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Index / Phoenix Peptide / Intermedin (IMD) _ Adrenomedullin_2 (AM_2)(Rat) _ Antibody for Immunohistochemistry _ 100ul /Product Detail : H-010-52 Intermedin (IMD) _ Adrenomedullin_2 (AM_2)(Rat) _ Antibody for Immunohistochemistry _ 100ul
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#H-010-52 Intermedin (IMD) _ Adrenomedullin_2 (AM_2)(Rat) _ Antibody for Immunohistochemistry _ 100ul

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Product name : Intermedin (IMD) _ Adrenomedullin_2 (AM_2)(Rat) _ Antibody for Immunohistochemistry _ 100ul

Catalog number : H-010-52

Quantity: 100 µl

Availability: Yes

Supplier name : Phoenix Peptide

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Intermedin (IMD) _ Adrenomedullin_2 (AM_2)(Rat) _ Antibody for Immunohistochemistry _ 100ul antibody storage Gentaur recommends for long therm storage to freeze at -24 C. For short time storage up to 30 days we suggest fridge storage at 1 to 10 C. Prevent multiple freeze taw cycles of Intermedin (IMD) _ Adrenomedullin_2 (AM_2)(Rat) _ Antibody for Immunohistochemistry _ 100ul.

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Phoenix_Peptide \ Intermedin_(IMD)___Adrenomedullin_2_(AM_2)(Rat)___Antibody_for_Immunohistochemistry___100ul \ H_010_52
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Related Genes :
[Adm2 Am2] ADM2 (Intermedin) [Cleaved into: Adrenomedullin-2 (AM2) (Intermedin-long) (IMDL); Intermedin-short (IMDS)]
[ADM2 AM2] ADM2 (Intermedin) [Cleaved into: Adrenomedullin-2 (AM2) (Intermedin-long) (IMDL); Intermedin-short (IMDS)]
[Adm2 Am2] ADM2 (Intermedin) [Cleaved into: Adrenomedullin-2 (AM2) (Intermedin-long) (IMDL); Intermedin-short (IMDS)]
[Adm] ADM [Cleaved into: Adrenomedullin (AM); Proadrenomedullin N-20 terminal peptide (ProAM N-terminal 20 peptide) (PAMP) (ProAM-N20)]
[] Major urinary protein (MUP) (Allergen Rat n I) (Alpha(2)-euglobulin) (Alpha-2u-globulin) (alpha-2u globulin PGCL1) (allergen Rat n 1) [Cleaved into: 15.5 kDa fatty acid-binding protein (15.5 kDa FABP)]
[Cacna1c Cach2 Cacn2 Cacnl1a1 Cchl1a1] Voltage-dependent L-type calcium channel subunit alpha-1C (Calcium channel, L type, alpha-1 polypeptide, isoform 1, cardiac muscle) (Rat brain class C) (RBC) (Voltage-gated calcium channel subunit alpha Cav1.2)
[ADM AM] ADM [Cleaved into: Adrenomedullin (AM); Proadrenomedullin N-20 terminal peptide (ProAM N-terminal 20 peptide) (PAMP) (ProAM-N20)]
[Ramp2] Receptor activity-modifying protein 2
[Plpp3 Lpp3 Ppap2b] Phospholipid phosphatase 3 (EC (Differentially expressed in rat intestine 42) (Dri42) (Lipid phosphate phosphohydrolase 3) (PAP2-beta) (Phosphatidate phosphohydrolase type 2b) (Phosphatidic acid phosphatase 2b) (PAP-2b) (PAP2b)
[Adm] ADM [Cleaved into: Adrenomedullin (AM); Proadrenomedullin N-20 terminal peptide (ProAM N-terminal 20 peptide) (PAMP) (ProAM-N20)]
[Cacna1d Cach3 Cacn4 Cacnl1a2 Cchl1a2] Voltage-dependent L-type calcium channel subunit alpha-1D (Calcium channel, L type, alpha-1 polypeptide, isoform 2) (Rat brain class D) (RBD) (Voltage-gated calcium channel subunit alpha Cav1.3)
[Slc34a1 Slc17a2] Sodium-dependent phosphate transport protein 2A (Sodium-phosphate transport protein 2A) (Na(+)-dependent phosphate cotransporter 2A) (Sodium/phosphate cotransporter 2A) (Na(+)/Pi cotransporter 2A) (NaPi-2a) (Solute carrier family 34 member 1)
