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Index / Jena Bio / Atto425 PCR Labeling Kit, S pack /Product Detail : PP-301S-425 Atto425 PCR Labeling Kit, S pack
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Atto425 PCR Labeling Kit, S pack

 Price: 136   EUR
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Product name : Atto425 PCR Labeling Kit, S pack

Catalog number : PP-301S-425

Quantity: 10reactions

Availability: Yes

Supplier name : Jena Bio

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About this Product :

Atto425 PCR Labeling Kit, S pack PCR kit use certain PCR kits can be used for diagnostics. We supply CE approved PCR kits or research PCR kits. You can request more information about the use of Atto425 PCR Labeling Kit, S pack to [email protected]

More Details about

Atto425 PCR Labeling Kit contains all reagents 1)
required for PCR labeling providing a highly efficient,
easy-to-perform and rapid labeling technology.
The kit is recommended for direct enzymatic labeling
of DNA. The Atto425 PCR labeling mix contains
specially optimized Atto425-dUTP for incorporation
into DNA by PCR using Taq polymerase. The excellent
stability and quantum yield of the fluorophore
combined with a high incorporation rate of the dyedUTP
complex makes it the ideal choice for a broad
range of fluorescence applications.
In PCR labeling, repeated cycles of denaturation,
annealing and extension allow the amplification of a
specific DNA fragment. When dTTP is partially
substituted by dye-dUTP the extension of the annealed
primers with Taq polymerase generates fluorescent
labeled double-stranded DNA.
The resultant DNA is suited for application in FISH,
microarray gene expression profiling and other
nucleic acid hybridization assays.
Protect fluorescent labeled dUTP from light and carry
out experimental procedures in low light conditions.

Taq Pol (red cap)
2 units/μl Taq Polymerase in storage buffer
10x PCR labeling buffer (green cap)
10x concentration
Atto425 PCR labeling mix (purple cap)
1 mM dATP, 1 mM dCTP, 1 mM dGTP, 0.75 mM
dTTP, 0.25 mM Atto425-dUTP, pH 7.5
PCR grade water (white cap)

For in vitro use only
Quality guaranteed for 12 months
Store at -20°C, avoid frequent thawing and freezing
PCR labeling mix must be stored in the dark

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