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Index / Chisso / MC Cellufine A_200 , 5x5 ml /Product Detail : 19 611-55 MC Cellufine A_200 , 5x5 ml
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#19 611-55

MC Cellufine A_200 , 5x5 ml

 Price: 313   EUR
355   USD
243   GBP

Product name : MC Cellufine A_200 , 5x5 ml

Catalog number : 19 611-55

Quantity: 5x5 ml

Availability: Yes

Supplier name : Chisso

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MC Cellufine A-200 , 5x5 ml

For protein peptide and other biomolecule purification

Cellufine Ion Exchangers are based on spherical particles manufactured from crosslinked cellulose. Each offers excellent flow properties, mechanical stability and chemical resistance. These ion exchangers are ideally suited for both laboratory and process scale chromatography of proteins, peptides and other biomolecules. Applications include the purification of antibodies, growth factors, albumin, enzymes, nucleic acids, etc.


► Spherical particles exhibiting high mechanical strength
► Choice of several pore sizes
► Hydrophilic
► DEAE (A), QA (Q) anion exchange and carboxylmethyl (C) cation exchange
► Pre-swollen
► Virtually no shrinkage or swelling
► Resistant to 0.5M NaOH
► Stable in organic solvents
► Autoclavable (121 °C for 30 minutes)
► Passes USP VI acute systemic implant tests


► High flow rates allowing rapid chromatography and direct scale-up
► Allows optimum capacity matched to molecular weight
► Low non-specific binding
► Optimal functionality selection
► Easy packing
► Easy large scale operation
► Easy regeneration and depyrogenation
► Allows alternative cleaning regimes
► Sterilizable
► Non toxic
► Regulatory support

Flow Properties

Pressure flow curves for Cellufine Ion Exchangers in laboratory and process scale columns.

Mechanical Resistance

Cellufine Ion Exchangers are semi-rigid due to the crosslinked structure which gives high mechanical resistance and results in two advantages; no generation of fines during the preparation of the column and higher operating bed height without concern of bed collapse common to many ‘soft gels’.

Chemical Resistance

Cellufine is chemically stable. The media can be washed with a variety of solutions and shows no loss in capacity, resolution or flow rates.

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