[ADM AM] ADM [Cleaved into: Adrenomedullin (AM); Proadrenomedullin N-20 terminal peptide (ProAM N-terminal 20 peptide) (PAMP) (ProAM-N20)]
[Baiap2] Brain-specific angiogenesis inhibitor 1-associated protein 2 (BAI-associated protein 2) (BAI1-associated protein 2) (Insulin receptor substrate protein of 53 kDa) (IRSp53) (Insulin receptor substrate p53) (Insulin receptor tyrosine kinase substrate protein p53)
[yaiE ppnP A6581_06820 A6592_08565 A8C65_08910 A8G17_09740 A8M42_23195 A9819_01890 A9R57_08485 AC067_13660 AC789_1c03900 ACN002_0406 ACN77_08140 ACN81_25005 ACU57_12035 ACU90_20960 AKG99_06925 AM270_02350 AM446_21575 AM464_18935 AM465_24670 AMK83_08820 AML07_05345 AML35_16935 APT94_15240 APU18_24510 APZ14_19390 ARC77_21605 AU473_24575 AUQ13_18550 AUS26_08265 AW059_14025 AW106_10290 AZZ83_000156 B1K96_09930 B7C53_19905 B9M99_04245 B9N33_08655 B9T59_05995 BB545_15535 BE963_16095 BEN53_04105 BER14_23410 BH694_02580 BHF46_20960 BHS81_02405 BHS87_02130 BIQ87_02175 BIU72_03345 BIZ41_26355 BJJ90_20310 BK248_04610 BK292_14635 BK373_01320 BK375_26975 BK383_14985 BK400_22670 BMR23_06210 BMT53_08415 BMT91_05310 BN17_01951 BTQ04_02855 BTQ06_17790 BUE81_15520 BVL39_00880 BW690_06575 BWP17_02145 BXT93_00165 BZL31_10725 BZL69_16805 C2M16_02670 C2U48_08110 C3K24_21210 C4J69_09510 C4K41_08090 C4M78_16865 C5715_13595 C5N07_12740 C5P01_16305 C5P43_02275 C5P44_19530 C6669_02755 C7235_18880 C7B02_04545 C7B06_13385 C7B07_15195 C7B08_06180 C9E25_04580 CA593_01185 CCZ14_02440 CCZ17_04120 CDL37_09465 CG691_03375 CG692_05055 CG705_03280 CG706_02610 CIJ94_06540 COD30_16055 COD46_04855 CR538_19495 CR539_06140 CRD98_01665 CRE06_07890 CRM83_13790 CT143_00140 CT146_15735 CV83915_01183 CVH05_20630 CWS33_22875 CXB56_22015 D0X26_07420 D1900_24945 D2F89_21500 D3I61_02840 DD762_07680 DIV22_26285 DIV25_07810 DL545_19130 DL800_03885 DNQ41_05865 DNQ45_00335 DNR41_17405 DQE83_14970 DS732_06920 DS966_18475 DTL43_07415 DTL84_21660 DTL90_10740 DTM10_06080 DTM25_13935 DTM27_06070 DTM45_10960 EC1094V2_3464 EC3234A_4c00610 EC95NR1_04612 ECs0441 EL75_3359 EL79_3454 EL80_3408 ERS085365_01840 ERS085366_04179 ERS085374_02377 ERS085379_01215 ERS085383_01024 ERS085386_01096 ERS085404_01742 ERS085406_02227 ERS085416_01968 ERS139211_01252 ERS150873_01858 ERS150876_00567 FORC28_4702 GJ11_02375 HMPREF3040_03387 HW43_05570 JD73_11760 MJ49_04490 MS8345_00396 NCTC10082_01078 NCTC10418_05682 NCTC10429_03762 NCTC10764_05371 NCTC10766_05711 NCTC10767_04209 NCTC10865_04787 NCTC11022_05137 NCTC11126_00022 NCTC11181_01145 NCTC11341_03896 NCTC12950_04180 NCTC13125_01892 NCTC13127_05156 NCTC13462_01937 NCTC13846_03688 NCTC7152_03887 NCTC7922_06246 NCTC7927_04270 NCTC8009_07014 NCTC8179_01642 NCTC8450_01367 NCTC8500_04283 NCTC8621_03984 NCTC8622_02997 NCTC8959_05017 NCTC8960_01314 NCTC8985_02798 NCTC9007_00270 NCTC9010_03921 NCTC9036_03840 NCTC9037_03956 NCTC9045_04434 NCTC9050_01764 NCTC9055_00703 NCTC9058_03120 NCTC9062_04466 NCTC9075_05103 NCTC9077_04792 NCTC9081_02496 NCTC9111_03977 NCTC9117_04804 NCTC9119_03997 NCTC9434_02812 NCTC9701_04128 NCTC9703_03222 NCTC9706_01114 NCTC9775_02088 NCTC9777_00174 NCTC9969_04032 PU06_02955 RG28_02910 RK56_026705 RX35_02064 SAMEA3472033_03400 