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Index / Cell Biolabs / pLentG_KOSM Lentiviral Vector /Product Detail : LTV-700 pLentG_KOSM Lentiviral Vector
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pLentG_KOSM Lentiviral Vector

 Price: 2033   EUR
2307   USD
1577   GBP

Product name : pLentG_KOSM Lentiviral Vector

Catalog number : LTV-700

Quantity: 100 µL

Availability: Yes

Supplier name : Cell Biolabs

Data sheet Data sheet : Ask more or other datasheet now !

About this Product :

pLentG_KOSM Lentiviral Vector lentivectors random inserts of lentivectors are considered mot harmfull and the easiers way to get DNA into nulear DNA. More precise piggy back or talen techniques are used if random inserts are not wished. Our pLentG_KOSM Lentiviral Vector will randomly isert the DNA and since bad inserts are mostly lethal, healthy modofied cells can be studied.

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