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Index / SBI / ExoQuick_TC for Tissue Culture Media and Urine (10ml) /Product Detail : EXOTC10A-1 ExoQuick_TC for Tissue Culture Media and Urine (10ml)
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ExoQuick_TC for Tissue Culture Media and Urine (10ml)

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Product name : ExoQuick_TC for Tissue Culture Media and Urine (10ml)

Catalog number : EXOTC10A-1

Quantity: 10 reactions

Availability: Yes

Supplier name : SBI

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ExoQuick exosomes can be transfered between cells

SBI created a stable 293TN cell line overexpressing the Cyto-Tracer™ pCT-CD63-GFP fusion protein (catalog# CYTO120-PA-1). The media from the cells was collected 48 h after plating and the exosomes from the media were precipitated using ExoQuick-TC. The exosome pellet recovered was resuspended in 30ul PBS and 10ul was added to newly plated HT1080 cells. HT1080 cells were visualized 72 h after the addition of the CD63-GFP labeled exosomes and then re-plated. Following another 24h, the cells were again visualized for GFP fluorescence and imaged. The exosomes appear to dock with the cells within 72 h and some are found to be internalized after 96 h.

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