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Index / Consort / COMB 0.75 MM THICK 20 SAMPLE MC /Product Detail : E3347 COMB 0.75 MM THICK 20 SAMPLE MC
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Product name : COMB 0.75 MM THICK 20 SAMPLE MC

Catalog number : E3347


Availability: Yes

Supplier name : Consort

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Pathways :
WP1001: Peptide GPCRs
WP1012: IL-7 Signaling Pathway
WP1018: Apoptosis
WP1047: TNF-alpha NF-kB Signaling Pathway
WP1072: GPCRs, Class A Rhodopsin-like
WP1078: G1 to S cell cycle control
WP1083: Cell cycle
WP1096: EGFR1 Signaling Pathway
WP1101: DNA Replication
WP1117: Peptide GPCRs
WP1131: IL-7 Signaling Pathway
WP1137: Apoptosis
WP1163: TNF-alpha NF-kB Signaling Pathway
WP118: IL-7 Signaling Pathway
WP1188: GPCRs, Class A Rhodopsin-like
WP1195: G1 to S cell cycle control
WP1200: Cell cycle
WP1254: Apoptosis
WP1290: Apoptosis
WP13: DNA Replication
WP131: Peptide GPCRs
WP1338: Peptide GPCRs
WP1346: IL-7 Signaling Pathway
WP1351: Apoptosis
WP1369: TNF-alpha NF-kB Signaling Pathway

