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Index / Prospecbio / Recombinant Human Small Nuclear Ribonucleoprotein Polypeptide E RECOMBINANT & NATURAL PROTEINS /Product Detail : pro-104 Recombinant Human Small Nuclear Ribonucleoprotein Polypeptide E RECOMBINANT & NATURAL PROTEINS
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#pro-104 Recombinant Human Small Nuclear Ribonucleoprotein Polypeptide E RECOMBINANT & NATURAL PROTEINS

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Product name : Recombinant Human Small Nuclear Ribonucleoprotein Polypeptide E RECOMBINANT & NATURAL PROTEINS

Catalog number : pro-104

Quantity: 1

Availability: Yes

Supplier name : Prospecbio

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About this Product :

Recombinant Human Small Nuclear Ribonucleoprotein Polypeptide E RECOMBINANT & NATURAL PROTEINS Human samples 80 % of the research is conducted on human samples. Gentaur suppliers human normal cells, cell lines, RNA extracts and lots of antibodies and ELISA kits to Human proteins as well as Recombinant Human Small Nuclear Ribonucleoprotein Polypeptide E RECOMBINANT & NATURAL PROTEINS.

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Pathways :
WP1032: NLR proteins
WP1068: Nuclear Receptors
WP1071: Cytoplasmic Ribosomal Proteins
WP1089: Small Ligand GPCRs
WP1099: Nuclear receptors in lipid metabolism and toxicity
WP1184: Nuclear Receptors
WP1187: Cytoplasmic Ribosomal Proteins
WP1239: Cytoplasmic Ribosomal Proteins
WP1256: NLR proteins
WP1294: NLR proteins
WP1317: Small Ligand GPCRs
WP1326: Nuclear receptors in lipid metabolism and toxicity
WP1360: NLR proteins
WP1385: Nuclear Receptors
WP139: Nuclear receptors in lipid metabolism and toxicity
WP1502: Mitochondrial biogenesis
WP161: Small Ligand GPCRs
WP163: Cytoplasmic Ribosomal Proteins
WP1671: Methane metabolism
WP170: Nuclear Receptors
WP1711: Trinitrotoluene degradation
WP1780: ABC-family proteins mediated transport
WP1782: APC/C-mediated degradation of cell cycle proteins
WP1789: Binding of RNA by Insulin-like Growth Factor-2 mRNA Binding Proteins (IGF2BPs/IMPs/VICKZs)
WP1834: Interactions of the immunoglobulin superfamily (IgSF) member proteins

