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Index / Liferi / Campylobacter Jejuni Real Time PCR Kit DNA III,IV *CE Marked /Product Detail : DD-0040-02 Campylobacter Jejuni Real Time PCR Kit DNA III,IV *CE Marked
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Campylobacter Jejuni Real Time PCR Kit DNA III,IV *CE Marked

 Price: 312   EUR
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Product name : Campylobacter Jejuni Real Time PCR Kit DNA III,IV *CE Marked

Catalog number : DD-0040-02

Quantity: 25

Availability: Yes

Supplier name : Liferi

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About this Product :

Campylobacter Jejuni Real Time PCR Kit DNA III,IV *CE Marked PCR kit use certain PCR kits can be used for diagnostics. We supply CE approved PCR kits or research PCR kits. You can request more information about the use of Campylobacter Jejuni Real Time PCR Kit DNA III,IV *CE Marked to [email protected]

More Details about


1. Intended Use
C.jejuni real time PCR Kit is used for the detection of C.jejuni in stool or water samples by
LightCycler (Roche) real time PCR systems.
2. Principle of Real-Time PCR
The principle of the real-time detection is based on the fluorogenic 5fnuclease assay. During the PCR
reaction, the DNA polymerase cleaves the probe at the 5f end and separates the reporter dye from the
quencher dye only when the probe hybridizes to the target DNA. This cleavage results in the
fluorescent signal generated by the cleaved reporter dye, which is monitored real-time by the PCR
detection system. The PCR cycle at which an increase in the fluorescence signal is detected initially
(Ct) is proportional to the amount of the specific PCR product. Monitoring the fluorescence
intensities during Real Time allows the detection of the accumulating product without having to
re-open the reaction tube after the amplification.
3. Product Description
Campylobacter jejuni is a Gram-negative slender, curved, and motile rod. It is the leading cause of
food poisoning, being three times more common than Salmonella. This bacterium is now recognized
as an important enteric pathogen. Usually C.jejuni outbreaks are small (less than 50 people). C.jejuni
infection causes diarrhea, which may be watery or sticky and can contain blood and fecal leukocytes.
Other symptoms often present are fever, abdominal pain, nauseaCheadache and muscle pain.
C.jejuni real time PCR kit contains a specific ready-to-use system for the detection of C.jejuni by
polymerase chain reaction (PCR) in the real-time PCR system. The master contains reagents and
enzymes for the specific amplification of C.jejuni DNA. Fluorescence is emitted and measured by
the real time systemsL optical unit during PCR. The detection of amplified C.jejuni DNA fragment is
performed in fluorimeter channel 530nm with the fluorescent quencher BHQ1. DNA extraction
buffer is available in the kit. In addition, the kit contains a system to identify possible PCR inhibition
by measuring the 560nm fluorescence of the internal control (IC). An external positive control
(1~107 copies/ml) contained, allows the determination of the gene load.

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