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Ranger DNA Polymerase

 Price: 189   EUR
214   USD
146   GBP

Product name : Ranger DNA Polymerase

Catalog number : BIO-21121

Quantity: 250 Units

Availability: Yes

Supplier name : Biolin

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  • Long range, from 10kb-25kb
  • Higher-fidelity than Taq, to ensure low error rates
  • Validated for human genomic DNA
  • Novel buffer system, including ultra-pure dNTPs and MgCl2
  • Available as a convenient all-in-one master mix

  • Validated for human genomic DNA up to 25kb
  • Suitable for TA cloning


RANGER DNA Polymerase is a hot-start enzyme, possessing 5´-3´ DNA polymerase and 3´-5´ proofreading exonuclease activities, thus offering both high-fidelity and enhanced specificity. The polymerase is supplied with an industry-leading novel buffer system, specifically formulated and validated to the unique properties of RANGER.

RANGER is an easy-to-use high-performance enzyme specifically designed to amplify templates of 10kb upwards with extreme sensitivity (Fig. 1). Owing to its antibody-based hot-start property, RANGER DNA Polymerase reactions can be setup at room temperature and has the added advantage of avoiding unwanted non-specific amplification and primer-dimer formation. This new hot-start enzyme from Bioline is supplied with 5x RANGER Reaction Buffer, a proprietary formulation containing dNTPs, MgCl2 and enhancers at optimal concentrations, delivering superior amplification.

RANGER is highly suitable for all PCR applications of long templates, including targeted re-sequencing using next-generation sequencers.

Unit Definition

One unit is defined as the amount of enzyme that incorporates 10nmoles of dNTPs into acid insoluble form in 30 minutes at 72°C.
  • RANGER DNA Polymerase
  • 5x RANGER Reaction Buffer



BIO-21121: 250 x 50µl Reactions: 1 x 62.50µl
BIO-21122: 500 x 50µl Reactions: 1 x 125µl
BIO-21123: 2500 x 50µl Reactions: 2 x 312.50µl

Storage Conditions

RANGER DNA Polymerase can be stored for up to 6 months at -20°C, or up to 2 weeks at +4°C. Repeated freeze/thaw cycles should be avoided.


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