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Index / Biovend / Leptin Rec. Prot. /Product Detail : RD172001100 Leptin Rec. Prot.
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Leptin Rec. Prot.

 Price: 175   EUR
199   USD
136   GBP

Product name : Leptin Rec. Prot.

Catalog number : RD172001100

Quantity: 0.1 mg

Availability: Yes

Supplier name : Biovend

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Leptin is a single-chain 16 kDa proteohormone consisting of 146 amino acid residues. Leptin is produced in differentiated adiocytes, the fundus of the stomach, the sceletal muscle, the liver, and the placenta. Leptin has a vital role in appetite control, fat metabolism and body weight regulation. It targets the central nervous system, in particular the hypothalamus, suppressing food intake and stimulating energy expenditure. In humans, leptin levels correlate with body mass index (BMI) and percentage body fat. They are elevated even in obese individuals. Leptin has a dual action; it decreases the appetite and increases energy consumption, causing more fat to be burned.

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