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Index / Bioquant / Drugs of abuse: Fentanyl,ELISA kit /Product Detail : BQ 218-096 Drugs of abuse: Fentanyl,ELISA kit
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#BQ 218-096

Drugs of abuse: Fentanyl,ELISA kit

 Price: 429   EUR
486   USD
332   GBP

Product name : Drugs of abuse: Fentanyl,ELISA kit

Catalog number : BQ 218-096

Quantity: 96 tests

Availability: Yes

Supplier name : Bioquant

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About this Product :

Drugs of abuse: Fentanyl,ELISA kit
Drugs of abuse: Fentanyl,ELISA kit is a high standard ELISA kit made with antibodies and plates of best quality as means for succesful acomplishment of your experiments and achievement of excellent and reliable results. For optimal conditions in every step of the protocol starting with the dilution of the samples, followed by incubation, blocking and washing, well designed buffers are included in the kit.

More Details about

Quantity 96 well plate
Sample Type Whole Blood, serum, plasma, or urine
The Fentanyl Direct ELISA Kit is a sensitive in-vitro test to detect the presence of Fentanyl in samples such as whole blood, serum, plasma and urine. Fentanyl is a synthetic narcotic analgesic of high potency and short duration of action. Though 200 times more potent than morphine, Fentanyl has a high safety margin. The drug is available as a citrate salt in an injectable solution containing 50 µg/ml. It is also available as a transdermal patch containing 2.5 – 10 mg Fentanyl and provides a dose of 25 –100 µg/hr for 72 hours for management of chronic pain. While Fentanyl has all the properties of morphine, it is structurally different and therefore cannot be detected by screening tests for morphine and related opiates. Because of the potency of the drug, concentrations encountered in biological fluids are in the sub nanogram range.
Species Human


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