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Index / Jena Bio / Red Load Taq Master, L pack Master mix for direct gel loading /Product Detail : PCR-108L Red Load Taq Master, L pack Master mix for direct gel loading
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Red Load Taq Master, L pack Master mix for direct gel loading

 Price: 236   EUR
268   USD
183   GBP

Product name : Red Load Taq Master, L pack Master mix for direct gel loading

Catalog number : PCR-108L

Quantity: 500reactions

Availability: Yes

Supplier name : Jena Bio

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Cat. No.  Amount  Size 
 PCR-108S 100 reactions 1 ml 
 PCR-108L 500 reactions 5 ml 
For in vitro use only 
Quality guaranteed for 12 months 
Store at -20°C, avoid frequent thawing and freezing
Storage at 4°C for up to 3 months possible 
5x Red Load Taq Master (red cap) 
5x conc. master mix of Taq DNA polymerase,  
dATP, dCTP, dGTP, dTTP, reaction buffer with KCl and 
MgCl2, red dye, gel loading buffer, stabilizers 
PCR grade water (white cap) 
Red Load Taq Master contains an inherent red dye 
and allows the direct loading of the PCR reaction 
product onto the gel. It contains all reagents required 
for PCR (except template and primer) in a premixed 
5x concentrated ready-to-use solution. 
The Master Mix is recommended for use in routine 
PCR reactions. It is optimized for high specificity and 
guarantees minimal by-product formation. The mix is
particularly suitable for plate based PCR and 
automated pipetting where a detergent free buffer 
system is required.  
The enzyme catalyzes the polymerization of 
nucleotides into duplex DNA in 5'→3' direction in the 
presence of magnesium. It also possesses a 5'→3' 
polymerization-dependent exonuclease replacement 
activity but lacks a 3'→5' exonuclease activity. 
Recommended PCR assay 
50 µl PCR assay 
10 µl 5x Taq Master Mix red cap 
0.2-1 µM each Primer  
2-50 ng Template DNA  
Fill up to 50 µl PCR grade H2O white cap 
Recommended cycling conditions 
94°C 2 min 1x 
Denaturation 94°C 30 sec 
 45 - 68°C 30 sec 
 72°C 30 sec - 3 min 
Final elongation 72°C 2 min 1x 
1) The annealing temperature depends on the melting
temperature of the primers used. 
2) The elongation time depends on the length of the fragments to 
be amplified. A time of 1 min/kbp is recommended. 
For optimal specificity and amplification an individual 
optimization of the recommended parameters may be 
necessary for each new template DNA and/or primer pair. 

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