Related Genes :
[rssB hnr sprE ychL b1235 JW1223] Regulator of RpoS
[lolA lplA yzzV b0891 JW0874] Outer-membrane lipoprotein carrier protein (P20)
[cpxA ecfB eup ssd b3911 JW3882] Sensor histidine kinase CpxA (EC
[fsaA fsa mipB ybiZ b0825 JW5109] Fructose-6-phosphate aldolase 1 (EC 4.1.2.-) (Fructose-6-phosphate aldolase A) (FSAA)
[env] Envelope glycoprotein gp160 (Env polyprotein) [Cleaved into: Surface protein gp120 (SU) (Glycoprotein 120) (gp120); Transmembrane protein gp41 (TM) (Glycoprotein 41) (gp41)]
[bamA yaeT yzzN yzzY b0177 JW0172] Outer membrane protein assembly factor BamA (Omp85)
[hns bglY cur drdX hnsA msyA osmZ pilG topS b1237 JW1225] DNA-binding protein H-NS (Heat-stable nucleoid-structuring protein) (Histone-like protein HLP-II) (Protein B1) (Protein H1)
[modE modR b0761 JW0744] DNA-binding transcriptional dual regulator ModE
[Atp5mc1 Atp5g1] ATP synthase F(0) complex subunit C1, mitochondrial (ATP synthase lipid-binding protein) (ATP synthase membrane subunit c locus 1) (ATP synthase proteolipid P1) (ATPase protein 9) (ATPase subunit c)
[ureC ureB AA971_00300 AA976_00660 AB991_01580 AC782_01995 AC785_02215 AC786_06085 ACM23_00175 ACM25_05745 AEY52_05120 AEY55_02195 AM496_01065 AM497_00315 AM498_05275 APV63_00345 BB380_06740 BB384_00125 BB386_06170 BB388_03860 BB389_01210 BB392_01885 BB395_01105 BB396_03595 BB397_01205 BB398_00645 BB399_00715 BB402_00940 BB403_05495 BB404_02060 BB407_00240 BB409_02425 BB413_01475 BB414_06690 BB415_02675 BB423_06535 BB424_03425 BB425_03845 BB430_06575 BB432_01225 BB433_00435 BB434_04850 BB436_00470 BB437_05935 BB438_00770 BB445_05520 BB446_07365 BB447_00165 BB448_00165 BB449_01235 BB453_04120 BB454_01220 BB457_03680 BB461_00565 BB463_06000 BB464_05775 BB465_03420 BB467_01250 BB469_06505 BB475_07050 BB479_02895 BB482_01895 BFR58_06065 BGL55_07475 BGL56_00330 BGL58_00115 BGL60_02310 BGL61_01455 BGL64_03455 BGL65_00315 BGL66_02205 BGL67_01125 BGL68_05640 BGL69_02785 BGL70_01200 BGL71_07080 BGL72_03910 BGL73_05140 BGL75_02110 BGL76_06080 BGL77_05345 BGL81_07015 BGL83_04685 BGL85_05245 BGL87_08405 BIZ48_06775 BW246_00690 BZK17_01660 BZK18_01825 BZK20_02665 BZK21_03720 BZK23_06060 BZK24_02095 BZK25_02610 BZK26_04645 BZK27_05285 BZL55_05060 C2840_00380 C2844_00380 C2R44_07965 C2R45_03720 C2R46_04950 C2R47_03975 C2R50_02900 C2R53_05250 C2R55_07300 C2R56_06145 C2R59_03835 C2R61_00895 C2R62_04780 C2R65_03515 C2R66_03080 C2R67_04540 C2R68_01675 C2R70_07210 C2R71_06830 C2R72_00135 C2R74_07355 C2R77_00685 C2R78_05730 C2R80_04705 C2R82_02610 C2R84_05875 C2R87_06795 C2R88_05425 C2S08_04480 C2S19_05040 C2S36_01340 C2S41_06115 CEP78_005830 CEP79_03840 EG63_00385 GZ76_04585 HPMKF10_0127 HPMKM5_0084 HPY1089_01290 HPY1152_01745 HPY173_06240 HPY1846_05350 HPY207_07385 HPY228_07070 HPY499_05465 HPY655_02850 JM68_01505 NCTC13094_00592] Urease subunit beta (EC (Urea amidohydrolase subunit beta)
[ligD MSMEG_5570 MSMEI_5419] Multifunctional non-homologous end joining protein LigD (NHEJ DNA polymerase) [Includes: DNA repair polymerase (Pol) (Polymerase/primase); 3'-phosphoesterase (3'-ribonuclease/3'-phosphatase) (PE); DNA ligase (Lig) (EC (Polydeoxyribonucleotide synthase [ATP])]
[eltD MSMEG_3265 MSMEI_3181] Erythritol/L-threitol dehydrogenase (EC 1.1.1.-)
[MYOMOD1] Myomodulin neuropeptides 1 [Cleaved into: Myomodulin-A (MM-A) (Neuron B16 peptide) (PMSMLRL-amide); Myomodulin-B (MM-B) (MMb) (GSYRMMRL-amide); Myomodulin-D (MM-D) (MMd) (GLSMLRL-amide); Myomodulin-F (MM-F) (MMf) (SLNMLRL-amide); Myomodulin-G (MM-G) (MMg) (TLSMLRL-amide); Myomodulin-H (MM-H) (MMh) (GLHMLRL-amide); Myomodulin-I (MM-I) (MMi) (SLSMLRL-amide)]
[nfnB MSMEG_6505 MSMEI_6333] Nitroreductase NfnB (NR NfnB) (EC 1.-.-.-) (FMN-dependent NAD(P)H nitroreductase)
[RPS2 At4g26090 F20B18.200] Disease resistance protein RPS2 (Resistance to Pseudomonas syringae protein 2)
[ATP5MC2 ATP5G2 PSEC0033] ATP synthase F(0) complex subunit C2, mitochondrial (ATP synthase lipid-binding protein) (ATP synthase membrane subunit c locus 2) (ATP synthase proteolipid P2) (ATP synthase proton-transporting mitochondrial F(0) complex subunit C2) (ATPase protein 9) (ATPase subunit c)
