500 D6C57_09690 D6D43_17185 D6T60_12470 D6X76_11010 D7K66_07690 D7Z75_18415 D8Y65_10295 D9610_15350 D9C99_08845 D9D20_13245 D9D43_19650 D9D44_16270 D9E35_11860 D9E49_13735 D9E73_09585 D9F32_15885 D9F87_18655 D9G11_16570 D9G42_18465 D9G69_11945 D9G95_16545 D9H36_13645 D9H53_05930 D9H68_07140 D9H94_25540 D9I18_09330 D9I20_06280 D9I87_09690 D9I97_03365 D9J03_15200 D9J11_17150 D9J44_18585 D9J52_13215 D9K02_03275 D9K48_00650 D9K54_03840 D9L89_08700 D9X97_10555 D9Z28_09195 DAH18_15995 DAH23_13940 DAH30_11895 DAH34_14475 DAH37_10460 DB359_03385 DEN86_13315 DEN89_13785 DEO04_13700 DIV22_17875 DJ503_07295 DL455_16825 DL473_08990 DL530_09415 DL545_18050 DL705_11555 DL800_05115 DL979_19945 DLU82_13125 DLW88_07895 DLX40_14655 DM102_12950 DM129_17700 DM155_08850 DM962_14615 DMZ30_15075 DMZ50_01530 DN627_14745 DN660_19390 DN808_21615 DNC98_10740 DND79_15785 DNI21_05260 DNR41_22265 DOY61_15405 DOY67_11800 DP258_13210 DP277_07135 DQF57_13510 DQO13_15885 DQP61_09455 DRW19_14530 DS143_11695 DS732_08010 DSZ60_15115 DT034_16135 DTL43_18625 DTM10_15960 DTM25_00520 DTM45_07135 DTZ20_12895 DU333_14005 DW236_16835 DWB25_17755 DXT69_11905 DXT71_08105 DXT73_02940 DXX80_019735 E0I42_13575 E0L04_09140 E2115_15360 E2123_13850 E2127_07525 E2128_06960 E2129_17420 E2135_04710 E2148_02920 E2855_00626 E2863_00650 E4K51_13355 E4K53_13620 E4K55_13625 E4K60_11935 E4K61_13045 E5P24_16590 E5P28_18120 E5S34_16405 E5S43_17015 E5S44_16150 E5S61_15685 E5S62_18435 E8P32_22930 EA191_00330 EA206_07480 EA213_11040 EA214_16070 EA219_03215 EA239_02980 EA250_02960 EA433_13070 EA435_02060 EA834_02845 EAI42_02540 EAI46_05525 EAM59_09545 EAX79_11835 EB515_11285 EB525_RS19735 EBM08_13830 EC1094V2_3256 EC3234A_6c00360 EC382_07920 EC95NR1_04851 ECONIH1_03530 ECTO124_03605 ECTO6_03430 ED225_11625 ED600_01915 ED607_13170 ED611_11880 ED648_07340 ED903_12890 ED944_15700 EEA45_06435 EEP23_14530 EF082_02450 EG599_11525 EG808_10980 EGT48_22440 EH412_09220 EHH55_14720 EHJ36_08925 EI021_13270 EI032_09710 EI041_13190 EIA08_00265 EIZ93_02745 EJC75_25175 EKI52_07770 EL75_3167 EL79_3261 EL80_3216 ELT22_03025 ELT23_01095 ELT31_01320 ELT33_02045 ELT48_01770 ELT49_18225 ELT58_14475 ELU82_02280 ELU85_02090 ELU96_00710 ELV00_22515 ELV08_16005 ELV13_18805 ELV15_21875 ELV22_19875 ELV24_09610 ELV28_11525 ELX56_20650 ELX61_10115 ELX68_09890 ELX69_25085 ELX70_09210 ELX79_07800 ELX83_00405 ELX96_15305 ELY05_20900 ELY23_00150 ELY24_06635 ELY32_21120 ELY41_12475 ELY48_23755 ELY50_12210 EPS70_15710 EPS76_09655 EPS91_06120 EPS94_17080 EPT01_08255 EQ820_15715 EQ823_15460 EQ825_13725 EQO00_18545 ERL57_12245 ERS085366_01334 ERS085379_01945 ERS085386_01770 ERS085404_03748 ERS085406_01671 ERS150873_01919 EST51_17895 ETECE1441_03402 ETECE1649_03297 ETECE36_04375 ETECE925_03376 EVY14_02815 EWK56_12390 EXM29_01890 ExPECSC038_03064 ExPECSC065_00282 EXX13_16770 EXX23_12160 EXX24_13850 EXX53_16355 EXX71_14105 EYD11_16370 EYV18_15505 EYX82_25365 EYY27_11220 EYY78_05810 F1E19_15165 F6T45_21535 F6V70_14815 F7F11_12975 F7F23_07535 F7F26_08185 F7F56_11560 F7G05_12160 F9B07_13845 F9X20_011590 F9X20_11680 FAF34_002335 FKC84_17225 FNJ67_19275 FORC82_3425 FPI65_03895 FQ021_05725 FQ915_06205 FQU83_19560 FRV13_04890 FV293_12975 FV295_15815 FV438_09860 FVA71_18915 FVB16_18780 FZC17_11465 FZN30_24680 G3565_15750 G4276_17415 G4280_17660 G5603_03225 G5606_01090 G5608_03225 G5632_11980 G5668_08120 G5670_08060 G5680_07365 G5688_17320 G5696_20945 G6Z99_24520 G9448_07675 G9P49_15810 G9P50_15265 GE087_01470 GE096_17080 GE400_01495 GE558_20390 GFU47_02550 GFY48_10570 GHD50_10670 GIJ01_01330 GIY13_15200 GKF34_03730 GKF52_03800 GKF86_07725 GKF89_06175 GKG12_08960 GNZ05_00400 GP650_07075 GP662_13440 GP666_15105 GP698_18235 GP711_01795 GP720_06730 GP935_16965 GP945_02175 GP946_00965 GQA06_10790 GQE22_16865 GQE33_21480 GQE34_07045 GQE36_19040 GQE42_06540 GQE64_10145 GQE67_11275 GQE87_01950 GQF59_14440 