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#4311-v á_Conotoxin ImI

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Product name : á_Conotoxin ImI

Catalog number : 4311-v

Quantity: 0.5mg

Availability: Yes

Supplier name : Sceti K.K.

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Pathways :
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Related Genes :
[] Mu-conotoxin GVIIJ (Conotoxin muO-GVIIJ) (MuO'section sign'-GVIIJ)
[] Alpha-conotoxin BuIA (Conotoxin Bu1.3)
[] Alpha-conotoxin TxID (Alpha-conotoxin TxIC) (Fragment)
[] Alpha-conotoxin GID
[] Epsilon-conotoxin TxVA (Conotoxin TxMRCL-011) (Epsilon-conotoxin TxIX)
[] Kappa-conotoxin PVIIA (CGX-1051) (Fin-popping peptide)
[] Alpha-conotoxin TxIA (Conotoxin tx1a)
[] Alpha-conotoxin PeIA (Fragment)
[] Rho-conotoxin TIA (Rho-TIA)
[] Mu-conotoxin GIIIA (G3.9) (Geographutoxin I) (GTx-I) (Myotoxin I)
[] Epsilon-conotoxin TxVA (Epsilon-TxIX) (Tx-012) (Tx5.2) (tx5a)
[] Mu-conotoxin PIIIA (Mu-conotoxin P3.7)
[] Mu-conotoxin BuIIIB (Conotoxin Bu16)
[] Conotoxin tx5c (Conotoxin 2) [Cleaved into: Conotoxin tx5c-b; Conotoxin tx5c-c]
[] Mu-conotoxin cal12a (Conotoxin Cal 12.1.1a) (Conotoxin CalTx 12.1.1A)
[] Alpha-conotoxin VxXXA (Vx20.1) (VxXIIA)
[Chrnb2 Acrb2] Neuronal acetylcholine receptor subunit beta-2 (Neuronal acetylcholine receptor non-alpha-1 chain) (N-alpha 1)
[RSP5 CTHT_0046110] E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase RSP5 (EC (HECT-type E3 ubiquitin transferase RSP5)
[ncd-2 G17A4.200 NCU03949] Nitronate monooxygenase (EC (2-nitropropane dioxygenase) (2-NPD) (Nitroalkane oxidase)
[] Alpha-conotoxin RVIIIA (AlphaS-conotoxin RVIIIA)
[] Alpha-conotoxin GVIIIB (AlphaS-conotoxin GVIIIB)
[] Mu-conotoxin cal12b (Conotoxin Cal 12.1.1b) (Conotoxin CalTx 12.1.1B)
[] Alpha-conotoxin-like Tx1.2 (Conotoxin Tx1.1)
[CHRNA7 NACHRA7] Neuronal acetylcholine receptor subunit alpha-7
[CHRNB4] Neuronal acetylcholine receptor subunit beta-4
[ppnP OR1_03385] Pyrimidine/purine nucleoside phosphorylase (EC (EC (Adenosine phosphorylase) (Cytidine phosphorylase) (Guanosine phosphorylase) (EC (Inosine phosphorylase) (Thymidine phosphorylase) (EC (Uridine phosphorylase) (EC (Xanthosine phosphorylase)
[] Alpha-conotoxin PnIA (Alpha-PnIA)
[PAN3 CTHT_0011660] PAN2-PAN3 deadenylation complex subunit PAN3 (PAB1P-dependent poly(A)-specific ribonuclease) (Poly(A)-nuclease deadenylation complex subunit 3) (PAN deadenylation complex subunit 3)
[CHRNB2] Neuronal acetylcholine receptor subunit beta-2
[ACRE_086160] E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase (EC

Bibliography :
[19131337] Rational design of alpha-conotoxin analogues targeting alpha7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptors: improved antagonistic activity by incorporation of proline derivatives.
[16505382] Structural determinants of selective alpha-conotoxin binding to a nicotinic acetylcholine receptor homolog AChBP.