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Index / Other suppliers / p53 (PAb122) Mouse mAb /Product Detail : ASAKAM-CC002F p53 (PAb122) Mouse mAb
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#ASAKAM-CC002F p53 (PAb122) Mouse mAb

 Price: 649   EUR
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Product name : p53 (PAb122) Mouse mAb

Catalog number : ASAKAM-CC002F

Quantity: 200 µg

Availability: Yes

Supplier name : Other suppliers

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About this Product :

p53 (PAb122) Mouse mAb mus musculus murine p53 (PAb122) Mouse mAb detects proteins from variouse species most likely human.

p53 (PAb122) Mouse mAb polyclonal antibodies polyclonal antobodies can be directed against a recombinant proteine, the natural protein or an epitope. The epitope generated polyclonals are virtual monoclonals. You can request the immogen of p53 (PAb122) Mouse mAb at [email protected]

p53 (PAb122) Mouse mAb monoclonal antibodies Monoclonal antobodies are used for flow cytometry, IHC or immunohistochemistry, in ELISA as dedector antibody. Moste are mouse origin hybridomas. For the delution or number of test of p53 (PAb122) Mouse mAb in flow cytometry contact [email protected] for facs facscalibur, guava, beckman coulter, moflow or novocyte

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