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Index / SBI / pCDH_MSCV_MCS_IRES_GFP cDNA Cloning and Expression Vector /Product Detail : CD731A-1 pCDH_MSCV_MCS_IRES_GFP cDNA Cloning and Expression Vector
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#CD731A-1 pCDH_MSCV_MCS_IRES_GFP cDNA Cloning and Expression Vector

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Product name : pCDH_MSCV_MCS_IRES_GFP cDNA Cloning and Expression Vector

Catalog number : CD731A-1

Quantity: 10 ug

Availability: Yes

Supplier name : SBI

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Pathways :
WP1263: Mitochondrial Gene Expression
WP1301: Mitochondrial Gene Expression
WP1368: Mitochondrial Gene Expression
WP1821: Gene Expression
WP1963: The effect of Glucocorticoids on target gene expression
WP391: Mitochondrial Gene Expression
WP928: Mitochondrial Gene Expression

Related Genes :
[PCDH11X KIAA1326 PCDH11 PCDHX] Protocadherin-11 X-linked (Protocadherin-11) (Protocadherin on the X chromosome) (PCDH-X) (Protocadherin-S)
[Pa2g4 Ebp1 Plfap] Proliferation-associated protein 2G4 (IRES-specific cellular trans-acting factor 45 kDa) (ITAF45) (Mpp1) (Proliferation-associated protein 1) (Protein p38-2G4)
[PCDH11Y PCDH11 PCDH22 PCDHY] Protocadherin-11 Y-linked (Protocadherin-11) (Protocadherin on the Y chromosome) (PCDH-Y) (Protocadherin prostate cancer) (Protocadherin-PC) (Protocadherin-22)
[PCDH15 USH1F] Protocadherin-15
[PCDH12 UNQ395/PRO731] Protocadherin-12 (Vascular cadherin-2) (Vascular endothelial cadherin-2) (VE-cad-2) (VE-cadherin-2) [Cleaved into: Protocadherin-12, secreted form]
[PCDH1] Protocadherin-1 (Cadherin-like protein 1) (Protocadherin-42) (PC42)
[PCDH8] Protocadherin-8 (Arcadlin)
[PCDH19 KIAA1313] Protocadherin-19
[mcs2 SPBP16F5.02] Cyclin mcs2 (Mitotic catastrophe suppressor 2)
[RHOA ARH12 ARHA RHO12] Transforming protein RhoA (Rho cDNA clone 12) (h12)
[PCDH17 PCDH68 PCH68] Protocadherin-17 (Protocadherin-68)
[Pcdh15] Protocadherin-15
[CDHR1 KIAA1775 PCDH21 PRCAD] Cadherin-related family member 1 (Photoreceptor cadherin) (prCAD) (Protocadherin-21)
[RHOC ARH9 ARHC] Rho-related GTP-binding protein RhoC (Rho cDNA clone 9) (h9)
[RHOB ARH6 ARHB] Rho-related GTP-binding protein RhoB (Rho cDNA clone 6) (h6)
[Pcdh8 Papc] Protocadherin-8 (Arcadlin) (Paraxial protocadherin)
[Pcdh8] Protocadherin-8 (Activity-regulated cadherin-like protein) (Arcadlin)
[GFP] Green fluorescent protein
[] GFP-like fluorescent chromoprotein FP538 (zFP538) [Cleaved into: GFP-like fluorescent chromoprotein FP538 chain 1; GFP-like fluorescent chromoprotein FP538 chain 2]
[PCDH7 BHPCDH] Protocadherin-7 (Brain-heart protocadherin) (BH-Pcdh)
[crk1 mcs6 mop1 SPBC19F8.07] Serine/threonine-protein kinase crk1 (EC (Mitotic catastrophe suppressor 6)
[USP18 ISG43] Ubl carboxyl-terminal hydrolase 18 (EC 3.4.19.-) (43 kDa ISG15-specific protease) (hUBP43) (ISG15-specific-processing protease) (Ubl thioesterase 18)
[Pcdha4 Cnr1] Protocadherin alpha-4 (PCDH-alpha-4)
[PTBP1 PTB] Polypyrimidine tract-binding protein 1 (PTB) (57 kDa RNA-binding protein PPTB-1) (Heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein I) (hnRNP I)
[SSB] Lupus La protein (La autoantigen) (La ribonucleoprotein) (Sjoegren syndrome type B antigen) (SS-B)
[mcs4 SPBC887.10] Response regulator mcs4 (Mitotic catastrophe suppressor 4)
[SMCP MCS MCSP] Sperm mitochondrial-associated cysteine-rich protein
[EIF3C EIF3S8] Eukaryotic translation initiation factor 3 subunit C (eIF3c) (Eukaryotic translation initiation factor 3 subunit 8) (eIF3 p110)
[nef] Protein Nef (3'ORF) (Negative factor) (F-protein) [Cleaved into: C-terminal core protein]
[ABA3 LOS5 At1g16540 F19K19.13] Molybdenum cofactor sulfurase (MCS) (MOS) (MoCo sulfurase) (EC (Abscisic acid protein 3) (Low expression of osmotically expressive genes protein 5) (Molybdenum cofactor sulfurtransferase)

Bibliography :
[30866831] Deficiency of valencene in mandarin hybrids is associated with a deletion in the promoter region of the valencene synthase gene.
[30826413] The Penaeus stylirostris densovirus capsid protein interacts with the Litopenaeus vannamei BCCIP protein.
[30807851] Cloning and high-level SUMO-mediated fusion expression of a serine protease inhibitor from Hyphantria cunea Drury that exhibits activity against papain.
[30788763] Cloning and characterization of Bubaline mammary miRNAs: An in silico approach.
[30773109] Evaluation of therapeutic potential of recombinant buffalo lactoferrin N-lobe expressed in E. coli.
[30733775] Cloning, transformation and expression of cell cycle-associated protein kinase in indica rice ().
[30703228] [Construction of eukaryotic expression vector for human platelet CD36 gene 220C>T and 429+4insg variants and analysis of their expressions in HEK293T cells].
[30665027] Cloning and expression of the lifespan-associated protein Sir2 from Daphnia pulex.
[30588422] Recombination and identification of human alpha B-crystallin.
[30587207] Identification and molecular characterization of a novel Babesia orientalis thrombospondin-related anonymous protein (BoTRAP1).