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Index / Biovend / Human, Zymogen granule membrane protein 16, E.coli , Rec. Prot. /Product Detail : RD172229100 Human, Zymogen granule membrane protein 16, E.coli , Rec. Prot.
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Human, Zymogen granule membrane protein 16, E.coli , Rec. Prot.

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Product name : Human, Zymogen granule membrane protein 16, E.coli , Rec. Prot.

Catalog number : RD172229100

Quantity: 0.1 mg

Availability: Yes

Supplier name : Biovend

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Zymogen granule membrane protein 16 (ZG16) is a 16 kDa protein first identified by immunoscreening of a rat pancreatic cDNA expression library with a polyspecific antiserum raised against purified zymogen granule membranes (ZGM). ZG16 displays sequence homology particularly in the carbohydrate recognition domain to the plant lectin jacalin, which recognizes terminal galactose attached to N-acetylgalactosamine by a β1–3 linkage. ZG16 is considered a secretory lectin ZG16 due to its sequence homology with this lectin,. Sequence analyses uncovered that ZG16 is highly conserved amongst mammals but also appears in many other species. Rat ZG16 is highly expressed in pancreas, colon, and duodenum, where the protein was localized in the zymogen granule of pancreas. Rat ZG16 tokes part in the formation of zymogen granule by mediating the digested enzymes to the zymogen granule membrane in pancreatic acinar cells. Human ZG16 was shown to be highly expressed in adult liver and moderately expressed in intestine and colon. Moreover, ZG16 is also weakly expressed in pedunculus cerebellaris, but not in other regions of the brain. Taking into account, the specific expression pattern in the human liver, ZG16 was evaluated in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), which is a common cancer worldwide. It was found that human ZG16 was significantly down-regulated in HCC. ZG16 protein also took part in several secretions of glycoproteins. For instance, the secretion of human ZG16 would be affected when the synthesis of glycans was hindered with an inhibitor or when there is a lack of glucose in the cell culture. 

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