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Index / Bioquant / Cancer markers: CA 125,ELISA kit /Product Detail : BQ 1013T Cancer markers: CA 125,ELISA kit
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#BQ 1013T

Cancer markers: CA 125,ELISA kit

 Price: 503   EUR
571   USD
390   GBP

Product name : Cancer markers: CA 125,ELISA kit

Catalog number : BQ 1013T

Quantity: 96 tests

Availability: Yes

Supplier name : Bioquant

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About this Product :

Cancer markers: CA 125,ELISA kit
Enzyme linked immuno assay kit can be sandwich direct or competive. We have the sanwich version of Cancer markers: CA 125,ELISA kit

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Quantity NA
Sample Type Serum
The CA 125 ELISA used for the quantitative determination of the Cancer Antigen CA 125 concentration in human serum. Cancer Antigen 125 (CA 125) is a surface antigen associated with epithelial ovarian cancer. In serum, CA 125 is associated with a high molecular weight glycoprotein. Published studies have indicated that elevated serum CA125 levels can be found in individuals with serious endometroid, clear-cell and undifferentiated ovarian carcinoma. Serial determinations of serum CA125 as well as pelvic examination increase the test specificity. Serum CA125 concentration may be useful in monitoring treatment and distinguishing between good response to treatment and progressive malignant disease with poor therapeutic response. The serum CA125 concentration is greater than 35 units per ml in 60% of women with ovarian cancer and >80% of patients with disseminated ovarian cancer. The serum CA125 is elevated in 1% of normal healthy women, 3% of normal healthy women with benign ovarian diseases, 6% of patients with non-neoplastic conditions (including but not limited to first trimester pregnancy, menstruation, endometriosis, uterine fibrosis, acute salphingitis, hepatic diseases and inflammation of peritoneum, pericardium or pleura).
Species Human


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