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Index / Maestro / BandPeeper Real-time Gel viewer for Mupid 2 PLUS /Product Detail : RT-160 BandPeeper Real-time Gel viewer for Mupid 2 PLUS
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BandPeeper Real-time Gel viewer for Mupid 2 PLUS

 Price: 375   EUR
426   USD
291   GBP

Product name : BandPeeper Real-time Gel viewer for Mupid 2 PLUS

Catalog number : RT-160


Availability: Yes

Supplier name : Maestro

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BandPeeper real-time electrophoresis LED illuminator for DNA gel fluorescent signal observation in water solution.

• Time saving for new sample electrophoresis trial & error

 Cost saving for repeated trial & error

 Accurate electrophoresis duration control

 Compatible with Mupid-size tank

 Strong blue LED: used with common nucleic acid dyes
 High sensitivity (~2 ng)
 Anti-fog design on amber filter
 No decay for DNA gel (UV flashlamp decays DNA gel)
 Competitive price





Size: 166*170*82 (mm)

Window size: 150*60 (mm)

Filter type: Amber filter

Filter surface: Anti-Fog treatment

PCBA surface: Anti-moisture treatment

Power: DC 24V/1.25A

Sensitivity: ~2 (ng)
LED wavelength: 470 (nm)

Compatibility: only with Mupid tanks

Weight (Kg): 0.96

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