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#91001-2 Cytokine VEGF165

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Product name : Cytokine VEGF165

Catalog number : 91001-2

Quantity: 100 µg

Availability: Yes

Supplier name : BPS Bioscience

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Description: Recombinant human VEGF165 (GenBank Accession No. NM_001025368) is a 38.2
kDa disulfide-linked homodimeric protein (a.a. 207-371), consisting of two 165 amino acid

Source: E.coli

Stability: The lyophilized protein is stable for at least 2 years from date of receipt at -20°C.

Purity: >98% by SDS-PAGE and HPLC analysis.

Endotoxin Level: < 1EU per µg of VEGF as determined by the LAL method.

Biological Activity: ED50 is less than 3 ng/ml as determined by the dose-dependent stimulation
of the proliferation of human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVEC).

The lyophilized powder, though stable at room temperature, is best
stored at -20°C. After a quick spin, reconstitute with sterile 4 mM
HCl to a concentration of 0.1-1.0 mg/mL. This solution can be
diluted into water or other buffered solutions and stored at 4°C for
one week or at -20°C for future use. Reconstituted human VEGF
should be stored in undiluted aliquots at -20°C for up to six months.


1. VEGF serum levels are not associated with Parkinson's disease Eur. J. Neurol. 14 (8), E6
2. Association between vascular endothelial growth factor gene polymorphisms and
survival in hepatocellular carcinoma patients Hepatology 46 (2), 446-455 (2007)

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Pathways :
WP2292: Chemokine signaling pathway

