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Index / Scy tek / Easy ELISA HRP Kit /Product Detail : EEH-1 Easy ELISA HRP Kit
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 Price: 237   EUR
269   USD
184   GBP

Product name : Easy ELISA HRP Kit

Catalog number : EEH-1

Quantity: 1 kit(s)

Availability: Yes

Supplier name : Scy tek

Data sheet Data sheet : Ask more or other datasheet now !

About this Product :

ELISA Storage and handeling
The storage for all reagents of the Easy ELISA HRP Kit should be done at temperatures between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius. We strongly recommend you to avoid cycles of freezing and thawing in order to preserve the sensitivity of the kit.

More Details about

Complete "Do it Yourself" ELISA system.
The first ELISA system designed to deliver superior results to each and every research project, regardless of the level of technician expertise. Everything that is required to obtain outstanding results is included in one convenient package. Easy ELISA has been specifically developed to create an environment in which the researcher can be assured of consistent results with each project. All of the reagents contained in Easy ELISA are stable enough to ship at ambient temperature.


Super Block 125 ml
HRP Stabilizing Diluent 125 ml
Binding Buffer 125 ml
Coating Stabilizer 125 ml
TMB Soluble Reagent 125 ml
TMB Stop Buffer 125 ml
Sample Diluent 125 ml
Wash Buffer (10X PBS) 500 ml

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