Related Genes :
[SNRPB COD SNRPB1] Small nuclear ribonucleoprotein-associated proteins B and B' (snRNP-B) (Sm protein B/B') (Sm-B/B') (SmB/B')
[SNRPE] Small nuclear ribonucleoprotein E (snRNP-E) (Sm protein E) (Sm-E) (SmE)
[SNRPN HCERN3 SMN] Small nuclear ribonucleoprotein-associated protein N (snRNP-N) (Sm protein D) (Sm-D) (Sm protein N) (Sm-N) (SmN) (Tissue-specific-splicing protein)
[SNRPC] U1 small nuclear ribonucleoprotein C (U1 snRNP C) (U1-C) (U1C)
[SNRPF PBSCF] Small nuclear ribonucleoprotein F (snRNP-F) (Sm protein F) (Sm-F) (SmF)
[SNRPA] U1 small nuclear ribonucleoprotein A (U1 snRNP A) (U1-A) (U1A)
[HNRNPU C1orf199 HNRPU SAFA U21.1] Heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein U (hnRNP U) (GRIP120) (Nuclear p120 ribonucleoprotein) (Scaffold-attachment factor A) (SAF-A) (p120) (pp120)
[SNRPD3] Small nuclear ribonucleoprotein Sm D3 (Sm-D3) (snRNP core protein D3)
[SNRPD2 SNRPD1] Small nuclear ribonucleoprotein Sm D2 (Sm-D2) (snRNP core protein D2)
[HNRNPA1 HNRPA1] Heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein A1 (hnRNP A1) (Helix-destabilizing protein) (Single-strand RNA-binding protein) (hnRNP core protein A1) [Cleaved into: Heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein A1, N-terminally processed]
[HNRNPH2 FTP3 HNRPH2] Heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein H2 (hnRNP H2) (FTP-3) (Heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein H') (hnRNP H') [Cleaved into: Heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein H2, N-terminally processed]
[SNRNP70 RNPU1Z RPU1 SNRP70 U1AP1] U1 small nuclear ribonucleoprotein 70 kDa (U1 snRNP 70 kDa) (U1-70K) (snRNP70)
[HNRNPUL1 E1BAP5 HNRPUL1] Heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein U-like protein 1 (Adenovirus early region 1B-associated protein 5) (E1B-55 kDa-associated protein 5) (E1B-AP5)
[SNRPD1] Small nuclear ribonucleoprotein Sm D1 (Sm-D1) (Sm-D autoantigen) (snRNP core protein D1)
[SNRPB2] U2 small nuclear ribonucleoprotein B'' (U2 snRNP B'')
[AIMP1 EMAP2 SCYE1] Aminoacyl tRNA synthase complex-interacting multifunctional protein 1 (Multisynthase complex auxiliary component p43) [Cleaved into: Endothelial monocyte-activating polypeptide 2 (EMAP-2) (Endothelial monocyte-activating polypeptide II) (EMAP-II) (Small inducible cytokine subfamily E member 1)]
[SNRPG PBSCG] Small nuclear ribonucleoprotein G (snRNP-G) (Sm protein G) (Sm-G) (SmG)
[NPC2 HE1] NPC intracellular cholesterol transporter 2 (Epididymal secretory protein E1) (Human epididymis-specific protein 1) (He1) (Niemann-Pick disease type C2 protein)
[SNRNP40 PRP8BP SFP38 WDR57] U5 small nuclear ribonucleoprotein 40 kDa protein (U5 snRNP 40 kDa protein) (U5-40K) (38 kDa-splicing factor) (Prp8-binding protein) (hPRP8BP) (U5 snRNP-specific 40 kDa protein) (WD repeat-containing protein 57)
[ZRSR2 U2AF1-RS2 U2AF1L2 U2AF1RS2 URP] U2 small nuclear ribonucleoprotein auxiliary factor 35 kDa subunit-related protein 2 (CCCH type zinc finger, RNA-binding motif and serine/arginine rich protein 2) (Renal carcinoma antigen NY-REN-20) (U2(RNU2) small nuclear RNA auxiliary factor 1-like 2) (U2AF35-related protein) (URP)
[HNRNPF HNRPF] Heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein F (hnRNP F) (Nucleolin-like protein mcs94-1) [Cleaved into: Heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein F, N-terminally processed]
[PRPF31 PRP31] U4/U6 small nuclear ribonucleoprotein Prp31 (Pre-mRNA-processing factor 31) (Serologically defined breast cancer antigen NY-BR-99) (U4/U6 snRNP 61 kDa protein) (Protein 61K) (hPrp31)
[EFTUD2 KIAA0031 SNRP116] 116 kDa U5 small nuclear ribonucleoprotein component (Elongation factor Tu GTP-binding domain-containing protein 2) (SNU114 homolog) (hSNU114) (U5 snRNP-specific protein, 116 kDa) (U5-116 kDa)
[PPIH CYP20 CYPH] Peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase H (PPIase H) (EC (Rotamase H) (Small nuclear ribonucleoprotein particle-specific cyclophilin H) (CypH) (U-snRNP-associated cyclophilin SnuCyp-20) (USA-CYP)
[HNRNPK HNRPK] Heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein K (hnRNP K) (Transformation up-regulated nuclear protein) (TUNP)
[SNRNP200 ASCC3L1 HELIC2 KIAA0788] U5 small nuclear ribonucleoprotein 200 kDa helicase (EC (Activating signal cointegrator 1 complex subunit 3-like 1) (BRR2 homolog) (U5 snRNP-specific 200 kDa protein) (U5-200KD)
[PRPF4 PRP4] U4/U6 small nuclear ribonucleoprotein Prp4 (PRP4 homolog) (hPrp4) (U4/U6 snRNP 60 kDa protein) (WD splicing factor Prp4)
[HNRNPH3 HNRPH3] Heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein H3 (hnRNP H3) (Heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein 2H9) (hnRNP 2H9)
[Hivep3 KBP1 Kiaa1555 Krc Rc shn3 Zas3] Transcription factor HIVEP3 (Human immunodeficiency virus type I enhancer-binding protein 3 homolog) (KB-binding and recognition component) (Kappa-B and V(D)J recombination signal sequences-binding protein) (Kappa-binding protein 1) (KBP-1) (Recombinant component) (Schnurri-3) (Zinc finger protein ZAS3)
[PRPF3 HPRP3 PRP3] U4/U6 small nuclear ribonucleoprotein Prp3 (Pre-mRNA-splicing factor 3) (hPrp3) (U4/U6 snRNP 90 kDa protein)

Bibliography :
[30506991] Human RNF113A participates of pre-mRNA splicing in vitro.
[28751196] Discovery of spiro[indole-3,2'-pyrrolidin]-2(1H)-one based inhibitors targeting Brr2, a core component of the U5 snRNP.
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