Related Genes :
[NRP1 NRP VEGF165R] Neuropilin-1 (Vascular endothelial cell growth factor 165 receptor) (CD antigen CD304)
[NRP2 VEGF165R2] Neuropilin-2 (Vascular endothelial cell growth factor 165 receptor 2)
[VEGFA VEGF] Vascular endothelial growth factor A (VEGF-A) (Vascular permeability factor) (VPF)
[vegfaa vegf vegfa] Vascular endothelial growth factor A-A (VEGF-A-A)
[Nrp1 Nrp] Neuropilin-1 (A5 protein) (CD antigen CD304)
[Nrp1] Neuropilin-1 (Vascular endothelial cell growth factor 165 receptor) (CD antigen CD304)
[kdr flk1b kdrb si:busm1-205d10.1 si:ch211-254j6.1] Vascular endothelial growth factor receptor 2 (VEGFR-2) (EC (Fetal liver kinase 1b) (FLK-1b) (Kinase insert domain receptor) (Kinase insert domain receptor-B) (Protein-tyrosine kinase receptor flk-1b) (Vascular endothelial growth factor receptor 2 homolog B) (VEGFR-2 homolog B)
[kdrl flk flk-1 flk1 flka kdr kdra vegfr2 vegfr4 vegr2 si:ch211-276g21.4] Vascular endothelial growth factor receptor kdr-like (EC (Fetal liver kinase 1) (FLK-1) (Kinase insert domain receptor-A) (Kinase insert domain receptor-like) (Protein-tyrosine kinase receptor flk-1) (Vascular endothelial growth factor receptor 4) (VEGFR-4)
[Nrp2] Neuropilin-2 (Vascular endothelial cell growth factor 165 receptor 2)
[Nrp2] Neuropilin-2 (Vascular endothelial cell growth factor 165 receptor 2)
[Col18a1] Collagen alpha-1(XVIII) chain [Cleaved into: Endostatin; Non-collagenous domain 1 (NC1)]
[CXCL6 GCP2 SCYB6] C-X-C motif chemokine 6 (Chemokine alpha 3) (CKA-3) (Granulocyte chemotactic protein 2) (GCP-2) (Small-inducible cytokine B6) [Cleaved into: Small-inducible cytokine B6, N-processed variant 1; Small-inducible cytokine B6, N-processed variant 2; Small-inducible cytokine B6, N-processed variant 3]
[CRLF3 CREME9 CRLM9 CYTOR4 P48] Cytokine receptor-like factor 3 (Cytokine receptor-like molecule 9) (CREME-9) (Cytokine receptor-related protein 4) (Type I cytokine receptor-like factor p48)
[Crlf1 Crlm3] Cytokine receptor-like factor 1 (Cytokine receptor-like molecule 3) (CRLM-3) (Cytokine-like factor 1) (CLF-1) (Novel cytokine receptor 6) (NR6)
[Crlf2 Crlm2 Tpte2 Tslpr] Cytokine receptor-like factor 2 (Cytokine receptor-like molecule 2) (CRLM-2) (Thymic stromal lymphopoietin protein receptor) (TSLP receptor) (Type I cytokine receptor delta 1)
[IFNLR1 IL28RA LICR2] Interferon lambda receptor 1 (IFN-lambda receptor 1) (IFN-lambda-R1) (Cytokine receptor class-II member 12) (Cytokine receptor family 2 member 12) (CRF2-12) (Interleukin-28 receptor subunit alpha) (IL-28 receptor subunit alpha) (IL-28R-alpha) (IL-28RA) (Likely interleukin or cytokine receptor 2) (LICR2)
[IL27RA CRL1 TCCR WSX1 UNQ296/PRO336] Interleukin-27 receptor subunit alpha (IL-27 receptor subunit alpha) (IL-27R subunit alpha) (IL-27R-alpha) (IL-27RA) (Cytokine receptor WSX-1) (Cytokine receptor-like 1) (Type I T-cell cytokine receptor) (TCCR) (ZcytoR1)
[SOCS5 CIS6 CISH5 CISH6 KIAA0671] Suppressor of cytokine signaling 5 (SOCS-5) (Cytokine-inducible SH2 protein 6) (CIS-6) (Cytokine-inducible SH2-containing protein 5)
[IL22RA2 UNQ5793/PRO19598/PRO19822] Interleukin-22 receptor subunit alpha-2 (IL-22 receptor subunit alpha-2) (IL-22R-alpha-2) (IL-22RA2) (Cytokine receptor class-II member 10) (Cytokine receptor family 2 member 10) (CRF2-10) (Cytokine receptor family type 2, soluble 1) (CRF2-S1) (Interleukin-22-binding protein) (IL-22BP) (IL22BP) (ZcytoR16)
[SOCS6 CIS4 SOCS4] Suppressor of cytokine signaling 6 (SOCS-6) (Cytokine-inducible SH2 protein 4) (CIS-4) (Suppressor of cytokine signaling 4) (SOCS-4)
[CRLF1 UNQ288/PRO327] Cytokine receptor-like factor 1 (Cytokine-like factor 1) (CLF-1) (ZcytoR5)
[SOCS3 CIS3 SSI3] Suppressor of cytokine signaling 3 (SOCS-3) (Cytokine-inducible SH2 protein 3) (CIS-3) (STAT-induced STAT inhibitor 3) (SSI-3)
[IL10RB CRFB4 D21S58 D21S66] Interleukin-10 receptor subunit beta (IL-10 receptor subunit beta) (IL-10R subunit beta) (IL-10RB) (Cytokine receptor class-II member 4) (Cytokine receptor family 2 member 4) (CRF2-4) (Interleukin-10 receptor subunit 2) (IL-10R subunit 2) (IL-10R2) (CD antigen CDw210b)
[Xcl1 Lptn Ltn Scyc1] Lymphotactin (C motif chemokine 1) (Cytokine SCM-1) (Lymphotaxin) (Small-inducible cytokine C1)
[CRLF2 CRL2 ILXR TSLPR] Cytokine receptor-like factor 2 (Cytokine receptor-like 2) (IL-XR) (Thymic stromal lymphopoietin protein receptor) (TSLP receptor)
[Socs3 Cis3 Cish3] Suppressor of cytokine signaling 3 (SOCS-3) (Cytokine-inducible SH2 protein 3) (CIS-3) (Protein EF-10)
[XCL1 LTN SCYC1] Lymphotactin (ATAC) (C motif chemokine 1) (Cytokine SCM-1) (Lymphotaxin) (SCM-1-alpha) (Small-inducible cytokine C1) (XC chemokine ligand 1)
[CCL5 D17S136E SCYA5] C-C motif chemokine 5 (EoCP) (Eosinophil chemotactic cytokine) (SIS-delta) (Small-inducible cytokine A5) (T cell-specific protein P228) (TCP228) (T-cell-specific protein RANTES) [Cleaved into: RANTES(3-68); RANTES(4-68)]
[IL22RA1 IL22R] Interleukin-22 receptor subunit alpha-1 (IL-22 receptor subunit alpha-1) (IL-22R-alpha-1) (IL-22RA1) (Cytokine receptor class-II member 9) (Cytokine receptor family 2 member 9) (CRF2-9) (ZcytoR11)
[SOCS2 CIS2 SSI2 STATI2] Suppressor of cytokine signaling 2 (SOCS-2) (Cytokine-inducible SH2 protein 2) (CIS-2) (STAT-induced STAT inhibitor 2) (SSI-2)

Bibliography :
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