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Index / Sepax / Rabbit Anti-TCRG Polyclonal Antibody /Product Detail : bs-1450R Rabbit Anti-TCRG Polyclonal Antibody
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Rabbit Anti-TCRG Polyclonal Antibody

 Price: 270   EUR
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Product name : Rabbit Anti-TCRG Polyclonal Antibody

Catalog number : bs-1450R

Quantity: 100ug Lyophilized

Availability: Yes

Supplier name : Sepax

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About this Product :

Rabbit Anti-TCRG Polyclonal Antibody antibody storage Gentaur recommends for long therm storage to freeze at -24 C. For short time storage up to 30 days we suggest fridge storage at 1 to 10 C. Prevent multiple freeze taw cycles of Rabbit Anti-TCRG Polyclonal Antibody.

Rabbit Anti-TCRG Polyclonal Antibody storing antibdies for longer storage periods of the Rabbit Anti-TCRG Polyclonal Antibody we recommend - 21C or lower and for short periods lees than 1 month we suggest +5C fridge temperatures.

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T cell receptors recognize foreign antigens which have been processed as small peptides and bound to major histocompatibility complex (MHC) molecules at the surface of antigen presenting cells (APC). Each T cell receptor is a dimer consisting of one alpha and one beta chain or one delta and one gamma chain. In a single cell, the T cell receptor loci are rearranged and expressed in the order delta, gamma, beta, and alpha. If both delta and gamma rearrangements produce functional chains, the cell expresses delta and gamma. If not, the cell proceeds to rearrange the beta and alpha loci. This region represents the germline organization of the T cell receptor gamma locus. The gamma locus includes V (variable) , J (joining), and C (constant) segments. During T cell development, the gamma chain is synthesized by a recombination event at the DNA level joining a V segment with a J segment; the C seg

Additional Information

Conjugation Unconjugated
Modification Site N/A
Source KLH conjugated synthetic peptide derived from human TCRG
Purification Was purified by Protein A and peptide affinity chromatography.
Reconstitution If the antibody is in liquid form, it is ready to use, no reconstitution needed. Reconstitution is only required for the lyophilized antibody. Reconstitution instruction:Two additional vials are included in shipment for reconstitution purposes (double distilled H20 and sterile glycerol). Centrifuge all vials to ensure necessary quantities have settled. Add 50uL of sterile double distilled water to antibody. Mix thoroughly by gently pipetting up and down. Then, add 50uL of sterile glycerol to antibody. Mix well and keep cold.
Synonym T cell receptor gamma; CD3G; T cell receptor gamma alternate reading frame protein; T cell receptor gamma chain; T-cell receptor gamma-chain constant region; TCR gamma alternate reading frame protein; TCRG; TCRGC1; TCRGC2。
Target Protein TCRG
Hugo N/A
Gene ID N/A
Storage Prepared as lyophilized powder or liquid and shipped on ice. Store at -20°C for one year.
Preservatives 10ug/uL BSA and 0.1% NaN3.
Molecular Weight 35kDa
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