[atpE AA971_05610 AA976_06180 AB991_05065 AC782_06425 AC783_05275 AC784_00240 AC785_04880 AC786_01105 ACM23_03665 ACM24_04460 ACM25_02485 ACM31_05300 ACM37_06620 AEY52_01860 AEY53_04040 AEY54_04975 AEY55_07540 AM496_04205 AM497_06075 AM498_07210 BB380_04370 BB384_06330 BB386_03260 BB387_02990 BB389_03650 BB390_03470 BB392_04370 BB394_00570 BB395_05555 BB396_03030 BB397_02255 BB399_02820 BB400_01610 BB402_05710 BB403_03550 BB404_05335 BB407_03950 BB408_00905 BB409_02970 BB414_00665 BB415_03080 BB423_00650 BB424_00720 BB425_04240 BB428_05215 BB430_05030 BB432_05355 BB433_02815 BB434_03735 BB436_01220 BB437_04990 BB438_03880 BB445_04025 BB446_04060 BB447_05050 BB448_05515 BB449_02940 BB451_03470 BB453_03390 BB454_04955 BB457_03330 BB458_00950 BB459_04370 BB461_03700 BB463_01335 BB464_05145 BB465_05385 BB467_03925 BB468_04315 BB469_05620 BB471_01515 BB472_01545 BB475_06730 BB479_06835 BB482_03555 BB483_01030 BCM300_01155 BGL55_04550 BGL56_07050 BGL57_00265 BGL58_02795 BGL59_04180 BGL60_02075 BGL61_01805 BGL64_06695 BGL65_05545 BGL66_06185 BGL67_03075 BGL68_05905 BGL69_06695 BGL70_07400 BGL71_06350 BGL72_04010 BGL73_03195 BGL74_01500 BGL75_05735 BGL76_04210 BGL77_07475 BGL78_04540 BGL81_01860 BGL83_05440 BGL85_04545 BGL87_02605 BV499_00320 BW246_03035 BZK17_04195 BZK18_02705 BZK20_06720 BZK21_00725 BZK23_00165 BZK24_01475 BZK25_05540 BZK26_07110 BZK27_00970 BZK28_07435 BZL55_03460 C2R44_05770 C2R46_05960 C2R47_06090 C2R48_05180 C2R49_01420 C2R50_05590 C2R51_03630 C2R52_04430 C2R53_02535 C2R54_07555 C2R55_04155 C2R56_02730 C2R57_07245 C2R59_04980 C2R62_06610 C2R64_05285 C2R66_05205 C2R67_03375 C2R69_00980 C2R70_07755 C2R71_04705 C2R74_02090 C2R76_01540 C2R77_00405 C2R78_04925 C2R80_01555 C2R81_04185 C2R82_00890 C2R84_01030 C2R86_03860 C2R87_06345 C2R88_02895 C2R92_05100 C2R93_04080 C2S01_03430 C2S04_07045 C2S26_07445 C2S29_00045 C2S30_07855 C2S36_04985 C2S37_06185 C2S41_02230 C2S43_05100 C2S44_00900 C2S45_01370 CEP77_07145 CEP79_01530 DDP35_05875 GZ76_00160 HPY1089_00175 HPY1152_03115 HPY1198_02025 HPY173_04900 HPY1786_04360 HPY1846_06855 HPY207_05315 HPY228_01430 HPY499_03835 HPY655_07230 NCTC13094_01543 NCTC13207_00151 NCTC13338_00302 OA23_05955] ATP synthase subunit c (ATP synthase F(0) sector subunit c) (F-type ATPase subunit c) (F-ATPase subunit c) (Lipid-binding protein)
[ATP5MC1 ATP5G1] ATP synthase F(0) complex subunit C1, mitochondrial (ATP synthase lipid-binding protein) (ATP synthase membrane subunit c locus 1) (ATP synthase proteolipid P1) (ATP synthase proton-transporting mitochondrial F(0) complex subunit C1) (ATPase protein 9) (ATPase subunit c)
[tatC mttB yigU yigV b3839 JW3815] Sec-independent protein translocase protein TatC
[fbiB cofE MSMEG_1829 MSMEI_1786] Coenzyme F420:L-glutamate ligase (EC (EC (Coenzyme F420-0:L-glutamate ligase) (Coenzyme F420-1:gamma-L-glutamate ligase)
[spy b1743 JW1732] Periplasmic chaperone Spy (Spheroplast protein Y)
[stf0 MSMEG_0630 MSMEI_0614] Trehalose 2-sulfotransferase (EC
[fgd fgd1 MSMEG_0777 MSMEI_0761] F420-dependent glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (FGD) (G6PD) (EC
[rseA mclA yfiJ b2572 JW2556] Anti-sigma-E factor RseA (Regulator of SigE) (Sigma-E anti-sigma factor RseA) (Sigma-E factor negative regulatory protein)
[rpoE sigE b2573 JW2557] ECF RNA polymerase sigma-E factor (RNA polymerase sigma-E factor) (Sigma-24)
[ATP5MC3 ATP5G3] ATP synthase F(0) complex subunit C3, mitochondrial (ATP synthase lipid-binding protein) (ATP synthase membrane subunit c locus 3) (ATP synthase proteolipid P3) (ATP synthase proton-transporting mitochondrial F(0) complex subunit C3) (ATPase protein 9) (ATPase subunit c)
[glmU GY4MC1_0046] Bifunctional protein GlmU [Includes: Glucosamine-1-phosphate N-acetyltransferase (EC; UDP-N-acetylglucosamine pyrophosphorylase (EC (N-acetylglucosamine-1-phosphate uridyltransferase)]
[nnrD nnrE GY4MC1_1580] Multifunctional fusion protein [Includes: ADP-dependent (S)-NAD(P)H-hydrate dehydratase (EC (ADP-dependent NAD(P)HX dehydratase); NAD(P)H-hydrate epimerase (EC (NAD(P)HX epimerase)]
[env] Envelope glycoprotein gp160 (Env polyprotein) [Cleaved into: Surface protein gp120 (SU) (Glycoprotein 120) (gp120); Transmembrane protein gp41 (TM) (Glycoprotein 41) (gp41)]
[kgd sucA MSMEG_5049 MSMEI_4922] Multifunctional 2-oxoglutarate metabolism enzyme (2-hydroxy-3-oxoadipate synthase) (HOA synthase) (HOAS) (EC (2-oxoglutarate carboxy-lyase) (2-oxoglutarate decarboxylase) (Alpha-ketoglutarate decarboxylase) (KG decarboxylase) (KGD) (EC (Alpha-ketoglutarate-glyoxylate carboligase) [Includes: 2-oxoglutarate dehydrogenase E1 component (ODH E1 component) (EC (Alpha-ketoglutarate dehydrogenase E1 component) (KDH E1 component); Dihydrolipoyllysine-residue succinyltransferase component of 2-oxoglutarate dehydrogenase complex (EC (2-oxoglutarate dehydrogenase complex E2 component) (ODH E2 component) (OGDC-E2) (Dihydrolipoamide succinyltransferase)]

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