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#48-994 ALB Monoclonal Antibody

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Product name : ALB Monoclonal Antibody

Catalog number : 48-994

Quantity: 0.05 mg

Availability: Yes

Supplier name : Prosci

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About this Product :

ALB Monoclonal Antibody antibody storage Gentaur recommends for long therm storage to freeze at -24 C. For short time storage up to 30 days we suggest fridge storage at 1 to 10 C. Prevent multiple freeze taw cycles of ALB Monoclonal Antibody.

ALB Monoclonal Antibody
To keep the quality and the affinity of the antibodies cycles of freezing and thawing should be avoided. For antibodies in a liquid form or reconstituted lyophilized antibodies small amounts of the soultion could be captured on the cap or the walls of the container. Right before use you could briefly centrifuge the vial to collect all of the solution on the bottom.

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Pathways :
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Related Genes :
[MKI67] Proliferation marker protein Ki-67 (Antigen identified by monoclonal antibody Ki-67) (Antigen KI-67) (Antigen Ki67)
[Mki67] Proliferation marker protein Ki-67 (Antigen identified by monoclonal antibody Ki-67 homolog) (Antigen KI-67 homolog) (Antigen Ki67 homolog)
[ALB4 ALB ALB3L1 ART1 STIC1 At1g24490 F21J9.16 F21J9_170] ALBINO3-like protein 1, chloroplastic (Arabidopsis thaliana envelope membrane integrase) (Protein ALBINA 4) (Ath4) (Protein ARTEMIS) (Suppressor of tic40 protein 1)
[alb1 pksP AFUA_2G17600] Conidial pigment polyketide synthase alb1 (EC 2.3.1.-) (Conidial pigment biosynthesis protein alb1) (Naphthopyrone synthase)
[Alb Alb-1 Alb1] Serum albumin
[AFM ALB2 ALBA] Afamin (Alpha-albumin) (Alpha-Alb)
[CD81 TAPA1 TSPAN28] CD81 antigen (26 kDa cell surface protein TAPA-1) (Target of the antiproliferative antibody 1) (Tetraspanin-28) (Tspan-28) (CD antigen CD81)
[ALB3 At2g28800 F8N16.9] Inner membrane protein ALBINO3, chloroplastic
[ALB GIG20 GIG42 PRO0903 PRO1708 PRO2044 PRO2619 PRO2675 UNQ696/PRO1341] Serum albumin
[Alb] Serum albumin
[Lyar] Cell growth-regulating nucleolar protein (Ly1 antibody-reactive protein) (Protein expressed in male leptotene and zygotene spermatocytes 264) (MLZ-264)
[ALB] Serum albumin (BSA) (allergen Bos d 6)
[ALB] Serum albumin (Alpha-livetin) (allergen Gal d 5)
[Cd81 Tapa1] CD81 antigen (26 kDa cell surface protein TAPA-1) (Target of the antiproliferative antibody 1) (CD antigen CD81)
[ALB] Serum albumin
[ALB1 YJL122W J0723] Ribosome biogenesis protein ALB1
[ALB] Serum albumin (allergen Equ c 3)
[yidC alb3 slr1471] Membrane protein insertase YidC (Alb3) (Foldase YidC) (Membrane integrase YidC) (Membrane protein YidC) (Oxa1) (SynYidC)
[ALB] Serum albumin (allergen Fel d 2)
[IGHG1] Immunoglobulin heavy constant gamma 1 (Ig gamma-1 chain C region) (Ig gamma-1 chain C region EU) (Ig gamma-1 chain C region KOL) (Ig gamma-1 chain C region NIE)
[glmU BA93_06535] Bifunctional protein GlmU [Includes: Glucosamine-1-phosphate N-acetyltransferase (EC; UDP-N-acetylglucosamine pyrophosphorylase (EC (N-acetylglucosamine-1-phosphate uridyltransferase)]
[ALB] Serum albumin
[env] Envelope glycoprotein gp160 (Env polyprotein) [Cleaved into: Surface protein gp120 (SU) (Glycoprotein 120) (gp120); Transmembrane protein gp41 (TM) (Glycoprotein 41) (gp41)]
[Cd81 Tapa1] CD81 antigen (26 kDa cell surface protein TAPA-1) (Target of the antiproliferative antibody 1) (CD antigen CD81)
[Afm] Afamin (Alpha-albumin) (Alpha-Alb)
[ALB] Serum albumin
[MS4A1 CD20] B-lymphocyte antigen CD20 (B-lymphocyte surface antigen B1) (Bp35) (Leukocyte surface antigen Leu-16) (Membrane-spanning 4-domains subfamily A member 1) (CD antigen CD20)
[ALB] Serum albumin (allergen Can f 3)
[Alb alb Alb1 mCG_1705] Albumin 1 (Serum albumin)
[ALB] Serum albumin (Fragment)

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