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 Price: 201   EUR
228   USD
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Product name : SensiFAST HRM

Catalog number : BIO-32002

Quantity: 200 rxns

Availability: Yes

Supplier name : Biolin

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More Details about

Features and Benefits
  • Ultra-sensitive: Accurately discriminates class 4 (A/T) SNP mutations
  • Rapid and highly reproducible: Delivering fast, highly-specific high resolution melt analysis
  • Optimized: Assays quickly and reliably established, even with difficult genomic loci
  • Cost effective: Ideal for large scale genotyping projects

Instrument Compatibility

ABI 7300, 7500 FAST, Qiagen Rotor-Gene™ 6000, Eppendorf Mastercycler® ep realplex, Illumina® Eco™, Roche LightCycler®; 480, Bio-Rad Opticon®, CFX96™, CFX384™, Idaho LightScanner® 32 (LS32™)
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High Resolution Melt (HRM) curve analysis is a post-PCR analysis method of characterizing nucleic acid samples based on DNA strand dissociation behaviour during transition from double-stranded DNA to single-stranded DNA with increasing temperature. It uses intercalating dyes, highly accurate melt curves and the application of specific statistical analyses.

SensiFAST HRM has been developed using the latest advances in buffer chemistry and enhancers, together with an antibody-mediated hot-start DNA polymerase system, to ensure that the SensiFAST HRM Kit delivers fast, reproducible, highly-specific and ultra-sensitive HRM analysis.

The combination of our SensiFAST DNA Polymerase, buffer and EvaGreen® dye enables amplification and discrimination of even the most challenging sequence differences, such as class 4 SNPs (Fig. 1) without sequence preference. Main applications of HRM include Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) genotyping, epigenetics (DNA methylation analysis), zygosity testing (DNA mapping and DNA fingerprinting) and gene scanning (search for the presence of unknown variations in PCR amplicons).


BIO-32002: 200 x 20µl Reactions: 2 x 1ml
BIO-32005: 500 x 20µl Reactions: 5 x 1ml
BIO-32020: 2000 x 20µl Reactions: 20 x 1ml


2x Reaction mix consisting of:
  • Heat-activated DNA polymerase
  • EvaGreen dye
  • Ultra-pure dNTPs
  • MgCl2
  • Proprietary buffers and stabilizers

Kit Size

The kit size is based on a 20µl final reaction volume.
Storage Conditions

12 months at -20°C. Avoid exposure of the EvaGreen to light.

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