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AccuPrep PCR Purification Kit

 Price: 267   EUR
303   USD
207   GBP

Product name : AccuPrep PCR Purification Kit

Catalog number : K-3034

Quantity: 200 purifications

Availability: Yes

Supplier name : Bioner

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About this Product :

AccuPrep PCR Purification Kit PCR kit use certain PCR kits can be used for diagnostics. We supply CE approved PCR kits or research PCR kits. You can request more information about the use of AccuPrep PCR Purification Kit to [email protected]

More Details about


AccuPrep® PCR Purification Kit is designed for the purification of up to 10 ug of DNA fragment from PCR and other enzymatic products within 5 minutes. The size range for effective purification is 100 bp ~10 kb, thus common 20 ~ 40 mer oligonucleotides are removed. The recovery yield exceeds 70~90%. Elution volume can be as little as 30 uL when concentrated product is needed.

Features and Benefits

 Completely purify the fragment DNA from various enzymatic reaction products within 5 min.

 Highly purified and high yield fragment DNA can be purified from various enzymatic reaction products (restriction enzyme digestion, A-tailing, labeling…).

 Double strand and single strand DNA can be purified with high recovery.

 Usable range is 100bp to 10kb with 70%-90% recovery.

 Silica based DNA binding column with high binding efficiency.


Components K-3034 (200 reaction) K-3034-1 (50 reaction)
Buffer ① (PCR Binding buffer) 120 ml X 1 ea 25 ml X 1 ea
Buffer ② (Wahsing buffer) 25 ml X 2 ea 6 ml X 2 ea
Buffer ③ (Elution buffer) 15 ml X 1 ea 15 ml X 1 ea
DNA binding column tube 50 ea X 4 box 50 ea X 1 box
Manual 1 ea 1 ea
One Page Protocol 1 ea 1 ea



Sub-cloning, Sequencing, Labeling, DNA concentration, etc


Experimental Data

Fig. 1
Fig. 1 Typical recovery
The figure shows recovery percentage after purification of DNA amplified by PCR.
The 70 % - 90 % of DNA were recovered regardless of DNA size(0.2 - 6.0 kb).
B; AccuPrep® PCR  Purification Kit (K-3034, K-3034-1), Q; Competitor

Fig. 2
Fig. 2 Recovery analysis of the purified PCR product
Lane M; Molecular weight marker, 100 bp Plus ladder (D-1035, Bioneer),
Lane 100 ~ 50; control DNA(100% ~ 50%),
Lane B; purified PCR product

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