SAMEA3472044_00466 SAMEA3472047_02102 SAMEA3472055_02163 SAMEA3472056_03633 SAMEA3472067_03190 SAMEA3472070_02281 SAMEA3472080_01810 SAMEA3472090_01813 SAMEA3472108_01855 SAMEA3472110_00729 SAMEA3472112_02965 SAMEA3472114_01257 SAMEA3472147_04902 SAMEA3484427_03543 SAMEA3484429_01888 SAMEA3484433_02277 SAMEA3484434_01710 SAMEA3485101_03989 SAMEA3485113_01200 SAMEA3752372_02749 SAMEA3752557_00215 SAMEA3752559_02897 SAMEA3752620_00785 SAMEA3753064_01236 SAMEA3753097_00513 SAMEA3753106_00531 SAMEA3753164_00218 SAMEA3753290_01725 SAMEA3753300_00458 SAMEA3753391_04024 SAMEA3753397_02082 SK85_00418 SY51_02060 UC41_24265 UN86_08900 UN91_18725 WM48_02275 WQ89_01420 WR15_04360 YDC107_3656] Pyrimidine/purine nucleoside phosphorylase (EC (EC (Adenosine phosphorylase) (Cytidine phosphorylase) (Guanosine phosphorylase) (EC (Inosine phosphorylase) (Thymidine phosphorylase) (EC (Uridine phosphorylase) (EC (Xanthosine phosphorylase)
[IMD2 PUR5 YHR216W] Inosine-5'-monophosphate dehydrogenase 2 (IMP dehydrogenase 2) (IMPD 2) (IMPDH 2) (EC
[Cacna1a Cach4 Cacn3 Cacnl1a4] Voltage-dependent P/Q-type calcium channel subunit alpha-1A (Brain calcium channel I) (BI) (Calcium channel, L type, alpha-1 polypeptide, isoform 4) (Rat brain class A) (RBA-I) (Voltage-gated calcium channel subunit alpha Cav2.1)
[Ehmt2 Apom Bat4 Bat8 C2 C4a Cfb Csnk2b G7e Hspa1a Hspa1b Hspa1l Ly6g5c Ly6g6c Neu1 Ng35 Rps25-ps2 Stk19] Euchromatic histone lysine methyltransferase 2 (HLA-B associated transcript 8, rat orthologue)
[Cd81 Tapa1] CD81 antigen (26 kDa cell surface protein TAPA-1) (Target of the antiproliferative antibody 1) (CD antigen CD81)
[Cxcl2 Cinc3 Mip-2 Mip2 Scyb2] C-X-C motif chemokine 2 (Cytokine-induced neutrophil chemoattractant 3) (CINC-3) (Macrophage inflammatory protein 2) (MIP2)
[Ramp3] Receptor activity-modifying protein 3
[Calcrl Cgrpr] Calcitonin gene-related peptide type 1 receptor (CGRP type 1 receptor) (Calcitonin receptor-like receptor)
[Adgrg2 Gpr64 Re6] Adhesion G-protein coupled receptor G2 (G-protein coupled receptor 64) (Rat epididymis-specific protein 6) (Re6)
[Slc4a7 Nbc Nbc2 Nbc3 Nbcn1] Sodium bicarbonate cotransporter 3 (Electroneutral sodium bicarbonate cotransporter 1) (NBC-like protein) (Solute carrier family 4 member 7)
[ADM5] ADM5 [Cleaved into: Adrenomedullin-5 (AM5)]
[Man2a1 Mana2] Alpha-mannosidase 2 (EC (Golgi alpha-mannosidase II) (AMan II) (Man II) (Mannosidase alpha class 2A member 1) (Mannosyl-oligosaccharide 1,3-1,6-alpha-mannosidase)
[Gria2 Glur2] Glutamate receptor 2 (GluR-2) (AMPA-selective glutamate receptor 2) (GluR-B) (GluR-K2) (Glutamate receptor ionotropic, AMPA 2) (GluA2)
[Erbb2 Neu] Receptor tyrosine-protein kinase erbB-2 (EC (Epidermal growth factor receptor-related protein) (Proto-oncogene Neu) (Proto-oncogene c-ErbB-2) (p185erbB2) (p185neu) (CD antigen CD340)
[Cyp1a2 Cyp1a-2] Cytochrome P450 1A2 (EC (CYPIA2) (Cholesterol 25-hydroxylase) (Cytochrome P-448) (Cytochrome P-450d) (Cytochrome P450-D)
[Atp2a1] Sarcoplasmic/endoplasmic reticulum calcium ATPase 1 (SERCA1) (SR Ca(2+)-ATPase 1) (EC (Calcium pump 1) (Calcium-transporting ATPase sarcoplasmic reticulum type, fast twitch skeletal muscle isoform) (Endoplasmic reticulum class 1/2 Ca(2+) ATPase)

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