GQM06_08030 GQM09_12485 GQM10_04270 GQM13_15720 GQM18_02195 GQM28_14985 GQN24_13345 GQY14_01895 GRC73_04235 GRW02_16105 GRW05_19785 GRW30_02475 GRW57_02995 GRW80_11520 GRW81_16900 GUB08_09335 GUB91_18895 GUB95_16245 GUC01_16725 GUC12_18645 GUI33_11365 GXC14_16960 H4P50_18290 H4P51_18140 H5C68_15895 H5C80_21535 HAP53_10720 HCR07_10595 HF527_17090 HFD31_001703 HFD39_001962 HFD59_002078 HFD69_001574 HFU80_001943 HGR36_07805 HGR87_00410 HGR88_05600 HGS12_02690 HGS82_00170 HGS97_02740 HGT58_03160 HH117_04420 HH707_002736 HH814_001755 HH830_003555 HHA77_001626 HHG54_000568 HHH24_002968 HHH97_001619 HHJ41_00320 HHJ44_23125 HI055_002555 HI083_002186 HIA56_000034 HIB31_003304 HIN76_002169 HIO03_002385 HIO61_001492 HIQ82_001912 HIR91_000796 HIT56_002546 HJ359_002301 HJ411_000359 HJ802_004490 HJ802_004737 HJI76_003592 HJL93_003018 HJM41_000787 HJO02_002476 HJO44_000210 HJO53_003382 HJP34_000421 HJQ03_002968 HJR60_002701 HJR92_003280 HJS12_001046 HJS53_002075 HJT66_000797 HJU54_002973 HJV81_004465 HKA14_003365 HKA45_002396 HKA57_001518 HKC58_002599 HL152_13495 HL186_01455 HL465_11480 HL563_15335 HL601_15730 HLI97_000449 HLQ75_16255 HLQ92_09725 HLT96_05905 HLU13_07900 HLU98_16675 HLZ85_14315 HmCms169_02378 HmCms184_03092 HmCmsJML074_02779 HmCmsJML079_01097 HmCmsJML146_02939 HmCmsJML204_04228 HMG20_08125 HMG24_06755 HMG27_08445 HMG35_06515 HMP86_03010 HMQ05_14240 HMT01_12150 HMT08_22825 HMW26_12890 HNC38_01325 HNC40_14575 HNC59_03085 HNC73_06800 HNC75_16020 HNC80_14660 HNC88_15415 HNC94_10965 HNC99_16405 HND23_17120 HNN86_14455 HNO03_15295 HNO08_06765 HNO42_01515 HNV44_10920 HNV91_13140 HNV94_00265 HNX16_01455 HNX34_05725 HP431_06355 HPE49_21730 HPE52_14625 HPM96_05595 HR075_19985 HV021_15990 HV055_17265 HV065_01185 HV068_17280 HV098_17650 HV108_18140 HV109_17125 HV131_22735 HV146_06555 HV149_17475 HV152_16710 HV156_06785 HV159_08755 HV188_07010 HV226_22345 HV244_15545 HV297_15775 HV303_21445 HV348_17275 HVV37_08625 HVV53_23665 HVV70_05940 HVV78_06170 HVV92_17865 HVW04_08005 HVW09_05925 HVW11_03545 HVW37_17800 HVW43_09250 HVW44_13945 HVW45_16880 HVW59_07530 HVW60_16420 HVW76_15900 HVW90_06665 HVW95_09300 HVW98_05980 HVX00_16950 HVX22_16270 HVX24_16100 HVX28_16100 HVX30_06475 HVX32_06005 HVX51_17410 HVX69_17705 HVX73_16890 HVX96_08040 HVY77_18745 HVY79_06210 HVY93_16870 HVZ21_16715 HVZ24_16255 HVZ33_17485 HVZ42_17140 HVZ44_16945 HVZ53_17340 HVZ62_08045 HVZ71_17955 HX136_18560 HZT35_10300 IB283_06150 IMQ59_16360 JE86ST02C_06940 JE86ST05C_06860 MJ49_03480 MS6198_06690 MS8345_00592 NCTC10082_05477 NCTC10089_03708 NCTC10767_04415 NCTC10865_04510 NCTC11022_00797 NCTC12950_03947 NCTC13127_04896 NCTC13148_06423 NCTC13216_03102 NCTC13846_03418 NCTC7927_04006 NCTC7928_05247 NCTC8179_01939 NCTC8450_01615 NCTC8500_04005 NCTC8622_06795 NCTC8959_05217 NCTC8960_01045 NCTC8985_02422 NCTC9001_00260 NCTC9007_02442 NCTC9036_03639 NCTC9044_03791 NCTC9045_04135 NCTC9055_00449 NCTC9058_03321 NCTC9062_04682 NCTC9075_04801 NCTC9077_04430 NCTC9081_02749 NCTC9111_03715 NCTC9117_04458 NCTC9434_03070 NCTC9701_03848 NCTC9702_04201 NCTC9703_02947 NCTC9706_00901 NCTC9969_03753 PGD_02713 PU06_18330 RG28_01460 RG36_05980 RK56_025565 RX35_02314 SAMEA3472043_02876 SAMEA3472044_02415 SAMEA3472047_02008 SAMEA3472070_02087 SAMEA3472080_00346 SAMEA3472090_01615 SAMEA3472108_03595 SAMEA3472114_04122 SAMEA3472147_03001 SAMEA3484427_03157 SAMEA3484429_03225 SAMEA3484434_00084 SAMEA3751407_03334 SAMEA3752557_04381 SAMEA3752620_00983 SAMEA3753064_04079 SAMEA3753097_03107 SAMEA3753164_00416 SAMEA3753290_04302 SAMEA3753300_04433 SK85_00616 SY51_03120 TUM18780_30850 UN86_16895 UN91_17685 WP2S18E08_33220 WP4S17E03_33260 WP4S17E08_33120 WP4S18E07_08160 WP4S18E07_31910 WP4S18E08_31830 WP5S18E08_34020 WP5S18E09_32450 WP7S17E04_31320 WQ89_00405 WR15_22415] Citrate (pro-3S)-lyase subunit beta (EC (EC (Citrate lyase subunit beta) (Citryl-CoA lyase subunit)

