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SensiFAST SYBR & Fluorescein Kit

 Price: 131   EUR
149   USD
102   GBP

Product name : SensiFAST SYBR & Fluorescein Kit

Catalog number : BIO-96002

Quantity: 200 rxns

Availability: Yes

Supplier name : Biolin

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Features and Benefits
  • Rapid - hot-start capability saves time, reduces primer-dimer formation
  • Specific and sensitive - for detection of a wide range of template concentrations, even from hard to obtain and low copy number samples
  • Fast protocols - can be used with the new generation of fast cyclers without compromising performance
  • Flexible - suitable for block-based instruments where fluorescein is required to allow calculation of dynamic well factors

Instrument Compatibility

Bio-Rad iCycler®, iQ®5, MyiQ™ (See product selection table) each of these instruments having the capacity to analyze the real-time PCR data with the passive reference signal either on or off, as well as several instruments that do not require the use of fluorescein.

The SensiFAST SYBR & Fluorescein Kit uses a combination of the latest advances in buffer chemistry and enhancers, together with an antibody-mediated hot-start DNA polymerase system, to ensure fast, highly-specific and ultra-sensitive real-time PCR (Fig. 1 & 2). SensiFAST SYBR & Fluorescein Kit has been optimized for use in SYBR Green-based real-time PCR.

The SensiFAST SYBR & Fluorescein Kit contains premixed Fluorescein for optional use.


BIO-96001: 250 x 20µl Reactions: 2 x 1ml
BIO-96005: 500 x 20µl Reactions: 5 x 1ml
BIO-96020: 2000 x 20µl Reactions: 20 x 1ml


2x Reaction mix consisting of:
  • Heat-activated DNA polymerase
  • Ultra-pure dNTPs
  • MgCl2
  • Fluorescein
  • SYBR Green I

Kit Size

The kit size is based on a 20µl final reaction volume.
Storage Conditions

6 months at -20°C. Avoid exposure of the SYBR® Green I to light.


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