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Product name : NUC VIEW 488 CASPASE 3 ASSAY KIT

Catalog number : 30029

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Supplier name : Biotium

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Caspase-3 Detection in Living Cells

NucView™ 488 caspase-3 substrate is the first of a series of novel substrates developed by
Biotium to follow caspase activity in intact cells in real-time. We have invented a new fluorogenic
enzyme substrate design by attaching an enzyme substrate moiety to a nucleic acid dye. In the case
of DEVD-NucView 488 caspase-3 substrate, the NucView™488 DNA dye is attached to the caspase-3
substrate peptide sequence DEVD. Once linked to the substrate peptide, the dye is unable to bind to
DNA and remains nonfluorescent. The substrate crosses the plasma membrane to enter the
cytoplasm, where it can be cleaved by caspase-3 to release the high-affinity DNA dye, which migrates
to the cell nucleus to stain the nucleus with bright green fluorescence (Figure 1). Therefore, the
substrate allows both detection of caspase-3 and visualization of nuclear morphology in apoptotic cells
(Figure 2) .
Unlike fluorescently-labeled caspase inhibitor assays (FLICA) that use irreversible caspase inhibitors
to label active casapses, NucView™488 Caspase-3 Substrate does not interfere with caspase activity,
allowing monitoring of caspase activity in real time (Figure 3).

Biotium offers assay kits featuring NucView488 for the measurement of caspase-3 activity in
combination with phosphatidylserine translocation (see Figure 4, other side) or mitochondrial
membrane potential (see Figure 5, other side) by flow cytometry, microscopy, or fluorescence plate

Key Features:
• Caspase-3 dependent staining of nuclear DNA in intact cells, allowing real-time monitoring of
caspase-3 activity
• For use in adherent or suspension cells
• Rapid, direct staining in cell culture medium with no washing required
• Green fluorescence can be measured by flow cytometry, microscopy or fluorescence plate reader
• Staining is formaldehyde-fixable

NucView™488 Caspase-3 Assay Kits

NucView™ 488 Caspase-3 Assay Kit for live cells contains NucView™ 488 Caspase-3 substrate in
DMSO and caspase-3 inhibitor Ac-DEVD-CHO.
NucView™ 488 Caspase-3 substrate and sulforhodamine 101-annexin V kit includes deep red
fluorescent sulforhodamine 101 (Texas Red®-annexin V for dual detection of caspase-3 activity and
phosphotadylserine translocation in intact cells (Figure 4).
The NucView™ 488 and MitoView™ 633 Apoptosis Kit includes far red fluorescent MitoView™ 633
mitochondrial membrane potential dye for simultaneous measurement of caspase-3 activity and
mitochondrial membrane potential (Figure 5).
NucView™ 488 Caspase-3 substrate is also offered as a 1 mM stock solution in DMSO or PBS.
DMSO facilitates NucView™ 488 Caspase-3 staining in some cell types. The substrate is offered in PBS for use in DMSO-sensitive cell types.

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Biotium offers a variety of apoptosis research tools, including mitochondrial membrane potential dyes,
CF™dye-Annexin V conjugates, direct fluorescence TUNEL labeling kits featuring CF™dye dUTP
conjugates, cell viability and proliferation assays, and live/dead cell quantitation kits.
Biotium products are for research use only. NucView™ and MitoView™ are trademarks of Biotium, Inc. Patents pending. Texas
Red® is a registered trademark of Invitrogen.



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