[citE CVE23_10180] Citrate (pro-3S)-lyase subunit beta (EC (EC (Citrate lyase subunit beta) (Citryl-CoA lyase subunit)

[citE_2 citE ASU87_03040 H9W86_19000 HV150_19865 SAMEA2273136_03839 SS30_08355] Citrate (pro-3S)-lyase subunit beta (EC (EC (Citrate lyase subunit beta) (Citryl-CoA lyase subunit)

[citE EF878_08405] Citrate (pro-3S)-lyase subunit beta (EC (EC (Citrate lyase subunit beta) (Citryl-CoA lyase subunit)

[citE_2 citE HZI30_08195 HZI44_20180 NCTC13193_03730] Citrate (pro-3S)-lyase subunit beta (EC (EC (Citrate lyase subunit beta) (Citryl-CoA lyase subunit)

[citE] Citrate lyase subunit beta (Citrase beta chain) (EC (Citrate (pro-3S)-lyase subunit beta) (Citryl-CoA lyase subunit) (EC

[citE CH341_19730] Citrate (pro-3S)-lyase subunit beta (EC (EC (Citrate lyase subunit beta) (Citryl-CoA lyase subunit)

[citE CH338_09940] Citrate (pro-3S)-lyase subunit beta (EC (EC (Citrate lyase subunit beta) (Citryl-CoA lyase subunit)

[citE2 STM0060] Citrate (pro-3S)-lyase subunit beta (EC (EC (Citrate lyase subunit beta) (Citryl-CoA lyase subunit)

[citE KL86APRO_20210] Citrate (pro-3S)-lyase subunit beta (EC (EC (Citrate lyase subunit beta) (Citryl-CoA lyase subunit)

[citE BVG93_13270 BVG97_13260 DMW43_00770 E4655_18890 FOT62_27270 GV243_16555 HMI62_16580 HP475_17680 NCTC10211_03071] Citrate (pro-3S)-lyase subunit beta (EC (EC (Citrate lyase subunit beta) (Citryl-CoA lyase subunit)


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