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Index / Bioquant / Allergy markers: IgE, ELISA kit /Product Detail : BQ 066A Allergy markers: IgE, ELISA kit
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#BQ 066A

Allergy markers: IgE, ELISA kit

 Price: 415   EUR
471   USD
322   GBP

Product name : Allergy markers: IgE, ELISA kit

Catalog number : BQ 066A

Quantity: 96 tests

Availability: Yes

Supplier name : Bioquant

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About this Product :

Allergy markers: IgE, ELISA kit
Enzyme linked immuno assay kit can be sandwich direct or competive. We have the sanwich version of Allergy markers: IgE, ELISA kit

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Quantity 96 Well Plate
Sample Type Serum or Plasma
The IgE ELISA kit is used for the quantitative measurement of IgE in human serum or plasma. IgE constitutes a fraction of the total antibody in serum 50-300 ng/ml (compared to 10 mg/ml for IgG) and together with its Fc receptor is important in primary immune responses. IgE antibodies to common antigens are reported in the serum of 13% of normal blood donors. Patients with atopic allergic diseases such as atopic asthma, atopic dermatitis, and hay fever have been shown to exhibit increased total immunoglobulin E (IgE) levels in blood. In general, elevated levels of IgE indicate an increased probability of an IgE-mediated hypersensitivity, responsible for allergic reactions. Parasitic infestations such as hookworm, and certain clinical disorders including aspergillosis, have also been demonstrated to cause high levels of IgE. Decreased levels of IgE are found in cases of hypogammaglobulinemia, autoimmune diseases, ulcerative colitis, hepatitis, cancer, and malaria. Cord blood or serum IgE levels may have prognostic value in assessing the risk of future allergic conditions in children.
Species Human


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